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Real Estate Proposals Offer Functionality, Convenience, Extravagance and Comfort to New York City Residents

According to “The Real Deal,” the latest offerings from Real Estate Development companies have designs ready to be implemented that the New York City consumer can’t help but to fall in love with.

First of all, SL Green Realty has a new office tower on its agenda. This tower is destined to be one of the larger office towers in New York City, with the most discernible floor plans ever to be seen.

Chetrit Group plans on building two adjacent buildings, one larger than the other. The beauty of this proposition is the way the buildings will be set up. Both will have retail space, a community area and apartments which will include many of today’s amenities.

Greenland Forest City Partners has raising Bldg B15 in the works. The building will be located in Prospect Heights. Blueprints for rental units and two 616 seat public schools will prove to be innovative and applicable for the modern age.

Among some of the new implementations onto the New York City skyline is a new enterprise from Town Residential, best known for NYC apartments for sale. Town Residential has begun the process of building future related homes to their prospects and consumers. These dwellings will be built with the input of the prospective buyer. They will have all the luxury one could expect compiled in the housing space. This includes the most extravagant building materials and amenities.

The New York City Real Estate Industry is busy making life as elite or comfortable as its clientele desires. It’s a great time to be in Real Estate and a wonderful time to live in New York City!

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