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Susan McGalla, Successful Female Businesswoman

Susan McGalla on phx is a successful American businesswoman who is known for her rise to Chief Executive Officer of American Eagle Outfitters. Mrs. McGalla’s rise to success is special because she is a woman, and the time during which she made it to the top of the business executive realm.

Mrs. Susan McGalla is based out of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and hails from East Liverpool, Ohio. McGalla is currently the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth for the Pittsburgh Steelers (yes, the Steelers that play in the National Football League). She is also currently associated with the consulting firm she founded, P3 Executive Consulting.

P3 Executive Consulting is aimed towards consulting curious businesspeople who run highly successful businesses. Mrs. Susan McGalla is one of the most successful consultants in the world, especially for a woman.

Susan McGalla is proud that she is a woman, and despite the perceived inequalities between men and women in the United States, even more so proud that she succeeded in situations that were not designed for women to succeed in.

Although the gender gap is slowly closing, the majority of business executives are males, and some experts are unable to predict when the top levels of managerial positions will start to become less one-sided in the favor of males.

Mrs. McGalla earned a bachelor’s degree in Marketing from Mount Union College, which is not very far from her home in East Liverpool, Ohio. She also currently is a member of Mount Union’s board of directors.

Mrs. Susan McGalla also enjoys speaking to female audiences about motivating them to perform to the highest of their potential, and working harder is essential for women’s success because of the gender gap that currently exists in the world’s business work place. Susan’s father is a football coach, and is the only girl out of three kids in her family. Susan McGalla learned from a young age that gender did not really matter if one worked hard enough to prove that gender did not matter.

Mrs. McGalla carries herself as a woman with the highest sense of pride. Some women like to pull the “gender card,” which can result in women winning lawsuits for being wrongfully terminated, because of their gender (even if they were not truly fired because of their gender). Susan McGalla is a very successful businesswomen, and is a great model for young, aspiring businesswomen to look up to.

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