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The App That Connects People For Friendship

Skout is a mobile social networking app that encourages users to meet and engage with new people. It has many features that are specifically designed to make this task easier and options to allow users to decide what types of people they meet. To get Skout users download it from the App Store. After signing up through Facebook or email and determining if they’re there to meet men or women the user will then provide their information and a picture to display to the world. From here points are used to engage with existing followers and also to purchase opportunities to gain more followers or views to a profile.

The points on Skout are app based currency earned by purchasing bundles or by doing little tasks like viewing ads or getting other users to spend points on viewing private ‘backstage’ photos. The homepage of Skout is made up of pictures of people online at the time and upon joining a survey of questions geared towards personalizing who they interact with. With features like ‘buzz’ which curated friend suggestions based on location, friendships, and favorites, ‘wink’ is a way for users to express their interest in one another and strike up conversations. The interactive nature as well as the game like need to spend points separate Skout from other apps in the genre making the experience more fun and competitive, combining the best parts of app gaming and social media.

Flirting, connecting and using intrigue to engage strangers to get to know one another better on a safe and friendly environment are the hallmarks of Skout. The international possibilities of connection, the shake to chat with random people feature, the endless possibilities to browse profiles and pictures and travel remotely to any city in the world are just some of the featured that Skout offers its clients. The fun of finding people all over the world with common interests and thoughts is emphasized by the way the app encourages its users to connect on a level of friendship. Users then share with each other openly and honestly the way friends would without the added pressure to be perfect and appealing that dating apps can sometimes impose. With Skout the more casual atmosphere and the buzz feature that gives users the opportunity to see what is popular and happening in countries all over the world is key to users making lasting connections.

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