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Richard Liu Qiangdong; the Internet Celebrity in China

Richard Liu Quiangdong is known to be the founder of china’s largest e-commerce platform, JD.com. The platform is worth 57.6 billion today. Liu has been the companies CEO and chairman since 2004. Richard Liu started his business journey by opening up a restaurant business. However, this failed, and he, later on, tried selling health products. Next, he tried selling computer parts as a retail business in Beijing. This went well as the company managed to pick up well and hit business scale and he managed to set up 12 more stores. In 2004, SARS epidermis affected his electronics business. This threatened his business as both his clients and staffs were house-bond. Therefore, he had to switch his business to an online store.

This is the time that Richard Liu Quiangdong resorted to reconsidering his brick and mortar business model. He then switched his business to an online and shuttered all the stores that he had. JD.com e-commerce business was later born at this time in 2004. Even though he went online, he maintained his electronic marketing, and instead, he advanced to selling quality consumer goods as well. Richard Liu Quiangdong also focused on delivery business as well after venturing to the e-commerce business.

For this reason, he has organized several drones’ models that help in transporting packages to rural villages. Liu spends a day every year working as delivery personnel. Liu is a graduate of the peoples the University of China where he attained his degree in sociology. He also achieved an EMBA degree from the China Europe international school. Richard Liu had an opportunity of self-learning computer programming while he was in school. WeChat owner, Tencent, and Walmart had an opportunity of acquiring a stake at JD.com. This is known to be the reason why JD.com went public in the US. This is the reason why JD.com floats on NASDAQ thus allowing Liu to be a well-known internet celebrity in China.

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