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Realtors Foresee Big Upswing for NYC Real Estate Market

One of the facts in today’s business world is that uncertainty is certain to come around on a regular basis. We’ve survived the US economic meltdown of 2008 and seen real estate bounce back in a big way. Still, the recession that followed the meltdown was long and hard, and it changed the way many investors think about spending their money. As uncertainty looms again in the aftermath of the British “Brexit” vote, investors are now looking to the US as a safe haven for real estate investment.

A “Flight to Quality”

Despite the major downturn that followed 2008, the US has remained a secure place for investors. Today, with the huge uncertainty that is facing Europe, the US, and New York City especially, has become a major lure to large investors.

New York City, with its large jobs base and long reputation as one of the world’s great cities, is looking even better these days as a place to buy real estate. The New York economy is strong and job growth is going up and up. All of this points to this city as a great place to buy.

New York Realtors See Opportunity

All of this points to a big jump in opportunity for NYC properties and  realtors who really know the market here. What major real estate buyers are looking for now is real estate experts who know New York and the boroughs (especially the ever more luxurious Brooklyn) inside and out. One of the firms that is being most sought after for its expertise now is TOWN Residential.

TOWN Residential was launched in 2010, and since then this firm has made a name for itself as one of the top luxury real estate firms in New York. The core team at TOWN is made up of professionals who pride themselves on their market knowledge and their dedication to client service. It’s no surprise that TOWN has risen to the top. In today’s competitive and fast changing market, expertise is a must, and TOWN proves they have it, again and again.

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