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Purina’s Beneful – Fanciful and Tasty Dog Treats!

Quality is Nestle Purina’s commitment to pet food, and when you buy Purina Beneful you are buying the best pet food on the market today. Beneful comes with all the vitamins and minerals needed for your pet’s health. Each recipe is complete and balanced to provide a complete and satisfying meal. Purina strives to keep your pet healthy, but did you know that Purina’s Beneful line of pet foods also includes wholesome treats?

Beneful is made from premium ingredients on purinastore.com, and its rich in real meats and vegetables full of vitamins. Beneful treats come in eleven different varieties, and each is just as wholesome as the wet and dry dog foods that bear the name Beneful. The Healthy Smile line of treats comes in three different sizes, mini, small/medium and large. They are savory and meaty treats that help reduce plaque and tarter build up. The dental ridges help keep your pooches teeth clean, and the real parsley freshens their breath.

Healthy Smile from Beneful on purina recipe also comes in a peanut butter flavor, and its specially formulated to promote strong bones and teeth. It comes in three convenient sizes, and it’s made from wholesome chicken, rice and peanut butter. Fresh parsley is added to help freshen your pet’s breath. For small and medium sized dogs one biscuit a day is recommended, but for large breeds, your doggie can have two of these delicious and wholesome treats.

Baked Delights by Beneful are almost like people cookies, but in a special recipe to supply your dog with the healthy nutrients he needs. Baked Delights Heartfuls are short bread cookies with a soft center of apple, but they are made with real bacon! Your dog gets a bacon snack that looks just like the cookies we love the best, and it’s made with love by Purina. These delightful crunchy cookies with soft centers come in two additional flavors. Baked Delights Hugs are beef and cheese. and Baked Delights Snackers are peanut butter and cheese!

Beneful makes two addition types of Baked delights recipes called Stars and they come in bacon and cheese flavor and chicken and cheese flavor. They are a crunchy wholesome snack filled with all the wholesome ingredients your dog needs, and the quality meat that all dogs love.

With Beneful treats, your dog will be tail wagging happy, and you will be delighted because the ingredients are good for your pet. You can trust in Purina to bring quality and happiness to your pet.

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