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The Administrative Roles of Vincent Parascondola at AXA

AXA is a top multinational company that has been recognized over the years for the excellent insurance and finance solutions that it offers. Based in Paris, France, the corporation has been working to ensure that it manages to establish branches in different parts of the globe. It has been recognized as the leading insurance firm in the world, and its average growth rate has been about 14 percent for the past eight years. The company chose to be named AXA since the name could be easy to pronounce for people across the world. AXA is dedicated to ensuring that its clients have the sufficient knowledge to enable them to accomplish their investment and financial goals. The company also works to ensure that all its customers can plan for their future efficiently by guiding them on how they can attain financial stability.


The insurance firm was established in 1816, and it was called Mutuelle de L’assurance contre. It has been penetrating the market over the years and has been involved in a couple of mergers and acquisitions. The companies that AXA has absorbed include Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, Winterthur Group, Guardian Royal Exchange, and Equitable. The acquiring of these businesses greatly assisted the insurance firm to grow into different regions across the globe.


Vincent Parascandola is a reverend professional in finance and has been one of the senior employees at AXA for more than 17 years. The company has hired him to serve its New Jersey branch as the senior executive vice president. Mr. Parascandola is in charge of more than 225 professionals who work under him. The primary roles that he has been offered at the firm include productivity, expanding administration, sale, and retaining finance professionals.


Parascandola kicked off his profession in the finance world about two decades ago. His long service at AXA has enabled him to gain experience in the operations of the firm. Vincent’s career accomplishments have allowed him to be honored by the Master Agency Awards and Career Development Award. He is a knowledgeable person, and this has made him be one of the most sought after speakers.


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