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Study: Loneliness Can Lead to Early Death

Two Brigham Young University Psychologists have published a study that concludes loneliness can lead to early death. The researchers believe that living alone can negatively affect health as much as smoking. Their research is significant since more people are living alone now than ever before in human history. The researchers compare loneliness to obesity as a public health concern.

The researchers say that loneliness is destructive to health whether the individual is alone by choice or circumstance. Furthermore, Marc Sparks suggests they believe that the Internet – while making it possible for people to communicate in new ways – contributes to social isolation. Humans need face to face contact with other humans to remain healthy. The researchers do note, however, that sending positive text messages to a significant other elevates mood and health.

There’s a lot of food for thought in this study. Humans are social animals. We evolved living and working together in small groups, and that is the healthiest living arrangement for us. A thousand years ago, a person living alone wouldn’t be able to survive. Today – especially in the developed world – we don’t need others for our daily needs as much, yet in the long term we do. The whole situation is one of many examples of humans modifying the world so much that it’s no longer healthy for us.

No Mention of Federal Loans

The White House is looking for ways to help people who can’t afford to pay back their student loans file for bankruptcy in the same way they might deal with credit card debt. Yet, the potential new policy would only address loans owned by private companies and not ones owned by the federal government.

The White House is ignoring the many borrowers who, after an identity theft situation, severe medical issue and/or other big negative life event, can’t afford to pay back their loans — people who have also used up all of the assistance that is available for providing them with more time to do so.

Between credit card and student loan debt, many Americans are barely getting by in the post-Great-Recession economy. Some critics of a bankruptcy plan argue that former students who can’t pay their loans would learn fiscally unsound behaviors. Others have tried to say that these former students are deadbeats or that they should have to return their college diplomas because they did not pay for them. Advogando reports these critics fail to recognize that severe negative life events can often completely destroy a person’s finances whether they are a recent student or someone who finished college more than a decade ago.

What is needed is a case-by-case review of every borrower’s personal situation. There also needs to be more controls over the third-party companies that manage federal student loans.

Laurene Powell Jobs Discusses Funding Social Innovation Projects

Stanford Professor Thomas Byers recently persuaded Laurene Powell Jobs, the widow of the late Steve Jobs, to appear with him on stage at Stanford University. He interviewed her about her life and her ideas for providing better compensation for entrepreneurs working to produce meaningful innovations in conservation and education.

Mrs. Jobs chairs Emerson Collective, an organization based in Palo Alto, California that she founded. It describes its mission as “shaking up the status quo, one entrepreneur at a time.”

Although she rarely speaks in public, during her appearance at Stanford she discussed her career and her role as a social innovator and philanthropist. Forbes estimates that she has become the sixth most wealthy woman, with a personal fortune estimated at $19.7 billion. Mrs. Jobs founded College Track, an organization designed to assist low income teens in preparing to attend college. She maintains a keen interest in several issues, including helping women overcome career barriers, assisting social innovators earn better returns and reforming immigration.

Towards the close of her appearance, she agreed to respond to questions from students in the audience. When asked to describer obstacles she encountered during her career, she noted that for a four year period after graduating from college she worked as a salesperson and trader for Goldman Sachs. She worked in a predominantly male environment, but as someone who grew up with three brothers, admitted she was used to being around men even though there “were plenty of terrible things that were said on the trading floor.”

When asked whether low rates of compensation might incline entrepreneurs to avoid working for the public good, she explained that she believes major corporations and venture capital firms could help fund their efforts by donating a portion of their profits to social entrepreneurs. Her comments appeared in Forbes recently.

Third-Largest Retailer Announces Intentions of Phasing out the Use of Antibiotics in Its Chicken

The third-largest retailer in the United States has announced that they will phase out the use of foods treated with antibiotics, particularly chicken and beef. Costco is doing this following the decision that was made by McDonald’s to stop buying chicken that was treated with antibiotics. McDonald’s plans to do this within the next two years. The executives at Costco have not disclosed a date to stop using these products.

