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QNet Breaks New Ground

Individuals involved in the business world know just how hard it can be to bounce back into the ray of relevance after other businesses have written you off. The competitive multi leveling marketing firm QNet Limited has decided to locate some of its Malaysian based firms and production teams to India in order to become a force in the marketing world. Along with some its marketing units QNet will also be relocating much of its manufacturing hub by shifting much of the company’s production to India. Suresh Thimiri is the CEO of a new franchisee for QNet based in India. Thimiri plans on producing much of the company’s electronics, consumer goods, as well as electronic segments in India’s new QNet franchise. The franchise has already begun manufacturing and producing many of their sought after watches in the Indian based firm. Along with their watches the franchise has also made room to produce their popular energy drink, Nutriplus, and will continue production there. Not only will the Indian based QNet firms get a boost in production, but the communities in which the firms are located will ultimately see an increase in daily commerce. Thimiri also reported that the shift in production will also offer India a cost benefit of 8 and 12 cents for every dollar. Many of the officials within the company reported that the Indian based firms have experienced a revenue growth of more than 100 percent throughout the 2014/2015 fiscal year. The same officials also report that the company will continue to grow and this incredible rate for some time to come.

QNet is gearing up for a such a monumental year and decided to share the celebratory city with representatives and employees. The company hosted a five day convention entitled Vcon in which 80 percent of the employees were of Indian descent. The salaries that these citizens will gain will also help drive more money into their local economy and commerce. Along with the sub-sequential salaries QNet will also be providing a vivid platform for Indian citizens to share some of their unique ideas and talents with the company. If any employees turns out to have a promising product QNet plans on marketing and developing the product. This will ultimately drive the employees to work hard creatively to reach the incentive of having their product or idea marketed and developed. If it proves successful they will gain monetary compensation and will pump even more money into the economy.

QNet isn’t just thinking about themselves when they decided to base some of their operations in the regions of India. They are doing their best to enrich developing communities by providing jobs and opportunities to those who just need an opportunity to shine.

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