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Sharon Prince outdid herself by bringing Carrie Mae Weems to Grace Farms


Grace Farms is the space that the United States of America badly needs to address issues like never before. Founder and chairman of Grace Farms, Sharon Prince worked towards an ideology since 2009 and realized the importance that such influential platforms have in creating awareness among the masses.


This private platform uses various means to create awareness on issues relevant to nature, arts, justice, community, and faith. Sharon has worked on various issues and using her organization has helped in ending human trafficking, violence against women and child exploitation on a national as well international level.


The recent work at Grace Farms features Carrie Mae Weems who is indeed an institution in herself. Her presence is strong and influential enough to woo the audience and that is exactly what happened in the recent performance of hers, Past Tense.


The idea behind this performance was to target the most pertinent issues surrounding the United States of America as well as the world at large. Violence, inequality, racial discrimination, and injustice are what Carrie Mae Weems talked about along with the help of various talented her artists. See This Article for additional information.


Her powerful voice coupled with words, images and text were impactful enough to convey the message to the audience. History is filled with injustice and violence against the weak and this dark past and prejudice are what we shoulder and prevalent in status-quo. After having showcased the dark side, Carrie was also sure in proving that there still hope in improving the prevalent situation. Among many other things which created a legacy at Grace Farms, bringing together this performance is a historic move by Prince.


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