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Run A Meeting The Right Way: A Management Primer

Business meeting are not exactly known for being thrilling an exciting. That is pretty unfortunate. Meeting time never has be to an endurance test or an event filled with sad, bored, out-of-it faces. Marc Sparks, a top businessperson and entrepreneur has run a ton of meetings over his career. He has learned more than a bit about how to make meetings more interesting and engaging. In his blog, he has wrote up an entry focusing on a few tips to make meetings appealing for the attendees. Executives and managers definitely would learn a lot reading the words.

First of all, the meeting has to have a clear and definitive purpose. Simply getting everyone together in a room and rambling on while jumping from topic to topic would be a really bad way to rung things. Decide on a purpose for the meeting and stay on topic during the entire session.

Marc Sparks also suggests that the various things to be covered in the meeting should be put into writing. Handing out some bullet points to the attendees of the meeting helps make thins a lot more productive. Not only are those attending the meeting going to get a “heads up” about what to expect, they can also prepare specific questions. This way, the meeting is going to end up being a lot more productive and with less time wasted. The attendees are going to be ready to participate the second they walk through the door.

Starting and ending the meeting on time is strongly suggested. Running late to the meeting is disrespectful to those in attendance. Running way over time is equally disrespectful and will bore attendees to tears.

Marc Sparks bases his advice on practical knowledge and experience. This, alone, should instill confidence in his words.

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