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Highland Scoring High in Healthcare

A recent PR Newswire article proves that hard work and diligence pays off in spades. Dallas based investment firm Highland Capital Management won accolades and recognition by scoring a HFM Hedge Fund Performance Award. This is in no small part to the company’s leadership which includes Michael Gregory and James Dondero. Winning an award in the “40 Act Fund’ category is yet another mark on Highland’s long list of achievements.

Outperforming peers in hedge fund analytics Highland Capital Management scored high by judges based on data based on one, three, and five year terms. Keeping 3 billion dollars in healthcare assets the category is a large priority for Highland. This sector of Highland is managed by Michael Gregory who overs sees near a dozen health sector specialists it is of little surprise that Highland was able gain recognition with its Long/Short Healthcare fund. The PR article, found here, quotes Jim Dondero in praising both Highland’s Healthcare division and Michael Gregory’s expertise.
James Dondero has established himself in the business world as a leader and innovator. Jim is a businessman who manages over 21 billion dollars in assets. Founding Highland Capital Management in 1993 is only one milestone for Jim in long list of achievements.
Graduating from the University of Virginia began Jim’s 30 year career. Prior to Higland, Dondero managed Protective Life’s 2 billion dollars in assets. In addition to Highland Capital Management Jim also serves on several different boards, including MGM Studios. A true entrepreneur of the business world, he was also an early adopter of the Collateralized Loan Obligation system.
HFM recognized James Dondero’s leadership and Michael Gregory’s health sector knowledge by awarding Highland Capital Management the Long/Short Healthcare Award. Judging the company through a number of perquisites Highland scored an award in the category. Once more Highland remains on track for being a recognizable leader in a number of business ventures.

Network Solutions Expert Shaygan Kheradpir Named CEO Of Coriant

The tech industry has an exceptional amount of turnover. Young, innovative people like to move from company to company just for the thrill of it. After all, the tech business is one big thrill, isn’t it? Trying to keep employees is always a challenge. Tech companies are more like college campuses rather than white-walled offices. Employees have the freedom to express themselves, but expression isn’t a stable energy, so companies are always trying something new to keep employees happy.

Coriant is one of those tech companies that knows they have to keep the mental juices flowing in the right direction, and the company has had success doing that. The latest Coriant move is to bring back the legendary Shaygan Kheradpir and name him CEO of the company. Kheradpir has recently been the Operating Director of Marlin Equity, so Coriant isn’t exactly a new company for him. Marlin Equity is the company that pulled Coriant together from three other network solution companies. The result is a vibrant company that is very active in finding new solutions for mobile devices and cloud programs.

Pat DiPietro, the former CEO of Coriant will now be the Operating Director of Marlin Equity and the Vice-Chairman of the Board of Coriant. DiPietro and Kheradpir will continue to work together to keep the management team of Coriant on track in the highly competitive world of network solutions. DiPietro has nothing but praise for Shaygan Kheradpir. He is well aware of Kheradpir’s accomplishments and abilities.

Shaygan Kheradpir has a PH.D. in engineering from Cornell University and holds several patents. When he was CIO of Verizon, he was instrumental in developing an operating system that Verizon still uses today. While Mr. Kheradpir was Chief of Operations and Technology Officer at Barclay’s, he redesigned the bank’s operating system, and that is the system the bank still uses.

After his success at Barclay’s, he was named CEO of Juniper. While he was running Juniper, he developed a Cloud Builder program. But Marlin Equity had been following Kheradpir’s career, and they want him to help them make Coriant a network solutions powerhouse. Right after leaving Juniper, Shaygan was named Operating Manager of Marlin Equity. Mr. DiPietro recently told lightreading.com that Kheradpir brings a world of experience and knowledge to the current team at Coriant. DiPietro looks forward to his role and his interaction with Kheradpir. Their mission is for Coriant to be the best in the business.

