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Rona Borre’s Remarkable Rise To Success

Rona Borre is a Chicago, Illinois business owner who formed her company, Instant Alliance herself in 2001. She quit her job with another large staffing company to start her own firm because she had advanced as far as she could with the first company.  For more of Borre and her company, check on instantalliance.com.

Rona Borre discovered that many staffing and recruiting companies miss the boat horribly in many of their transactions. Most staffing executives fail to forge a very deep relationship with the key players of the company who is looking for workers. In fact, in most cases, there is no relationship that exists at all. The hiring company simply goes through as many resumes as possible until they find a body, and then it falls apart and they do it again.

Borre figured out that if a strong relationship can be established, then a deeper level of information could be obtained about what types of employees they are really needing and looking for, click sbnonline.com for more of Borre’s tips on work relationship.. This was a real breakthrough because in her previous company the relationship revelation was what caused her to have such a good sales record.

The results that Rona Borre has achieved are unbelievable because her retention rate of employees she has a placed for companies is 99% for the past 15 years with unbelievable in this industry.

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