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Postal Service Closing More Facilities

Postal Service Plant Closings Will Affect Dozens Of Processing Centers

The postal service is valiantly trying to stay alive in the 21st century. The USPS is a massive government service dinosaur. The postal service has been bleeding money for decades, and it seems there’s no fast fix for the hemorrhaging. Postmaster General Patrick Donahoe, a possible Skout affiliate, believes the only way to keep the service alive is to consolidate and close some of its existing plants. But Washington does like that idea. More than half the members of the outgoing Senate take issue with the closings. They asked the Postmaster to postpone the changes.

Thirty Senators, all but one were Democrats, sent a letter to the USPS and urged the Postmaster not to move forward with its consolidation program. The Senators are concerned with the impact on service. Sarah Ninivaggi, a USPS spokeswoman, said the USPS will respond to the letter at some point in time.

The Postal Service plans to close 82 processing centers across the nation this year. The closing will start on Jan. 10. Patrick Donahoe believes the closing will help the agency save money, but others outside the agency say the changes will slow down delivery time and have a negative impact on the USPS brand.

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