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Recounting the Career Path of Serge Belamant, the Founder of Net1

Serge Belamant was born in France in 1953 but spent his teenage years in South Africa. In South Africa, he enrolled in The Highland North High School for his junior education. While in high school, he learned English and engaged in various sports activities such as athletes, rugby and chess. He was appointed Head Prefect and earned multiple awards from winnings in sports. He passed his high school exams with good grades that made him a place to study at the university. He went to Witwatersrand where he studied Engineering, computer and information systems. He later moved to UNISA to study Information systems for three years. See more of Serge Belamant at clearvoice.com

After his university education, Serge Belamant settled to start his career ventures. His first job was at Matrix, where he worked to create unique computer software that was used to determine the water levels in dams. This information was used by the company to predict the occurrence of droughts in the future. After Matrix, he worked with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research. Here, he developed programmes for several projects as well as designing graphics, as well as digital and statistical operations for the firm. From here, he worked with other companies such as IBM, COBOL, PASCAL, and ALGOL to develop various applications to earn some extra money.

In 1980, Serge Belamant received an award for the best analyst after successful operations such as the modification of RSA software used by the military. In 1982, he made his career’s breakthrough by building the first computerized financial system and the VIB network which he later sold to Volkskas. He was employed as a consultant at Bancorp; he was responsible for evaluating the risks and opportunities associated with businesses. With this knowledge from Bancorp, he joined SASWITCH as the leader of the IT department. In this company, he developed an ATM switch for all RSA banks across the world.

Serge Belamant founded his first company in 1989, NET1 Technologies. The company used the ideology that makes the FTS system. He was hired by VISA to develop an offline application for bankers. The app facilitated offline transactions while at the same time detecting fraud. The app earned much reputation that he was hired to create similar applications for countries such as Iraq, Ghana, and Russia. Learn more: https://prabook.com/web/serge.belamant/339415

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