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Rona Borre Brings The Answers To The Questions

Rona Borre had the right idea at the right time. Her new company, Instant Alliance was created in 2001 from her Chicago condo. She had just quit her high-paying job at a large staffing company where she had just shattered every sales record the company had. However, the company had just been purchased, and the culture changed overnight.

Even though she started small, in six months, she had 50 people working for her at her new, downtown Chicago office and the business began to take off. Today, Instant Alliance is one of the fastest growing staffing companies in America.

When interviewed recently, Borre was asked what traits she possessed that make her able to start such a successful company, and she replied that she very rarely was satisfied and that she would always be looking for a better way to do things. If it were there, she would find it.  For the full interview, click on ideamensch.com

She also has an unwavering belief in herself and her abilities. Her strong points are her sales ability and her strength in the development of relationships with her clients. One thing that most staffing and recruiting companies fail to do is make that lasting relationship a pillar of strength. Borre wants to know everything about the top management of her client companies. What makes them tick, why do they want to hire a certain type of employee, and what is the company culture? When she gets answers to questions like these, she knows who will fit into the culture of the company and stay.  Related article here.

It is important that the right talent is placed in a company, that is for sure but that talent must fit the culture, or the placement won’t work for long. That is why when she was asked what was the best $100 she spent recently, she answered the dinner she bought one of her clients the night before. She said that the informality of the setting at the restaurant gave them both the opportunity to get to know one another personally and that now she knew enough about her client to really help the company with new placements.  For more of Borre, follow her on her linkedin.com page.

Additional article on http://www.instantalliance.com/team_bio/rona-borre/

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