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Sharon Prince of Grace Farms on Welcoming Carrie Mae Weems

Carrie Mae Weems is an artist and photographer. She was born in Portland, Oregon. Mae graduated from the Institute of Arts in California. She majored in B.F.A. before taking up a degree from California University. From 1984 to 1987, Mae took up a graduate program from Berkeley. In 1984, she completed her initial collection of photographic series coupled with the spoken word. She also took part in the creation of people of color along with kitchen table series. Mae Weems also created kitchen table series. Over the years, she became involved in the development of different programs such as the Slave Coast and Jefferson suite. Carrie Mae Weems recently staged a performance at Grace Farms, where she skillfully created space for people to consider injustice, inequality, and race.

Using her powerful voice, coupled with an amazing team of talented artists, Mae Weems implores people to consider the community’s violence and injustices. Through text, images, in addition to words, she takes her audience through their violent past while bringing them to the precipice of their impending extinction. Mae’s inquiries regarding whether it’s important to consider people’s lives before anything seem daunting as well as impossible. At the end of it all, she leaves some room for hope.

Grace Farms was founded in 2009. It’s a privately-owned organization in Connecticut. It supports various initiatives specifically in departments of justice, community, faith, along with arts. The foundation also carries out its tasks through the publicly available spaces in addition to integrated programs.

Situated in Fairfield County next to New York, Grace Farms is at the community center. It encompasses approximately 80 acres of space at SANAA’s River. Sharon Prince Grace Farms, who is the head cheerleader of the organization, oversees general operations while spearheading various projects. She implements policies that allow people to work together in seeking peace.

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