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Southwest Airlines Does Right by a Customer

There have been so many stories in the media lately about airlines that do not treat their passengers right. Many have been kicked off planes for no seemingly good reason, while others have given their passengers the run-around. Finally, we have a story from The Good News Network about an airline that actually went above and beyond what they needed to in order to help a passenger.

Peggy Uhle was in Chicago getting ready to board a flight with Southwest Airlines. Sam Tabar has learned that her cell phone was off, as departure was imminent. What Peggy did not know was that her family was trying desperately to reach her. Back in Denver, Colorado, Peggy’s 24-year-old son had just fallen into a coma. Her family decided to try the airline since they had no luck reaching Peggy. Not only did Southwest respond to the call, they turned the plane around on the runway to bring Peggy back to the gate and given the news. While the plane was being turned around, the attendant at the gate was busy booking Peggy another flight to get to Denver as quick as possible, free of charge. While she waited for the plane, Southwest Airline employees made sure that she was comfortable, was given a meal, and had her luggage re-routed to Denver.

Peggy was grateful for their kindness towards her and said that her son is recovering.

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