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Whitney Wolfe – A Progressive Woman in a Progressive World

Whitney Wolfe is a phenomenal female who has struggled and won. Her life is a testament to strength. She has paved the manner for women to comply with her footsteps. The direction is packed with praise at the top. She believes in the energy of networking and the potential of girls to choose who they network with. By empowering ladies, she has revolutionized the area of relationships. Her famous apps Bumble and Bumble Bizz have grown in recognition over the years and consistently offer yearly growth. She has shown the marketplace that it’s possible to create some thing new that modifies the international landscape.

Whitney Wolfe has faced plenty sexism in her career during her life. After co-founding Tinder she confronted sexism and decided to go away from the corporation. She received an agreement settlement and shaped her own company: Bumble. Her idea empowered women via giving them the ability to determine who they approached for dating. She designed the app in order for ladies to have the strength to determine which men they dated. As soon as a female messages a man she can retain the conversation but men can not message women, the girls have to make the preliminary approach. By transferring the initiative to ladies she has created an area in which girls can experience secure dating. The aggressiveness of conventional dating has been eliminated and guys do not have to worry about going through rejection from bored ladies.

Bumble Bizz allows professional males and females to attach and compare their comparable enterprise interests. Rather than trying to forge a connection on LinkedIn men and women can create actual connections. Bumble Bizz alleviates the needless solicitation by means of giving users a platform for making personal and expert connections. Women have faced problems in the place of work and in their relationships for years and Whitney Wolfe has achieved an extremely good task at solving these problems. Through shielding women from harassment and bullying and maintaining guys’s egos she has solid solution. Whitney Wolfe is a confident and successful lady who has the basis for other women to follow. She has shaped a way for ladies to take control in their private and professional lives. The success that has been fostered thanks to Bumble and Bumble Bizz is extraordinary with the aid of no other apps. The sector has been modified for the better because of the entrepreneurial skills of Whitney Wolfe.

Bernardo Chua Is A Leader WIth A Vision To Change The World

Bernardo Chua is a successful businessman and network marketer today that started off working in the Philippines at Gano Excel, where he grew up. As he worked and continued to rise through the ranks, Bernardo helped Gano Excel spread into Canada, the United States, and Hong Kong as an executive for the company. Bernardo even moved to California in the U.S. to be president of Gano Excel U.S.A, selling their products of coffee, capsules, and various other foods that contained Ganoderma. A special mushroom with natural health benefits.

Gano Excel was originally founded in Malaysia and lead the market in marketing, distribution, cultivation, innovation, and production of Ganoderma products. This earned the company recognition worldwide and earned them names such as pioneers and global leaders in the marketing industry. Today, Gano Excel is the largest Ganoderma company in the world, working in over 60 countries. Learn more on YourBeautyCraze.com

As a Filipino native, Bernardo Chua had worked in marketing for many years, and for over a decade now he has been an industry leader when it comes to promoting health and wellness in business. After Bernardo founded Organo Gold in 2008, it became one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Rightly so, Organo Gold was shown to be the fastest growing network marketing company during 2015. Bernardo has expanded the companies operations and sell products in more than 35 different countries around the world.

Today, Organo Gold is a major sponsor for the OG Cares Foundation, which supports the communities youth through various opportunities to be productive and make changes in the environment and their hometowns. This has a positive effect on future generations and incites change for better support in communities around the world. OG Cares Foundation’s vision is to impact people all over the world to develop a better foundation for tomorrows future leaders. More of Bernardo Chua’s projects and accomplishments, as well as his efforts in philanthropy, can be seen at organogold.com.

Read more:https://www.thestreet.com/story/13132871/1/bernardo-chua-expands-organo-golds-operations-into-turkey.html


Waiakea Water is Cleaning Up The Environment

There are so many companies today selling bottled water that any market or store you decide to go to will have a countless amount of choices to choose from. Some people like to stick to a brand they are used to, and some like to follow certain trends, and just buy what they see is most advertised. Those bottled water companies you see either in the grocery store, on television, or on billboards, claim their brand is better than the other, as if the way they produce their water is more unique than the rest. (Learn more about Waiakea Water on 10 Best Water: Volcanic)


The reality of distinguishing which bottled water to choose, would you be more interested in where the water came from, not just how popular that certain brand is at the moment? That’s why when I heard about this brand from Hawaii that produces bottled water, I had to investigate further. The brand is called Waiakea Water, and the water comes right from the Mauna Loa volcano in Hawaii!