Forbes 500 Company Computer Sciences Corporation and Eric Pulier

Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) is a global leader in professional information technology services and solutions, using only the best industry solutions, domain expertise and global scale to serve clients for over 50 years.

Started in April 16, 1959 by Roy Nutt and Fletcher Jones, CSC began by providing programming tools such as Compiler and assembling software.

In the 60s, it provided software writing services for major computer manufacturers, of which included IBM and Honeywell, and secured contracts for the US public sector with NASA and other companies. By 1963, CSC had already become the largest software company in the US and was first to be listed on the American Stock Exchange. Just 5 years later, they were already listed on the New York Stock Exchange and has operations in multiple areas of the world, including Canada, India, and Germany.

Company headquarters remained at El Segundo, California up until 2008, where headquarters relocated to Annandale, Virginia. Eric Pulier joined Computer Sciences Corporation in order to manage its cloud-computing department as Vice President and General Manager in 2013.

Now, Computer Sciences Corporation reports $12.2 billion in revenue, has over 70,000 employees in over 70 countries, has remained in the Fortune 500 since 1995, ranking 162 in 2012, is in Forbes Global 2000 list, and was even ranked 8th in Software Magazine’s Software 500, which ranked the world’s largest software and service providers.

About Eric Pulier
Eric Pulier went to Harvard University, where he studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, and Visual and Environmental Studies. He graduated Magna Cum Laude in 1988 with a Bachelors Degree. Nowadays, Pulier is a father of four and serves on the board of The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children with chronic illnesses, and the Innovation Board of the XPRIZE Foundation.

Pulier is also founder of over 15 companies, some of which include Akana, Desktone, and Media Platform. Chosen by the Presidential Inaugural Committee, he created and executed the Presidential Exhibition in 1997 – called “The Bridge to the 21st Century” – for Bill Clinton and Al Gore. As a result, he was asked by Morley Winograd, the Vice president’s Senior Domestic Policy Advisor, to join him on the board when he became Chairman of the Center for Telecommunications Management at the USC Marshal School, where Pulier served for 4 years. Currently, Pulier works as Founder and Executive Director for Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council, Chief Executive Officer and Co – Founder of ServiceMesh, Founder of Desktone, and Founder and Executive Chairman at Akana.

Things You Can Learn From Ricardo Guimarães Of BMG On Managing A Business

The business world has revolutionized with new technologies getting into the market. Many companies and businesses have been able to thrive courtesy of modern tools that have assisted managers to handle the business. However, there are perpetual challenges that any business is expected to handle. Competition has been a major issue to many businesses especially start ups, which are trying to catch up with market trends. In the banking sector, the level of customer support offered. Handing most challenges that bring down businesses have been a major issue for banks. In the Brazilian market, BMG has crawled the path, ensuring they offer unique products that are necessary to help customers enjoy using the bank.

In recent developments, BMG signed a partnership with Marcelo Melo, a renowned Brazilian tennis player. The partnership will lead to sponsorship to the player, who is expected to participate in the 2016 Olympics competitions. Marcelo is among players who have in the past proved committed to the sport and this has earned him recognition and countless awards. According to an article available at R7.com, Ricardo Guimarães expresses hope that BMG will manage to handle the forthcoming competitions and there is a possibility the partnership will be renewed even after the tussle.

Ricardo Guimarães has been on the spot for maintaining a keen eye on sporting activities and ensuring BMG offers full support to individuals who are committed to excelling sports. This has been witnessed in previous deals where BMG has sponsored football clubs in Brazil. The company can be credited for allowing young individuals to grow their careers to international levels. Ricardo Guimarães cites that they will be offering both in kind as well as financial support to Marcelo Melo, who will be preparing for the 2016 Olympics. The player is also glad to confirm that the relationship will help him hone his skills, not for the competitions alone, but for later challenges that he is yet to handle.

