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Serge Belamant: What A Career In Blockchain And Payment Systems Is Like

France’s unique location of Tulle was the birthplace of the now famed blockchain patenting Serge Belamant. His father, when Serge was around 14, moved the group to South Africa, and highlands North High School became Serge’s new place for academic studies. Rugby and chess were both activities in which he did very well outside of just his stellar academic record. Johannesburg’s Witwatersrand University, alongside UNISA, is responsible for instructing Mr. Belamant in the ways of computer science, which he would additionally supplement with UNISA’s high-level information systems lessons.

Serge Belamant acquired his first successful employment opportunity with Matrix, which is known as a strong performer with regards to civil engineering. Serge became thoroughly familiar with IBM computers while at the Matrix firm, and he used them, along with high-level software, to check on a great variety of dams and make sure that their water levels were appropriate. Additionally, Bancorp, Control Data and SASWITCH were greatly assisted by the technology and work ethic that Belamant brought with him. Ultimately, Belamant was brought into RSA computer society as an honored member for all that he has done, including his multi-step risk assessment and business sustainability program.

Serge Belamant had higher hopes, though, for his career, and although those other roles were satisfactory, it was clear that Belamant had the capacity for far more. This realization led him, in 1989, to leap out and launch what would become his first company. It Was Net1 UEPS Technologies, and Serge’s vision of the universal electronic payment system was vital to that group. 1995 was among Net1’s best years, as that is when Belamant was offered an agreement by Visa, and that allowed him the necessary time and resource to invent his offline pre-authorized card. Net1’s payment system helped transfers in South Africa, Russian and even Iraq.

With all of this giving Mr. Belamant even more confidence, Serge embarked on a brand new endeavor with Zilch Technologies Limited. Serge Belamant wasn’t the only individual involved in Zilch’s 2017 inception, however. Philip Belamant has also been a key component of Zilch. He is Serge’s son.

Contact Serge Belamant: news.bitcoin.com/tag/serge-belamant/

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