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Stream Energy’s Mastering of Educational Events

Stream Energy is a well known direct services company that provides connected life services, which includes their own wireless and home services. This company is based out of Dallas, Texas with multiple other locations across the country and has been expanding since its founding in 2005. Their lifetime $8 billion revenue is due to their unique use of direct selling. Go here and check this out, mystream.com.

Last November, Stream Energy’s Dallas location hosted their fourth annual Women of Power Retreat. This group was founded in 2010 to mentor and inspire Stream Energy’s female associates and meets every year with a different theme surrounding the retreat. This year’s theme was centered around letting one’s true self shine through to create new confidence. Stream Energy’s retreat included key speakers, one being Nicole Lapin, and several workshops that centered around building confidence and key skills to complete a person’s own goals for their business. The whole goal of the retreat is to help women grow their business by providing them with new and important skills presented by female leaders in the industry.

Outside of the two day women’s retreat, Stream Energy also provides numerous other events catered to their associates and their success. Their Ignition Convention is held every year and is open to associates from all over the country. This convention gives educational platforms for new networking and training strategies as well as world renowned speakers. For those who cannot afford to travel to Texas for the Ignition Convention, Stream Energy provides a Connect event, which is held in all communities. The purpose of Connect is to provide new training techniques and connect associates with other leaders and associates in the area. This allows for the sharing of ideas and the ability for the whole company to grow.

Stream Energy’s success is due in part to their various educational platforms for their associates. They give them new skills that can help to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. The countless training events Stream Energy holds across the country are proven effective based on the company’s lifetime revenue and the fact that it still continues to be a leader in direct services.


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