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Summer Beauty Essentials

Summer is a great time to experiment with your looks and find a way to reinvent your style. Just because we’re in the middle of July doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy trying new things. For the adventurous sort that want to make the most out of their summer, here are three beauty essentials that’ll take your look to a whole new level.


Primers are an essential yet sometimes overlooked component to makeup. The natural oils in your skin can break down and separate pigments in foundation, making your makeup look blotchy and sloppy, potentially ruining your entire look. A good primer can protect your foundation from oils as well as keep your face well hydrated and protected from the sun. During the summer months, this only becomes more important as pores on your face start to open and become more noticeable.


Despite the decidedly unappealing image of gloopy white paste that comes up when you mention sunscreen, it doesn’t change the fact it’s an essential part of staying safe in the summer. Times have changed and so has sunscreen, with some brand designed to be worn under foundation. Beauty companies like EOS even make lip balm infused with SPF to help protect your entire face from solar rays.

Nail Polish

A good nail polish can make or break any look. It’s a simple and effective way to customize any outfit. For the summer, bright vibrant colors are what’s in vogue right now, especially if you’re been soaking up the sun. A deep red works great, but anything bold can be just as fine. The best thing about nail polish is how versatile and easy to apply it is, so there’s plenty of room to experiment.

Final Thoughts

There’s obviously many more things to try to make the most out of summer beauty trends. These are only three essentials that help to elevate your look no matter what your plan is. If you haven’t already, incorporate these tips into your beauty routine to help give your style a much needed boost.

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