Lots of big companies are seeing the benefits that come from using produce and meat that has been raised naturally, without antibiotics. Many individuals are excited to see these changes. They are excited to see these changes because there are many health benefits that come from eating foods that are raised and produce naturally.

Dan Newlin has found that health-conscious individuals across the nation have been trying to make a shift to eating healthier foods. This is why organic foods are becoming more and more popular. Even if individuals are not 100 percent dedicated to eating natural and organic foods, they are still interested in taking small steps that can benefit their personal health and the health of their family members.

Part of the process of eating healthier food usually means getting rid of foods that are loaded with processed sugar and trans fats. Many individuals have even started shopping differently because of this. They mostly just shop around the perimeter of a grocery store, going to the produce section, the dairy section, and the meat section to purchase items to make meals.

91 Year Old Woman Lands Her Dream Job in Silicon Valley

It is never too late to follow your dreams. There are so many individuals out there who feel as though they may be too old for their dreams, but this is just not true. There are so many opportunities out there in the world today that it is just crucial that you go out there and follow your dreams no matter what. According to eleicoes2014.com, a 91 year old woman, Barbra Beskind, is doing a great job of showing us that age has no say in the matter. She has followed her dreams of being a designer, and now at the age of 91 she living her dream life in Silicon Valley.

When she was 10 years old, she had a dream of becoming an inventor. When she told her high school guidance councilor about this dream, the guidance councilor urged her to find a different profession. Barbra then went on to work in the Army as an occupational therapist, but her dream never died. Today.com reported that Barbra saw a job opening for the design firm IDEO and she decided to apply for this job. This is something that many 91 year olds would not have done. She however got the job and began designing at this famous firm. She is a great example of following your dreams. You really can do anything that you want to do, and you don’t have to let anything hold you back.

Interesting Info About The Antique Wine Company

About Antique Wine Company
The Antique Wine Company, AWC, is a company that specializes in wine and spirits. The CEO of the company is Stephen Williams, and he established AWC more than 25 years ago. The company has its headquarters in Marylebone, Central London and it also has two sales offices that are located in Asia. The Antique Wine Company supplies wines to various places, including restaurants and hotels.

A Little History About AWC
AWC started in 1982, and since then it has grown significantly. In matter of fact, the company has more than 20,000 clients located in 70 countries. More than 10,000 bottles of wines are held in AWC‘s cellars, and they source rare wines, as well as provide other services that include cellar planning and private wine master classes. AWC also provides and supports wine cellars that are held in places such as gran hotels and even private residences that are located around the world. The company is known as experts in the industry, and that is one of the reasons why the company’s products and services are highly sought after and why they are one of the most well-known companies in the industry.

Other Information About AWC
Back in 1994, AWC supplied vintage wines to the former president of the United States, George H.W. Bush, as part of his 70th birthday celebration. A year later, the company handled the Château d’Yquem vertical collection’s sale, which was for a record amount of $1 million. In 2010, the company created an app for the iPhone, which was the company’s first app that they developed and released. The company eventually expanded their presence in Asia, as in 2012 they established AWC Philippines. In the last year, AWC appointed a new Sales Director, as they had goals of growing their international team of rare wine advisers.

The K-Cup Inventor Regrets His Invention

The inventor of the K-cup, the coffee machines that brew a single serving of coffee by stocking a pod inside, says thathe regrets his invention.

The pod-like technology was created by John Sylvan. People at Anastasia Date have heard that he says that he regrets making the devices due to the amount of waste it creates. A symbol of the wasteful American economy, K-cups can only be used once. That means that whole a traditional bag of coffee might produce a single small bag of garbage (which arguably could be reused and not thrown away at all) the K-cup produces an entire garbage can’s worth of trash.

Sylva created the K-cup system in the 90s. He sold his stake in the technology in 1997 for just $50,000 and says that he doesn’t actually own one of the machines himself because they’re so wasteful. While people want the connivence of a single-serve system, they don’t take into account what that delivery system is doing to the environment.