The support that BMG has received from Ricardo Guimarães is sufficient to take the company to the next level. Offering support to sporting activities has worked as a great way to market the company. Ricardo Guimarães confirms that they have earned a positive reputation from the various activities they have sponsored. Ricardo Guimarães has also been positive on the environment by creating a provision that allows the BMG community to support the conservation of the environment.

Wet Dog Food Options

Beneful is one of the best dog food brands in the world today. They have maintained their growth over the years and have come up with some of the best techniques to craft products that dogs are going to just love. With the wet dog food from this company, you can be sure your dog is going to enjoy the taste and amazing aspects of how it helps tie in to their overall health.

Chicken Stew With Rice

This chicken stew option with rice, carrots, barley, and peas are wonderful to eat. They can be quite exciting to eat, especially since the product has all the right wholesome grains and veggies to give your dog precious and tasty dog food. Every bite will surely be enjoyable to taste. The meaty chunks and veggies combined are retreat to eat.

Chopped Blends With Turkey

Purina Store Beneful wet dog food option has some great tasting turkey, potatoes, brown rice, and some additional spinach will add in some protein for your dog. The savory blend with the ingredients added in can serve to be the exact thing your dog needs for a great taste. The delightful texture shines through as dogs eat this stuff up. The taste is known to be perfect for dogs looking to get their taste buds going. The sweet potatoes are a great addition taste-wise.

Chopped Blends Beef

In this other Chopped Blends collection, this one offers some great beef with tomatoes, carrots, and wil rice to top it off. The finely chopped and blend takes everything together to give complete ingredients that work each other together to give that perfect taste. While it is small in size, the flavor stands out immensely and the texture works well with the healthy ingredients.

Chopped Blends Chicken

This specific one is no different than the others except that it offers real chicken with the same adroit oink tomatoes, carrots, and wild rice added in. It is overall one very unique option you need to consider.

The wet dog food from the company makes it easy to enjoy top of the line services at the best prices. All the options available from the company makes it more than possible to get some amazing tastes that you’ll enjoy for the long run. Beneful is a top notch brand that knows how to deliver top notch food that helps keep dogs healthy and strong, along with enhancing their health.

U.S. Money Reserve Offers Top Notch Customer Service And Knowledge

The U.S. Money Reserve is one of the biggest distributors of precious metals by the federal government. They were created in order to give people an option to invest in gold, silver, platinum as a way to protect their money and to also see it grow. There are many different types in which one can invest. The company is about helping educate people on making the best investment possible with their money. They are great because they not only bring to the table well versed knowledge about the product they offer but world class customer service in order to make sure the investor is getting the best product possible.

Buying of gold has always been on an upswing even when other portions of the economy has been suffering due to downturn. The awesome part about gold and precious metals is the tend to carry their value where other stocks can go down at a higher rate based on the fluctuation of the market. The U.S. money reserve is continuing an effort of research to make sure that the information they are giving to their customers is up to date and extremely accurate. The company was also funded by veterans in the market, meaning only the top experts work for this exceedingly specialized company.

Financial benefits are numerous when it comes to owning precious metals. Money is easily accessible and there is never any worries about banks collapsing because you can store it safely elsewhere. They offer coins of a high grade and their knowledge of the coins are unsurpassed in the industry. If a person signs up for the coins there is a 7 day guarantee on the price. If the price dips the consumer can get the lower price within those first seven days.

Because, the U.S Money Reserve consider their customer service top of the line, as they should, they offer a thirty day money back policy on their certified coins. This means that you are in a win, win situation. Try out the U.S. Money Reserve for the expert customer service and knowledge. Making an investment in gold, silver and platinum has never been better than now. Even if you have stocks, bonds, and other accounts it is always wise to invest through another method for a well diversified plan you can count on.

