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Success Academy’s Unique System of Success

Success Academy Charter Schools was formerly known as Harlem Success Academy. It is a charter school that operates 34 charter schools in New York City. Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of Success Academy. The first Success Academy was opened in 2006 in Harlem. Subsequently, more schools opened in other neighborhoods in New York City. More than 9000 students are now schooling at Success Academy.


The schools record astounding success rates. Success Academy students’ proficiency in English is at 64 percent against New York City kids’ ability of 29 per cent. In Math, the proficiency rates of Success Academy in math is at 94 per cent against NYC rate of 35 per cent. The score is based on the States’ Common Core- oriented examinations. Success Academy students from the poorer communities outperform the ones in the wealthier suburbs.


The impressive results are credited to the teachers according to Success Academy CEO Eva Moskowitz. She emphasizes on the thorough preparedness and in-depth understanding of the curriculum by the teachers. Success Academy has its unique way of ensuring the preparation of its teachers through the Teacher Success Academy; T-school. The T-school uses the teacher-preparation program designed by Success Academy. Teachers undergo a training session that lasts for four weeks.


Success Academy has a remarkable IT system that provides access to a lot of technology for its teachers. Each classroom is equipped with a SMART Board, and all teachers have the MacBook Pro. Everyone can communicate with each other across the Success Academy network, and this also encourages sharing videos of lessons.


The kindergarten classes each have a lead teacher and an assistant teacher. Across other grades, however, assistant teachers are shared across the categories. Fresh college graduates and inexperienced teachers cannot serve as lead teachers at Success Academy without first serving as associate teachers.


Teachers also spend a significant amount of time engaging with the parents of their students either through e-mails, phone calls, and meetings. Teachers work closely with parents to ensure the work plan is implemented for each student. This cooperation also helps in cases requiring student discipline.



Chris Burch’s Expertise As A Hotelier

Chris Burch is a venture capitalist who has done quite a lot of work in the resort industry, and he is one of the most creative people in the industry. His company has helped made great investments of many properties, and his latest victory is in the Nihiwatu Resort. This article explains how Chris Burch is changing the resort industry by turning around a place that is now a paradise.

#1: Chris’ Background

Chris Burch has a background in the investment field, and he has helped to invest in a number of places around the world as part of his position. He prefers to help people make more of the property they have, and he knows that he may instantly improve a number of properties simply by putting a bit of money into them. He took over at Nihiwatu where he knew that he could make a difference, and it has showed as the resort has blossomed.

#2: Nihiwatu

The Indonesian island of Sumba was turned into a resort with the help of Chris and his partner. They put quite a lot of money into the property, and it was opened as a five-star resort known as Nihiwatu. these are some of the clearest waters in all the world, and this is one of the nicest places in the world to vacation. They wanted to create a paradise that people would flock to for their holidays, and they knew that they could create something special using Chris’ fashion sense and his partner’s expertise.  More of this on businessinsider.com

#3: Designing For the Jet Set

The jet set is the class of people who are coming to this beautiful resort, and they are learning that this hotel offers the finest service and amenities anywhere on the world. Chris is familiar with this as the leader at Tory Burch, and he believes that he may bring in more people simply because of name recognition. This resort is a beautiful place that attracts beautiful people, and it is all because Chris turned around a hostel that had been left dormant.

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There are quite a few people who will come to Nihiwatu on the strength of what Chris Burch has done. He is an expert in the fashion world, and he is a brilliant person who has learned how to make hotels more beautiful. He and his partners have made Nihiwatu into an Indonesian paradise that anyone should visit once.  Check huffingtonpost.com for additional article.

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Why Sujit Choudhry Rocks!

In an era where people live for instant gratification, they also yearn for higher education. Yet, many of them feel “short-changed” when it comes to their education. Moreover, many people feel as though they do not have adequate professors and they cannot relate to them. In the world of academia, few people possess the natural ability of Sujit Choudhry. When compared to the aforementioned, Sujit Choudhry remains the contrary. In fact, Sujit Choudhry has positively influenced his students and those around him. Moreover, he remains a positive figure in the academic community. When it comes to Sujit’s outright work ethic, few can compare. He remains someone who has tirelessly worked to revitalize common knowledge regarding constitutional laws.

