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Sappire Engagement Rings the Hot new Trend

Your ring is a symbol of your eternal bond, something so intimate and unique, should your ring be also? There’s no rule that says you have to go with a diamond. why not take it up a notch and opt for a bolder look with colorful gemstone. Sapphire engagement rings are all the rage right now. Partly due to Prince William Purposing to Kate Middleton’s in 2010 with a gorgeous 18k blue sapphire engagement ring that had previously belonged to his mother, the late Princess Dianna. Sapphires are a great choice for engagement rings, they are the next hardest gemstone next to diamonds. They are a traditional gemstone with lasting appeal, and will never “fall out of fashion.” There are many colors and cuts to choose from. Like diamonds, they can be cut into various different shapes. Nicole Richie’s cushion cut pink sapphire engagement ring is another wildly popular ring with new brides to be. Although blue is the most popular color of sapphire, but they come in yellow, green, purple red and pink. When looking for a ring you might come across the word natural. A natural stone is one created underground and mined from the earth, they are not created in a lab by scientist. These natural stones are more rare and highly sought after, making them much more valuable. The Natural Sapphire Company has been the authority in natural, untreated sapphire stones and jewelry since 1939. Our gemstones never undergo treatment or enhancements and are truly natural. We can help you find just the stone to make your engagement ring stand out in a crowd.

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