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Roseann Bennett Is Offering Aid To Anyone In Need Through Her Charitable Organization

Roseann Bennett is not only a distinguished family therapist working out of New Jersey, but Bennett is a successful entrepreneur as well. She currently works at the Center for Assessment and Treatment as the Executive Director, which is an organization she co-founded that focuses on helping people overcome all sorts of issues, mostly mental. Roseann’s organization is a non-profit one and is willing to help anyone that is seeking aid regardless of whether or not they can afford to pay for it. Since 2010 when the Center for Assessment and Treatment opened, thousands of people have come seeking help and been turned towards a better path.


Not only is Roseann Bennett the Executive Director at the Center for Assessment and Treatment, but she also resides as president for the New Jersey Association’s Northern Chapter in Marriage and Family Therapy. At the beginning of Roseann’s career, she focused on in-home therapy, going around to people‚Äôs homes to work with their family. During this time, Roseann Bennett became aware of the terrible conditions that were found at most mental institutions and the lack of aid available to those seeking help with mental health issues. This is what gave Roseann inspiration for the Center for Assessment and Treatment, which she started up with her husband.


One of the biggest concerns for Roseann Bennett starting out was how to manage the expenses and be conservative, which is especially important for running a non-profit organization. To save on expenses, Roseann even used furniture from her own home to furnish the workplace. By following some similar business practices that were in use at some of their competitors and listening to good advice, Roseann and her husband were able to bring their organization up to par and build their patients on a daily basis by attending community meetings and being open six out of seven days a week. See This Article to learn more.


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