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The Art Of Global Domination By The Fortress Investment Group

The formation of Fortress Investment Group dates back to 1998 when it’s formed as an asset management firm. Since then, it had become a trendsetter while trading its shares at the New York Stock Exchange from 2007.

Currently, the Fortress Investment Group is an international investment manager in charge of over $40 billion worth of assets. This caters for close to 2,000 investors in private equity or hedge funds. This also includes private sector investments.

The primary strategy that has been used by the firm includes high risk ventures with high returns for investors across the world with over 900 employers. The firm was founded by three principles, including Wes Edens, Randal Nardone and Peter Briger.

At the heart of the expertise which the firm specialized in include:
– Operations management
– Investment in assets
– Capital markets
– Corporate acquisitions and mergers
– Sector-particular knowledge of firms and institutions

The founders were profoundly experienced in different fields of finance due to previous spells at Goldman Sachs, UBS and Lehman Brothers. The firm launched the first version of the firm’s fund back in 1999 according to linkedin.com.

Previously, the firm had made several investments, including real estate in the United States and Canada markets. With time, the firm expanded into hedge funds and debt securities. Over the years, the firm has been backed with professional personnel who understand the relationship between the corporate management professional, corporate stakeholders and board members.

With years of operation in the market, the investment firm has earned several recognitions and accolades. This includes the Hedge Fund Manager of the Year and the Management Firm of the Year. In addition, the firm has engaged in various high profile investments such as the acquisition of the prestigious Tiffany building based on the Florida Worth Avenue.

Fortress Investment Group has also managed to increase its investment portfolio in several firms such as Global Signal, Boxclever, Kramer Junction, Holiday Retirement, Springleaf Financial, Intrawest and Umami Burger, among many.

In addition to the principals at the helm of leadership of Fortress Investment Group, the board of directors includes Douglas Jacobs, David Barry, George Wellde, and Michael Rantz. The firm was heavily involved in the funding of the Olympics in Vancouver in 2010.

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