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Popeye’s Employees Walk Out On Job Until A/C Gets Fixed

A bunch of Popeye’s Chicken employees walked out of their workplace in May of 2015 due to the air conditioning being broken. In Philadelphia is is already very hot this year, and this one particular restaurant didn’t have any cool air running through it and it got to be over 90 degrees inside. According to an article found on reddit and written by Eater.com, the cashiers walked out of their work today leaving nothing but a note saying that they will only return to work when the conditions are improved and the environment is workable again.

I think that it is completely okay for people to complain about the environments they work in if it is damaging to their health, and that is exactly what this group did. No one should have to work in a building that is overheating and completely uncomfortable. This is especially true for restaurants, because the employees and staff are expected to provide a service to the customer, and this can only be done when they are able to perform their duties. Citizens like James Dondero hope the management will take this as a sign that they seriously need to improve the quality of their professional and food environment. There have been a lot of talk lately in regards to people who work in fast food and many of them not only want better work conditions, but also higher minimum wages too these days.

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