That’s how Waiakea Water stands out, it gives you that natural taste with no chemicals, made from actual Hawaiian volcanic water. Volcanic water benefits outweigh the benefits of other bottled water companies because of the creative way Waiakea Water filters their water. The process consists of water running through over 10,000 feet of porous volcanic rock, and they go even a step further by even making the bottle itself stand out from the rest, being conscious of the the environment. See This Article for additional information.


Starting off the new year of 2018, Waiakea Water will be using the world’s first degradable bottle containing the Hawaiian volcanic water. A regular water bottle that you are used to will just degrade while time passes by, continuing to pollute the environment, but the bottles they create will degrade in 15 years, so don’t expect to see one of Waiakea Water bottles floating around the ocean for decades, adding to the pollution. Waiakea prides itself on using high-grade 100% RPET, or recycled polyethylene terephthalate, for all of its bottles. RPET is post-consumer recycled plastic and has incredible environmental advantages.


Being so aware of improving the environment is what makes them so different, and soon more people with have the chance to experience and enjoy volcanic water benefits. Waiakea Water has also won awards in the industry including Good Morning America and the World Beverage Innovation Award.


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Richard Dwayne Blair’s Three Pillar Financial Planning

At Wealth Solutions, Richard Dwayne Blair uses a three-pillar approach with financial planning. Wealth Solutions strives to provide retirement planning and wealth management within the Austin, Texas area. Richard Dwayne Blair provides his community members with a financial map to guide them through significant events throughout their lives. In order to provide individuals with the financial map, Richard uses the Three Pillar Approach to assess the client’s financial situation and provide the best plan possible.


First Pillar

The first pillar is used to organize the client’s financial map. Richard Blair starts by establishing a route for the client. He will look at things such as the clients’ goals, risks, strengths, and opportunities. By getting a better understanding of these qualities, Richard Dwayne Blair is then able to get a better understanding of the client’s goals and build a strong relationship between the client. See This Article for additional information.


Second Pillar

The second pillar is designed to create a long-term investment strategy is specifically made to fit the client’s goals and needs. Richard will then actively manage all client assets with the hopes of reaching a maximum performance during the market movement. During this time, he will strive to minimize any negative market periods that may affect the client. This performance is compared to client and company expectations as well as any historical data.


Third Pillar

The third pillar is used to dispense growth and liquidity once the client’s goals have been established. Richard Blair with then take this opportunity to review the final steps with the client which are the insurance needs. Richard uses this time to prepare the clients for any financial issues that may arise with the life-insurance and annuities.


Richard Dwayne Blair is the Executive Owner of Wealth Solutions that is located in Austin, Texas. After graduating college, Richard started in the finical services industry in 1993. In 1994, he established his own firm known as Wealth Solutions. Since then, Richard has used his knowledge and experience to provide customers with some of the best financial planning services.


Read More: https://www.behance.net/rickyblair9997

Choosing the Right Kind of Crypto Opportunities in the Industry

Finding an investment vehicle to place your funds into is not always as simple as some prospective investors may think today. Since there are so many different financial products on the market that people can pick and choose from, one of the biggest concerns, for many, is to identify those that may be most profitable as well as the less riskier. Fortunately, when people need the help with making these decisions, they may find professional traders that know exactly what to do. So, it is essential that everyone is doing their research in this industry first. View more on Ian King at Stock Twits for more updates.

Searching Around for the Best Crypto Opportunities

Typically, by looking around, people can find the best investment resources in this industry. This is one of the primary reasons why longtime investors and traders like Ian King are a coveted dependable resource that people have access to today. Ian King is an idea resource for those people who want to find their niche in the crypto currency investments. This is because the knowledge and expert knowledge that he has gained from the companies that he has worked for can assist him with offering informed decisions based on individual needs and preferences. Hence, regardless of the situation, the individual may choose to place money in a diversity of financial products online including digital currencies like Ethereum and Bitcoin.

Evaluating Options and the Most Reputable choices

Typically, with so many different options available online today, it is important to note that everyone will need to evaluate each to determine if the crypto that is being reviewed is creditable and profitable too. For instance, bitcoin is a part of the crypto technology that people are making an investment in all of the world. As times have passed, the actual value of a bitcoin tends to fluctuate based on the time and the state of the economy. Therefore, when an individual makes an investment, they may get the greatest benefits from their purchases right away. This is because bitcoin growth has been phenomenal over the years and has made people a vast amount of money. On the other hand, some people are simply too afraid to make an investment in a product that has the potential but is not doing very well in the digitial currency community. So, if you are trying to find those people who are looking to join in on any other kinds of crypto currency, it is essential that everyone knows how it is performing now as well as what other crypto types are available in future times. More info can be found at https://iankingguru.com/


Forex Education the NetPicks Way

In 1996 when Mark Soberman, a seasoned trader, founded NetPicks his objective was to guide traders to profitability. To that end, Mr. Soberman created NetPicks, a teaching tool for traders. NetPicks is a video-based learning program which teaches traders the ins and outs of the forex market.

