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Ryan Seacrest’s Career Has Taken Many Turns


When Ryan Seacrest started out in the television industry, he was unsure of where he wanted his career to end up. What he didn’t expect was the many turns that it would take over the years. From the beginning, he knew he had to work hard in order to create a name for himself and he went on many interviews before landing his first job. He took a job working on a game show in a local television studio and soon moved into other game shows that were more widely broadcast. However, his career did not begin to climb until 2002 when he took on the job of co-host of a new reality show called American Idol. Without knowing what this career move would bring, Ryan Seacrest delved into it head first and once the show took off, he realized that this was the right move.


After a few years, Ryan left this show and began working on other projects. He started a live radio show which became a hit in southern California. He continues to work on this today along with his other duties. Ryan Seacrest also became the co-host for New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Dick Clark and continued to host this after Clark’s death. His latest career move has been to become the co-host of Live With Kelly And Ryan. This morning talk show has been a hit for many years and Ryan Seacrest feels that he will be with the show for many years to come. View More Information Here.


Ryan Seacrest spends his off air time with his family and wife. They are involved in many charity organizations and you will find them often out in the field working for their charities. They have worked with childrens charities and animal charities over the years. Ryan Seacrest believes that it is important that he give back to his community and does so through his philanthropic endeavours.


Ryan Seacrest still does not know where his career will end but is enjoying all that he has been able to do so far. He wants to move further into production and has already been credited with much of this work.


Learn More: https://www.forbes.com/profile/ryan-seacrest/

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