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Stratford Shields and Innovation In Each Sector

Stratford Shields knows that one is able to do well and amazing in their jobs if they are able to innovate. Stratford Shields is certain that it is not about the length of stay within a job but the intensity with which a person approaches their job. This intensity, as Stratford Shields knows, is what will make a key difference.

This is also what we can see in human workforce commission created in California recently.

The Commission Will Have Mixed Viewpoints That Work in Its Favor

While the Commission’s strength has been revealed to be lower than the speculated 14 to 18 members, the 6 members that are slated to be included in the commission are going to have diverse viewpoints – at least on paper.

According to the proposed functionality of the Commission, the members are going to be selected with a frame of mind that is respectful of diversity in opinion.

Four of the members are to be selected by the governor from different walks of life, including the private sector; academia; civil rights; and organized labor.

In addition to ensuring this diversity in opinion and making sure that key players of the affected sectors are represented, one of the remaining two members is to be selected by the Senate Committee on Rules and the other by the Speaker of the Assembly.

All of this is going to ensure that the Commission members come from different walks of life, so that they don’t just represent the interests of a single party or are influenced by lobbyists.

Stratford Shields would realize that the hard part is to create value by going with consensus. It is not an uphill climb if one has a tailwind. The reality is most people try to work against headwinds and that is why they are not able to do well.

Find out more about Stratford: https://www.linkedin.com/in/stratford-shields-41bb61163/

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