The forex market is gigantic compared to all other financial markets. With $5.3 trillion changing hands every day, it dwarfs the stock market, and all of the commodities markets in the world combined.  Click hitechchronicle.com for guiding tips.

NetPicks, based in Irving, Texas, has an experienced team of trading coaches who work with traders every step of the way as they master the program. The video lessons are designed to be completed in weeks not months.

The program teaches traders to study the market taking various factors into account, such as the following:

  • political news
  • news affecting monetary policy
  • macroeconomic factors

NetPicks goes well beyond teaching traders to appreciate the fundamental aspects of trading. Traders are instructed to remove emotions from their trading. NetPicks accomplishes this by emphasizing technical analysis. The program promotes the understanding that “prices are a reflection of information.”

The NetPicks training course equips traders to discern opportunities in the forex market. By the end of the course, traders acquire the ability to scan price charts for high probability setups. Using these methods traders can make more profitable decisions when opening and closing positions.

The program also prepares traders in the vital areas of money and risk management. Emphasizing limiting the risk of any individual trade to below 3 percent. The course gives much consideration to the notion that forex trading is all about managing your exposure. A smart conservative approach to dealing with forex will always place preservation of capital above profits.

Although people new to trading stand to gain enormously from this program, experienced traders have used it as a review course. The video coursework makes it possible to brush up on your old knowledge effortlessly.

This straightforward, yet rigorous training program prepares traders to formulate trading plans with positive expectancy. That is to say, a methodology which will produce profits over the long run.

To keep up with their latest timeline activities, visit https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/netpicks#/entity.

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Perry Mandera’s Life Contributions

Perry Mandera graduated from high school in 1975. Perry Mandera signed to serve in the Marine Corps reserves, and that was the start of his community service to the people. Perry Mandera took a role as a truck driver, and that built a foundation for his business career in transportation logistics. Perry worked at the Marine Corpss for only a short period where he was given an honorable discharge, back to civilian life.

Perry Mandera started his own business in 1980 which he later sold in 1985. Perry Mandera then indulged himself in politics. Perry Mandera served as republic ward committeeman in Chicago. Perry was the youngest person to vie for the Republican ward committeeman.

Perry Mandera the left the political office. He started custom companies a business that has tremendously over the time. Customs Company is a business that serves a lot of customers. Custom company employs a lot of people and is recognized as a full-time transport provider. Perry Mandera manages the business activities, and its headquarters are in Illinois. Perry was named to top 100 American transportation executives and is a member of the board of directors.

Perry Mandera is committed towards community service and charitable work. His charity work operates on the ground of always doing the right thing and giving back to the community. Perry is a family man. He is married with two children. Perry Mandera has focused on charity work organizations that benefit children and those who have served in the military. Perry Mandera has donated resources to help victims of natural disasters. His donations vary from aiding those affected by tragic storms and California wildfires.

Perry Mandera also started custom care charities to support organizations that are part of custom companies as a way of giving back to the community. (Perrymandera) has taken the initiative of personally coaching the youth and sponsoring youth sports teams.


Adam Milstein – Advocate for Israel and Her People

Adam Milstein is an American real estate professional who uses his knowledge of business to help his home country through philanthropy and recognition of the plight of Israel. The foundation he instituted with his wife, Gila helps to empower Israeli-Jewish citizens and relations between the United States and Israel.


The Foundation


The Adam and Gila Milstein Family Foundation has principles they follow when advocating for the Israelis. They use three basic doctrines. Using consultations, partners, and raising funds, they help with education, Pro-Israel messages, and continuity and agreements within Jewish communities.


The Three Primary Actions


1: Active Philanthropy: The foundation’s staff spends a great deal of their own time ensuring projects are implemented and completed. Much of the involvement is very active, ‘boots on the ground’, involvement.


2: Life Path Impact: Through aggressive fund raising, money is collected, and awareness is spread through private and public donors. Primary needs for funds are directed toward child and adolescent education and aid for varied ages of adult. An emotional connection is formed, and long-term support is assured.


3: Philanthropic Synergy: Adam Milstein uses his business funds, and those collected through fundraising efforts, to assist other companies to create their own philanthropic activities. Development of partnerships enable varied non-profits to assist in working together for the same core values.


More about Adam Milstein


Milstein founded the Israeli-American Council with other Israeli-American businessmen. Business leaders from about 80 Israeli-American businesses joined efforts to provide support for Israel. Adam sits as National Chairman of national expansion for the council. Adam also holds leadership or member positions on many Israeli-American boards to get word out about the hardships overwhelming Israel.


