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Steve Lesnard Talks Big Data and the Future of Customer Engagement

Steve Lesnard has a history of helping brands launch their products for global markets. Working to develop a product and brand appeal for markets in every corner of the globe can be a tough task. Lesnard has helped to launch entire lines of footwear for various athletic companies, including products like the Vaporfly4% shoes and the Lunar shoe. With a successful career in marketing and branding, Lesnard has a lot to say about the industry for people who are willing to listen.

Steve Lesnard has been in love with sports since he was a child. He grew up in France, splitting time between Paris and Corsica, and that has helped to give him a different perspective as he works with brands in the United States. As an entrepreneur with global aspirations, Lesnard knows how important it is to see opportunities in different markets. ABove all, Lesnard understands how important it is to market for different regions by appealing directly to the people inside of them.

Lesnard broke into the sports industry when he began working with Nagano Olympics. He signed athletes and helped in product creation. This work would serve as the instigator for Lesnard’s long term success. over the past 20 years, Lesnard has worked with a variety of different companies on a number of different projects. Through it all, Steve Lesnard has continued to grow how he approaches his work.

In order to succeed in global branding and marketing, it is important to understand the changing technologies that are in play. Lesnard is a believer in the power of big data analytics and he understands how important analytics is to brand marketing. With so many tools available, there are numerous ways to learn how to reach customers at a maximized efficiency level. Lesnard says of how technology is changing his marketing world, “The brand landscape is evolving really fast by bringing data through artificial intelligence (…)” Lesnard believes that one day, much of his work is going to be automated through artificial intelligence. The branding world is constantly evolving and Lesnard is more than prepared to help push it along.

Find out more about Steve: https://www.producthunt.com/@steve_lesnard

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