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Paul Mampilly Believes That Users’ Reviews Will Have More Impact on Business In 2019

Paul Mampilly is an American investor who was born in India. He immigrated to the United States at the age of 18 in search for further education. Mampilly has a master in business administration from Fordham University. From a young age, he was interested in the finance industry, and as soon as he was done with his education, he joined Bankers Trust as an assistant portfolio manager in 1991. Since then, he has held other positions with different organizations in the finance sector.

Paul Mampilly is the author of the fastest-growing newsletter in the finance industry owners Profit Unlimited. The newsletter currently has over 100,000 subscribers. It is the channel through which he communicates with his fellow investors and average American investors who would like to learn from his experience. The Profits unlimited newsletter is published in collaboration with Banyan Hill Publishing Company where Paul Mampilly works as a senior editor for investment materials.

Paul Mampilly has experience working in the finance industry since for 20 years he has worked for various large financial institutions on Wall Street. He left Wall Street at the age of 42. He left after he realized that he had made enough money to sustain his life and that he was helping a small percentage of ultra-wealthy Americans. He decided that his knowledge and skills would be of more benefit if he invested in people who mattered the most. Since then, Mampilly has been working closely with the average American investors who he refers to as Main Street Americans and helping them to manage their investments. Every month, Paul Mampilly gives stock recommendations on some of the stocks that are likely to perform well in a calendar year.

User reviews

In 2019, Paul Mampilly sees a situation where the business sector will be a reliant on user reviews a lot. The reputation of brands will be critical in determining the success of the brands. As many people embrace online purchases, it is likely that products that have negative user reviews will suffer. Investors will be looking to invest in companies that have solid reputations on online platforms. His advice to investors is that they should do the research on user reviews before investing in a company.

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