Adam Milstein’s affiliation with StandWithUs, Israel on Campus Coalition, Birthright Israel, and many other Jewish-concentrated charities and organizations has only made him a more valuable member of the Jewish community. Adam is generous with his time and money in his efforts to ensure a future for Israel that is hopeful and prosperous. He hopes that educating the young and seeking out positive communication and relationships between Israel and America will strengthen Israel as a country and ensure their future as a country and a people.


Adam Milstein and Gila Milstein are also advocates in reading programs. They offer free Hebrew-print books and teach values of the Jewish faith to a number of Jewish-Israeli-American families. Every month, they provide books to the families to enrich their lives and enhance their connection to their Israeli counterparts. Go Here for related Information.

View Source: https://ideamensch.com/adam-milstein/

Perry Mandera’s Success Story Unfolded

Perry Manders graduated high school in 1975, following that, he went to the Marine Corps Reserves. In the Marine Corps Perry served as a truck driver. Perry was honorably discharged and began to serve his community in his spare time. In 1980 Perry started is own transportation company, but five years later decided to sell it. Perry Mandera’s had a great commitment and passion for giving back to the community In 1984 Perry was elected as Republican Ward Committeeman for 26th Ward in Chicago, where he served a four year term, ending in 1988, and later created Custom Cares charities Inc (Thenewsversion).

Mandera’s founded Custom Companies in 1986. The company serves thousands of customers, and has annual sales of over 200 million dollars. Perry Mandera’s company’s headquarters is located in Northlake, Illinois, and has many other locations across the country; now employing several hundred people. The Custom Company is a full service transportation, which offers domestic and foreign air freight forwarding. The company also offers local cartage and contract cartage, as well as many other services including, bonded warehouse and distribution facility.

In 2000 the Illinois Transportation Association included Mandera in the ‘Top 100 American Transportation Executives of the Millennium’. As of today, Perry also serves as an ITA board member. Perry Mandera has received recognition from several charities and physical contributions, some of these contributions were made on behalf of his company, while some were made personally. Perry also has made many generous contributions to cancer research facilities; although many of his contributions went to youth charities and educational organizations. As a board member he has arranged for the distribution of 6,500 winter coats. Perry is giving the coats to families and children in the Chicago metro areas that are in need.

In 2013 on behalf of his company, Perry donated transportation services to aid disaster relief after the tornado. The transportation services went to residents and businesses in Washington, Illinois. Perry also had his company send 40 truckloads of necessities for hurricane Katrina victims.

Perry Mandea has a great reputation for donating money many charities, and being a supporter of the communities in need.


NetPicks Brings Over Two Decades Off Trusted Forex Trading Advice

In the forex world, there are lots of people and firms who claim to understand the rocky world of finance. However, there is one firm which brings over two decades of trusted investment advice to forex investors around the world. That company, NetPicks, has helped thousands of investors find the right trade for their forex portfolio.

So what is NetPicks? The company was founded in 1996 as an investment advisory, education, and coaching firm which provides live trading signals to their clients. While most forex advisors come and go, NetPicks has been around about as long as there have been online forex trading for the retail investor. With over two decades of experience, NetPicks has been able to refine their trading system and provide maximum value to their clients.

So what is the advantage of using NetPicks? The forex market is open 24 hours a day and it is a very liquid market. That means that a forex trader can never really “sleep” on his trades. NetPicks provides live 24-hour signals (https://www.linkedin.com/company/netpicks).  That means if there is a trading opportunity at 3 AM, in the Asian markets, NetPicks will find that trading opportunity and relay that information to their clients (facebook.com).

Why should investors use NetPicks? Let’s face it, forex trading is one of the most volatile and dangerous trading instruments one can consider. Yes, one can make a fortune in forex. But one can also lose a fortune trading currency pairs. It is extremely prudent for a forex investor to not try to “fly alone” when it comes to trading currency pairs. NetPicks can help investors find the right entry and exit signals to their clients. No more guessing. No more confusion. NetPicks makes it easy for even the most novice Forex investor to manger their portfolio.

NetPicks was founded in 1996 as the premier trading education platform. In addition to providing trading advice and education for those who trade forex, NetPicks also provides insights into trading stocks, options, ETFs, futures as well as other trading instruments.

Members of the NetPicks coaching team are among the most experienced in the industry. The coaches are trained to demystify the parts and make it easy for traders to manage their own portfolio. From Wall Street to Main Street, NetPicks brings the world of investing to the masses with simple to follow investment signals, advice and education. Check hitechchronicle.com for more.

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