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Passion, Dedication & Excellence: OSI Group

A world of food solutions is OSI Group’s famous slogan. This specific company serves in the foodservice industry as a meat processor, and it has clients from all across the globe. In totality, OSI Group has over 65 facilities that span across 17 countries. Forbes has ranked the company on many occasions as one of the biggest private companies in the U.S. OSI Group has a net worth somewhere in the billions. In 2011, this famous meat processor pulled in over $3 billion dollars in revenue. In 2014, it got even better by bringing in $6.1 billion. Forbes also ranked the company respectably at the 58th spot for 2014.

Culinary-innovation centers, pilot plants and test plants makeup a large majority of the company’s size. There is a lot of capital that has gone into constructing these majestic buildings. Of course, this is where all of the magic happens. OSI Group’s extensive supply chain stretches across bodies of water as well as stretches across the most rugged terrain. When it comes to producing some of the top custom foods, this company sits at the forefront of it all. Why? Thanks to its make-it-happen mentality, OSI has some of the top R&D staff members at each one of production factories. Market challenges are a thing of the past, but other similar organizations can’t meet such dyer demands. OSI Group has development teams as well as research teams. All of this information is manifested into the actual custom-food solutions in the end.

By expanding its forces and limits, the company has stake in two of Europe’s biggest foodservice companies. BAHO Food and Flagship Europe have helped to open the door to a new frontier. Founder Otto Kolschowski’s spirit is still flowing strong through the company’s veins, and he would be very proud if he was still around today.

Contact OSI Group: www.crunchbase.com/person/sheldon-lavin

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