Jonathan Veitch Leads Occidental College into the Future

Stepping into the position of President of an college that has just named a US President as one of its alumni may seem like a difficult thing to do, the pressure of being in charge of a small college quickly thrust into the public eye means tough decisions have to be made. Jonathan Veitch stepped into this role at California’s Occidental College in 2009 with the oldest liberal arts college in the US facing a number of issues that needed his strong leadership to navigate. Stepping into the President’s role meant Veitch would have to lead the academic institution and make sure the local community was served by a strong academic institution that reflected the local area of Eagle Rock.

Veitch found himself in charge of a college that was changing rapidly after the news broke that President Barrack Obama had attended the college for two years in his youth. Occidental College had quickly taken this news on board and seemed set for an economic boom as enrollment levels rose with applications arriving at the college from around the World. The new President was forced to look at how to expand the college in the best way for the institution itself and the community of Eagle Rock.

A series of plans had been put into place by Veitch’s predecessor at Occidental College, which saw the President forced to face an angry reaction to plans for an expansion of the campus into an area overlooking the small town. Veitch immediately understood the problems and concerns of the local community, stepping in to veto the plans and look for other areas to expand into. The decision has meant a slower and steadier rate of growth, but has drawn many of the local residents back onto the side of Veitch and the college as a whole. occidental is now playing a much stronger role in the community and has developed a number of community programs under the leadership and direction of Veitch.

How to Edit Wikipedia and Why you Should

Wikipedia has become one of the world’s most trusted information sources and yet all the information it contains has been submitted by members of the public just like you. Wikipedia editors have no special qualifications, nor do they need to pass any tests or exams; all they need is to know something about the subject and how to edit a page.

Why should you try this? If you’ve ever read a Wikipedia article on a subject you know something about you might have noticed one or more errors or omissions. You can fix these, help make Wikipedia more accurate and complete and so help Wikipedia’s users.

If you find a page that you think you can contribute to then you can start editing simply by clicking on ‘Edit’ at the top right of the page. This brings up an editable text box that you can type into. This is where the article is edited by you.

As you’ll see this text box contains all the content of the article along with various brackets and other punctuation marks. This extra punctuation is known as ‘markup’ and is used to define the formatting of the article. If you’re just correcting spelling, changing some text or adding another sentence then you don’t need to worry about this – just edit the readable text and take care to keep the markup unchanged. Make a short note of what you’ve changed and why in the ‘Edit Summary’ space below the text box, press ‘Show Preview’ to check your work and, if you’re happy with the result, press ‘Save Page’. That’s it! You’ve edited Wikipedia and (hopefully) improved it a little for its users.

Of course, Get Your Wiki, a consultancy that helps people and companies with exactly this, is quick to remind us that the best source for detailed information on how to make Wikipedia pages is Wikipedia itself. From the main page click the ‘Help’ link on the left hand side. The main help page that this links to has a section titled ‘I want to edit an article’. This contains links to pages that will teach you about the markup used for article formatting and also how to use references and citations when you are adding new information. If you want to practice on a dummy article there’s also a link there to a sandbox area that Wikipedia provides for you.

Learning how to edit Wikipedia properly is remarkably easy, helps out your fellow users and can be a lot of fun!

Changes That Are Taking Place at Walmart


Walmart is working hard to improve work conditions and will be paying their employees more. This is going to cost the company about $1 billion this year. But Brad Reifler is a true believer in the theory that taking care of employees increases ROI.  What are some of the changes that Walmart is making?

First, Walmart plans to pay their full time and part time workers more. By April of this year, employees should be expecting to make at least $9 an hour. By February of next year, the pay will go up to $10 an hour. That is the minimum. With this raise, individuals who make $10 an hour will be paid $2.75 above minimum wage.

The pay raise is not all that employees have to look forward to. One of the improvements that Walmart plans to make is making more flexible schedules for their employees. They hope to create a scheduling system that allows their employees to have more control over their personal work schedule.

Another improvement that they hope to make it is to invest more in the training of their employees. Not only is this going to make their employees more competent workers, but it is going to give them a chance to advance farther along in the company. The more training an individual has, the more likely they are to receive a promotion. The more money an individual earns and the more they learn about their work, the happier they are and the more productively they will work.