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Smita Shah Talks About Being a Strong Businesswoman

Smita Shah is a professional engineer and entrepreneur who studied at Oxford, MIT and Northwestern University. She has won many awards and is an expert in her industry.


In 1998 Smita founded SPAAN Tech, Inc., which is one of the most renowned engineering firms. She is known for helping other women break into male-dominated industries. Shah believes talent is just as prevalent in women and it just takes dedication to become a successful entrepreneur. She says that feeling good about yourself is something every entrepreneur needs. If you have faith in your abilities, so will others. Learn more: https://www.spaantech.com/leadershipteam/smita-shah


Smita Shah says that women have been programmed into a passive role, but to be successful as an entrepreneur you need to get tough and leave the passive role behind. She believes your reputation should always be businesslike and formal. The way to gain respect is wrapped up in what you wear and how you act. She believes you will not be taken seriously if you dress feminine. You need to let everyone know who the boss is.


Smita takes cultural differences to heart when doing business. Women in other cultures can take a subservient role so you need to go outside your comfort zone to be a savvy businesswoman. Being strong can get you where you want to go and bring success in your industry. There are feminine stereotypes that you will have to overcome and show just how far up the ladder you are. Never let your position go unnoticed.


Smita warns not to let anyone else take credit for the things you have done. You should own your success and show others how you got to where you are. You worked hard to get where you are and there is nothing wrong with flaunting it. You should be extremely proud of your accomplishments. Shah says to keep your business and personal life separate by delegating responsibilities so that you do not have to take work home with you. This will make you more successful because you have a balanced life.


Smita Shah practices time management to keep her life on track. With all the responsibility of being an entrepreneur, you can get burned out and lose focus. She says that you need to take time for yourself so that work does not completely take over your life. A balance of both will make your life more enjoyable.

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