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Sweetgreen’s Outstanding Food Operations

Nathaniel Ru is a graduate of the University of Georgetown situated in Washington, D.C. During Nathaniel’s senior years at the university, he together with his three allies had complications in citing a fun and healthy eatery. Each of their lunch break hours was characterized by difficulty in where to have their meals.

Due to this factor, Nathaniel Ru and his friends spotted an opportunity. The counterparts postulated that their answer lay in a square tavern located at the heart of M Street in the downtown area. However, the bar space was privately owned by a lady who was Nathaniel’s neighbor as well as the landlord of the apartments in which Nathaniel Ru resided.

Nathaniel Ru was determined to visualize his dreams in the space. He, therefore, made various attempts in convincing the landlord to rent her land to them. The first time Nathaniel Ru contacted the owner, his mission failed. Later, Nathaniel’s friends called the owner consistently for one month.

Finally, the tavern space’s owner gave in and scheduled a face-to-face meeting with the young students who were yet to graduate. Nathaniel and his allies prepared the requirements for their meeting including a business plan and the required zeal to convince the landlord to offer them her support throughout the venture.

The preparation simply added up to their winning chances as the landlord had already spotted some spark in the three budding entrepreneurs.

After successfully attaining the land, Nathaniel and his friends; Nicolas Jammet and Jonathan Neman founded Sweetgreen. Sweetgreen is an American fast food hotel that serves seasonal, healthy and simple foods. Over a short period, the food organization has experienced outrageous expansion.

As of the year 2016, Sweetgreen had sixty-four stores carrying operations in Massachusetts, New York, Illinois, the United States and Virginia among other states. The firm has more than 1,700 workers. Besides offering food services, Nathaniel Ru and his partners diversified the company.

Sweetgreen provides other life style necessities and luxuries including philanthropy, the technology regarding Sweetgreen application and music spearheaded by Sweetlife ceremony.

Under Nathaniel Ru’s guidance, Sweetgreen enhances the lives of local farmers. Sweetgreen accommodates what the farmers are growing, unlike other restaurants that request for certain crops.

This Sweetgreen’s strategy cuts down the rate at which food goes into waste and exposes clients to different vegetables that haven’t been tried yet. Additionally, Nathaniel Ru food photographs entice more customers. Huge images of Sweetgreen’s ingredients and items provide more visual experience to the clients provoking them to purchase the items.

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