Brian Bonar: Building Value To Companies

Successful finance executives understand what motives and crafts anticipations geared to enable an individual do what they are good at. Marcus Buckingham once documented in his book, “The One Thing You Need to Know” that in the thoughts of excellent managers, persistent unpleasing performance is not essentially a matter of weakness but rather a matter of miscasting. Prosperous finance executives especially CEOs have it at the back of their minds what rhymes with their organizations. Most CEOs seem to posses an intuitive sense of what defines a unique corporation and leverage the expertise to craft milestones that bring out the best out of the company. The outcome is a productive, strategically operating venture that puts in mind that energy, passion, and focus are key.

Long term success for a company comes as a result of some traits exhibited by financial executives. This distinguishes an excellent company from a typical one that is trying to keep afloat. Quality management to such executives does not matter a lot but rather the endeavors to create long-term success. For Brian Bonar, a well-known financial executive this has always been his primary objective as well as an anthem. Bonar is one of those CEOs who understand the customers needs and works with due diligence to keep up with the company’s vision. Bonar has made history in the finance world, and his professional achievements and academic accomplishments are one to be reckoned. Not to mention that these earned him the Cambridge, Who’s Who® Executive of the Year in 2000 in Finance. With 30 years of experience in the finance world, Mr. Bonar has had a toll in his career and his determination, passion for what he undertook and more so hard work have made him the successful finance executive he is today. Any company run by Mr. Bonar has received due respect and principal changes in their operations.

Brian Bonar is the chairman and chief executive officer of Dalrada Financial Corporation, a San Diego, California-based company that offers several professional services pertaining to human resources to businesses. He is also the CEO of ITEC (Imaging Technologies Corporation), a leading producer of color management software and service organization for digital imaging hardware. Prior to these, Bonar served for numerous companies where he portrayed strong work ethics and served as a driving force to propelling the companies to success.

During the initial stages of his career, Bonar worked with IBM, U.K. Ltd. for almost 17 years where he was astute in the roles he undertook. He later worked with companies such as QMS, Inc., Rastek Corporation, Adaptec, Inc., Bezier Systems, Inc., among others. Prior to working at ITEC, Bonar served as the CEO, CFO, president, secretary, director and treasurer of TRUCEPT INC.

Majeed Ekbal and Crowdfunded Real Estate

Crowdfunding is a great opportunity for many people to get in on the success that can come from an idea. This is something that is available in many different industries, but is a fairly new concept in the world of real estate. It was coined by the Tycoon real estate company that showed the different ways that real estate crowdfunding could be a reality. The Tycoon company is one that was created and was even pitched on Shark Tank. The idea was a great one, but it was not successful. The company failed, but the idea continued to grow. Different companies took the idea of crowdfunded real estate and made it their own while becoming more successful.

These companies are working toward constant success and the acquisition of the Tycoon company will increase the success that they gain from what they are doing already. Tycoon may be a failing company, but it was the original idea for crowdfunded real estate. It can increase the profits of the companies and ensure that they will be able to continue growing throughout their time as crowdfunded real estate companies. When the acquisition is complete, the Tycoon company will be owned by five different investor companies that will work toward making it better and improving the idea of what was originally the Tycoon idea.

Majeed Ekbal is an investor who chooses to invest in progressive ideas. He always wants to make sure that what he does is providing the best in convenience for all of the customers. He is a progressive investor and has focused his attention in the past on things like grocery delivery services, which have all been very successful throughout the time. Ekbal is an excellent investor who knows which is the chance to to succeed and which one to let go.

As one of the five investors who is going to be taking over the Tycoon real estate business, Majeed Ekbal knows that what he is getting into is much different than some of his other ventures. He knows that the opportunity is one that could fail because it has before, but he does not care that it will have the chance. He has faith that it will be able to increase his profits and boost his portfolio. This is one of the key points to being a good investor and Ekbal is one of the best in the area who does investments. Making sure that he only is successful, Ekbal has a website to ensure that his investments are secure. He writes into the investments and makes sure that it is something that will keep him safe and will likely not be a failed investment with a waste of money.

