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Sergey Petrossov – The Skilled Entrepreneur

Sergey Petrossov founded JetSmarter. He is also its CEO. Sergey also co-founded the Federal System of Distance Education. Before this, he co-founded LiveContact, where he served as the VP of Business Development. At JetSmarter, the management provides clients with jet services just as Uber provides automotive ridesharing services. From his initial experience in 2009, Mr. Petrossov realized that the booking process of a jet was tedious. He established a company to help find a solution to the problem. The result was a billion-dollar firm that is highly supported by celebrities such as Wayne Chang and various royal families.

Sergey Petrossov hails from a Russian family that immigrated when he was a child. He adopted a strong work ethic as well as a strong drive in order to be successful. His entrepreneurial spirit enabled him to put a lot of work in the business. From a tender age in high school, he started a viable business in the export and import industry. He exported tire rims. Petrossov joined the technological sector after enrolling at the prestigious University of Florida.

Being a student, he participated in start-ups for live-active chats besides laying a foundation for his career. His expertise in technology was useful in a project that he assisted in establishing in facilitating a Russian distance learning program that offered speaking lessons in school. Petrossov’s knowledge in private jets was also established in his tenure as a board advisor at Gulfstream Jets.

After his first nasty experience in booking a private jet in the past, he chose an innovative approach towards recruiting a professional team from Nokia, BMW, and Uber. The app, JetSmarter, was launched in 2012. It arrived in the market in 2013. Besides connecting users with private jets, it offers limited helicopter services. Having a brilliant concept and the developer’s expertise, Petrossov executed the project. He made it easy for clients to schedule their flights while enhancing the use of private jets in the sector.

JetSmarter, a private community for private flights, is headquartered in Florida. It uses mobile algorithms to connect fliers to over 3,000 aircraft as well as existing routes in three continents including Europe and the US.

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