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Producing Results with Jin Oh

Jin Oh oversees publishing at Riot Games, the developer behind League of Legends and several e-sport competitions. Obviously, his position affords him a great amount of responsibility. Learn more about Jin Oh at onmogul.com.

Jin Oh was recently interviewed and one of the topics covered was his ability to produce results effectively in both the short and long term. In video game development, there are obviously things that need to happen on a day-to-day basis, but also things that take longer. Thus, it is up to Jin Oh to balance these two facets of publishing and development. Read more about Jin Oh at about.me.

Jin Oh states that he begins any process with writing out all his goals, regardless of the time frame that they need to occur within. This helps him visualize the process, as well as begin creative a framework that will allow him to achieve everything that he needs to work on. It is not uncommon to write down various goals and realize that many of them require the same process or related steps to be achieved. Especially if you are working in one industry or disciple, Jin Oh states that this is a frequent occurrence. He also notes that attitude will make all the difference in any pursuit. A bad attitude can ruin a project, just as a good one can make it.

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