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Sandy Chin Kickstarts Summer Reading Program at NYC Elementary School

One of New York City’s top finance magnets has helped jumpstart a summer reading program for inner-city NYC youth. Tidal Bore Capital’s Sandy Chin saw a challenge emerging within New York’s elementary schools; she noticed that many students weren’t reading during the summer.


This struck a chord with Sandy. According to Premier Gazette, any of Sandy’s peers attribute her success to her thirst for knowledge at such a young age. Sandy knew that in order to share her successes with the next generation, she needed to lay the foundation for children to get into good reading habits while they are young.


Sandy Chin’s desire to give back to the community lead her to PS11 in New York City. Better known as The William T. Harris School, PS11 is an elementary school on New York City’s westside.


Chin’s effort was named “Books, Boxes & Bodies” and the goal of the event was to engage the community to donate books to underprivileged children so that they could have a book to hold, possess and read over the summertime.


The idea is simple. If children have access to books that they enjoy reading, it could serve as a fundamental building block for the rest of their academic and professional careers. Since Sandy Chin attributes much of her success to her studies early in life, Ms. Chin though that these children would gain immense benefits from having access to books during the summer.


Sometimes, having a library in the neighborhood just isn’t enough. Kids need books of their own. This helps children gain the dual benefit of developing the skill of reading comprehension early in life while simultaneously providing them with the building blocks of becoming a good student.


The “Books, Boxes & Bodies” event for PS11 ended up being a rousing success. The drive raised over 3,500 books for children in the community and adult volunteers helped sync children up with books that match their interests and their reading levels. Giving children access to books that they enjoy reading is one way to help kids become better students. By all accounts, Sandy Chin’s contribution to PS11 is one that will be cherished for years to come.




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