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Susan McGalla Climbs the Corporate Ladder

Susan McGalla is one of the most creative forces in the business world. She has become a leader in marketing, and she has continued to shine in the industry as someone that is inspiring to many other women. I think that her career is very inspiring, and people that see her resume cannot help but be impressed with her skills.

I have a degree in marketing. I didn’t realize it at first, but Susan McGalla is the only woman that I know that has been the CEO of 2 different companies. This doesn’t happen for women very often. It is almost unheard of in the corporate industry. This is a sign of her strength. She is the type of woman that has been able to make her way to the top because she realized her value when she was at the bottom. McGalla did not stand around and wait for someone to give her a hand up. When she was attending Mount Union College she knew that she wanted to building her reputation in marketing. She knew that she had what it took to build brands when she left this school. I believe that she was just looking for the right time to display her talents with the right company.  For more read, hop over to bloomberg.com.

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Her time with American Eagle was obviously well spent. She could have stayed with the previous smaller company that she was working for, but this was not her plan. Susan McGalla knew that she could make it to the top as the CEO because she was understanding all the levels of the business. I think that she was aware that she could be effective as a CEO because she was making major moves with American Eagle. I believe that this prepped her for the creative Pittsburgh Steelers position.  Check this on ireport.cnn.com/docs.

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