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Shattering the Glass Ceiling with Businesswomen Like Susan McGalla

Anyone that takes the time to take a serious look at what is happening in the world today knows that there is still a glass ceiling that is intact in the corporate world force. There are women that are going to work every day and working hard, but they are making less than their male counterparts. It takes women like Susan McGalla to stay in the race and shatter the glass ceiling that many women face.

In this male-dominated culture it has been reasoned that a lot of women are not able to effectively do the job that men can do. Susan McGalla has shown that she is quite capable of doing her job and so much more. She has the ability to move beyond the limitations that have been put on her by rising to the Director of Strategic Planning for an NFL team. This is a huge chip in the glass ceiling since this is a male league that she is representing and promoting. Decades ago this may have been impossible. Women may not have been able to really make the move into this part of the corporate world, but Susan McGalla is headstrong. She has become an expert in marketing, and she knows how to push pass the boundaries that people have tried to set before her.

That is what woman have to do in the business world today. It is not enough to simply get the degree. There has to be a sense of determination that makes it impossible for male counterparts to ignore the gift that a woman has. There are woman that are there in the business world in executive positions. There have been women that have not taken no for an answer. They have stayed late, worked hard and still managed to balance family life. This was certainly the case with Susan McGalla. She has worked as a wife and a mother, but she has somehow managed to make this work.

In the business world there are going to be times when a woman may have to carve out her own path if she cannot find one. This is what McGalla did at one time when her corporate world success seemed to be an uphill battle. She didn’t sit on the skills she had and soak in the shadow of defeat. She rose above the expectations that some may have placed on her and started on own consulting firm. It was with P3 Executive Consulting in Pittsburgh that Susan founded a company that could highlight her expertise. This would serve her well in the world of corporate business. People began to recognize that McGalla was a spirit that could not be contained under the glass ceiling. She had an expertise, and she was going to share it with the world.

There are opportunities in business, but many woman have to make their own opportunities. Woman have to be willing to do the work and carve out the path that shatters the glass ceiling.

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