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QNET CEO Vijay Eswaran

Vijay Eswaran is a well traveled and experienced businessman. His skills and believes are rooted to his roots in Malaysia. He shares the beliefs and aspirations of his hardworking parents. As a child, Vijay traveled a lot given the nature of his father’s job. He worked with the Ministry of Labor in Malaysia. With his job came a lot of travel that Vijay went along. Vijay’s mother was a tutor. She believed in giving to the society, and it formed Vijay’s source of aspirations. He developed a heart of giving to the less fortunate.

As a young man, he traveled to the United Kingdom for his education. After his time in the School of Economics, he engaged in odd jobs before landing to the field of his passion. He once was a cab driver in London. Also, Vijay worked on a farm in France. His lowest level was working on a construction site in Belgium.

Two years after getting his bachelor’s degree, he graduated with an MBA from the Southern Illinois University. Additionally, he had a professional qualification from CIMA, a UK body. Vijay was not set to take off with his career until when he got a job in Synapsis. The part-time job gave him experience in multilevel marketing, a fundamental tool in the establishment of QI Group.

Fourteen years down the road, Vijay was back in Malaysia, and set up QI Group. Together with his co-founder, they pulled resources and experience, and took off. They have never turned back. QI Group is an e-commerce company that deals in training, telecommunication, health, travel, and media. They have a physical presence in Malaysia, Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. Additionally, they are present in more than ten regions. Their subsidiaries manage the areas.

Vijay is an intellectual and businessman embracing philanthropy. As a way to helps the less fortunate in society, and fulfill his company’s Corporate Social Responsibility, he leads the RHYTHM Foundation. It is a corporate arm of QI Group. In Malaysia, Vijay has a foundation that uplifts the life of the struggling majority. The foundation is named after Vijayaratnam, his father, and has touched the lives of many people in the country. Vijay Eswaran was alsowas discussed by Entrepreneur.com.

Through his work of philanthropy, Vijay has been listed by Forbes Asia for having influenced many in the streets. He was included on the 2011 annual list of Heroes on Philanthropy. The Asian Strategic Leadership has also honored him. He was given the lifetime achievement award on matters philanthropy. The ASL is an institute in Malaysia, which does research on how philanthropists touch lives. Additionally, GOPIO has appreciated his work by naming him International Leader in Global Business Strategies. Word has it that the Global Organization for People of Indian Origin shall be awarding him yet another honor soon.

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