Marcio Alaor BMG

In order for a bank to be successful it must have good leadership at the top. Fortunately for BMG bank it has quality leadership with executives such as Marcio Alaor. With Marcio Alaor as Vice President and Director of the bank, BMG has remained a top financial institution in Brazil in recent years. With BMG bank a number of different types of customers have benefited form the services of BMG Bank. This bank offers customers a number of quality services which include deposits, loans, credit cards, investment and insurance. By taking advantage of these services, both individuals and businesses can get the assistance they need in order to get the most out of their financial management.

For both individuals and businesses there are a number of services that are quite beneficial. The first and most common service that benefits both of these parties is deposits. Businesses and individuals looking to store their funds can do so by making deposits in a number of checking and savings accounts. These accounts give these parties money to use for making purchases for a number of things. They are also able to give them the opportunity to store their funds for future use via savings accounts. As result, BMG offers both businesses and individuals a very convenient and efficient way to protect and store their funds for a number of purposes.

Another way in which the services of BMG Bank benefit individuals and businesses is with loans. Both individuals and businesses seek out loans to help finance some of their objectives. For individuals they are often looking to get loans for things such as a home and a vehicle. These loans allow them to more easily acquire and afford these big ticket items on reasonable terms as well. For businesses, loans are used to help fund a startup, acquire equipment and machinery, purchase inventory and also have funds to help operate the company on an ongoing basis. Using loans will therefore provide both long term and short term financing for these parties to meet their needs.

When banking with BMG, individuals and businesses will also benefit from insurance services. Individuals will often seek insurance to protect their property such as their homes. A business will also acquire insurance so that they can ensure that their building, inventory and equipment are properly protected from any potential loss or damage. Therefore insurance is also another service offered by BMG Bank that both businesses and individuals can take full advantage of and benefit from.

Square, Minas Gerais Is Inaugurated To Honor Marcio Alaor

The most anticipated time came to respect and recognize the efforts of Marcio Alaor for what he had achieved. All that happened amid the 33rd rural show that in like manner saw the starting of Alaor Marcio Araujo, sustenance court. It was a great honor to an individual who served his group and had its affirmation by ensuring the square bears his name. Regardless, it was not simply to make visionary businessman Marcio Alaor win a tribute in aiding the City. Even more, a plate was also made, commending the purposes of his tasks and that cleared up the adoration for everyone and how they acknowledged everything the specialist had done.

As highly awaited, nearly everyone was present to witness the person who touched the lives of many despite having big dreams for their City and future. While the presentation happened, administrators and neighborhood pioneers gave the essentialness of that event, and to see the attempts that the businessman did for Santo Antonio, his home place. On the occasion of this happy presentation, Mr. Luís Antônio Resende communicated the appreciation toward Marcio Alaor, while making everything known that he was grateful for his country people together with the individuals who work within the Exhibition Center. In his talk, Luis Antonio focused on the character of Marcio Alaor and the way he did not disregard the city’s issues, and that was not done in kind for political favors.

Wilmar Son was available at the time of opening the sustenance court moreover talked about the embodiment the visionary Marcio did for Santo Antonio. He additionally highlighted changing the place that was already a grain stockroom for improved area that would be enhanced into a sustenance court. The time when Marcio came to address the occupants, the VP of BMG Bank focused on his past deeds and future in highlighting a bit of his past experiences including his tribute impressions.

While highlighting a touch of his history especially the way he worked in shoe shining job when he was a kid, Marcio reminded people that he was not simply worried about the cash issues, but he is the kind of an individual who appreciates and respects his community and ensure any necessary help at whatever fundamental time. Then again, utilizing his words, Marcio showed appreciation upon his family and accepted the honor to have the tribute in his lifetime. He added that such tributes typically happen to the people who left this world. Feeling extraordinarily advantaged to this differential event, Marcio rushed to discuss Santo Antonio and how the way the official is interested in changing the City whenever crucial. Marcio Alaor emphasized that his life is not all about powers but also esteeming awesome kinships is critical not to lose our very own embodiment.