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Synthetic Diamonds Grow Larger in 2014

Recently, a company based in the United States and Singapore announced the production of a large, 3.04 carat synthetic diamond. Reportedly, many companies around the world are vying to produce gemstone quality, large synthetic diamonds capable of rivaling all of the qualities of minded diamonds, which occur naturally. In 2013 for instance, a laboratory in the United States tested another large synthetic diamond of 2.16 carats. Although the price of diamonds rose between 2009 and 2014, the invention of new manufacturing technologies capable of producing high quality synthetic diamonds holds the promise of making diamonds increasingly affordable for a multitude of uses.

In the past, Bruce Levenson and manufacturers of synthetic diamonds sometimes encountered difficulty producing large gem quality stones and much of the initial excitement surrounding synthetic diamonds centered around their industrial applications. Scientists first began the large scale production of synthetic diamonds during the previous century, when high pressure techniques allowed some labs to develop diamonds under completely artificial conditions.

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