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Some of the Less Exotic EOS Lip Balms

EOS is well known for its exotic and interesting blends of lip balm. While this may entice the more adventurous users of lip balm, it m alienate those who are looking for more basic flavors. Luckily EOS also carries many simple and straightforward lip balm flavors to choose from.

That is good because EOS is one of the highest quality manufacturers of lip balm out there. They provide a very high quality lip balm that contains better ingredients than the competing brands and which contains better oils that protect, refresh, and revitalize your lips.

When people think of lip balm they often think of mint flavored products. Offers a sweet mint flavor which is refreshing to apply and not at all scary or different from the other mint flavors on the market, except in that it tastes fresher with an absence of artificial flavorings. Hop over to this lovely site, blogwebpedia.com.

Another straightforward offering from EOS is their vanilla bean lip balm which is more exotic and deep in flavor, but which is still a flavor and variety that many people feel comfortable applying. If you are looking to merge these two everyday favors there is even the vanilla mint offering, though this is a bit more out of the ordinary. View the best review of EOS on youtube.com.

EOS also sells a strawberry sorbet flavor for those who like fruit flavored lip balms Strawberry is one of the more common flavorings out there and strawberry sorbet doesn’t disappoint and offers a pungent and sharp strawberry flavor which doesn’t taste artificial and more like real June in-season strawberries.

While EOS has many more exotic flavors out there like pomegranate raspberry and honeysuckle honeydew, both of which are worth trying if you suddenly feel experimentative, their standard flavors of sweet mint, vanilla bean, and strawberry sorbet all contain their commitment to quality and delicious flavors that define EOS as a lip balm.

View your favorite lip balm here now, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yRY7C3LEFeM!


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