Moreover, he teaches at the University of California. In fact, he once served as Dean of the Berkeley School of Law. Prior to his contributions at the University of California, he served as a professor at New York University. In addition, he also worked for the University of Toronto.  For an update of Sujit timeline activities, hit on crunchbase.com.   With such expertise, it remains easy to see why his community considers him a staple. Aside from his domestic teachings, he has worldwide appeal. Moreover, he has used his gift to administer speeches in numerous countries. To name a few, these include Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Nepal, and so forth. Check this on ideamensch.com.  To expound further, he has used his expertise to influence procedures that fortify constitutional law in such countries.

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Moreover, Sujit Choudhry hails from a scholarly background. Therefore, his ability to teach and give speeches remain uncontested. To name a few of his accomplishments, Sujit Choudhry holds numerous degrees from Toronto, Harvard, and so forth. In fact, he held a law clerk position for the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Canada. Moreover, Choudhry specializes in numerous facets of constitutional law. In particular, he remains interested in utilizing the constitution to transfer violent conflict into peaceful democracies. Moreover, he uses his teaching to diffuse ethnocentrism in susceptible societies. With such an extensive background in constitutional law, his publishing remains equally impressive. In fact, Sujit Choudhry has published dozens of articles, books, papers, and so forth.  Click on this for additional article.

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Orthopedic All-Stars – Greg Finch Brings Knowledgeable Service With A Smile

The human body is a complex system, one that relies on the synergy of muscle and bone to facilitate movement. Within this system are multiple opportunities for trauma, especially if you live an active lifestyle, though being a desk jockey comes with perils of its own. From knee repairs to rotator cuffs, carpal tunnel to ankle fractures, orthopedic doctors like Greg Finch are ready to help set things straight.


Knee arthroscopy is the most common procedure these specialists face, unsurprising given the strain put on even the average knee throughout one lifetime. In these procedures, a small camera known as an endoscope is used to observe the condition of the knee-joint and occasionally repair torn joint tissue or reveal issues not visible through other means.


Spend a lot of time at a computer? Ever felt the tinges of pain that indicate that a nasty case of carpal tunnel may be in your future? The science and medicine of orthopedics can bring you relief through a carpal tunnel release. This procedure is used in cases of advanced and complicated carpal tunnel where nothing else has brought release, and most who have the procedure done find themselves free from the symptoms of carpal tunnel from there on out.


In Queensland, there’s an expert in the field who has a reputation for both excellence in his field and a friendly bedside manner, Dr. Greg Finch. He believes that his patients have a right to know the important information about their procedure, and takes the time to explain thoroughly in approachable language. Greg Finch’s training at the Royal Australian college of surgeons specialist in spinal surgery, specifically in difficult adult deformities, cervical spine surgery, and disc replacement. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact Greg Finch’s office at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital for an appointment by dialing +61754447579.

Facilitating Sustainable Development Through Constitutional Law

Sustainable development is the development that takes places in the present without compromising the future development. The constitution of a country governs sustainable development. The governance of a country will cost the future and the present generation if it is irresponsible. The primary facilitator for the achievement of sustainable development is the constitution of the government. The constitution enables sustainable development by governing the present government. It controls the main activities of the government so that it does not interfere with the future opportunities of the generation. The exploitation of the country’s resources is helpful because it boosts the economy. Over-exploitation is not helpful because it depletes other resources. The constitution is an indicator of the extent to which a government can exploit its resources. The ability of the constitution to control the government at different levels is key to the development of a given nation in present time and the future.

Sujit Choudhry is a constitutional lawyer. He reviews and writes the different constitutions of different countries. Sujit Choudhry is a professor of constitutional law. He has a wealth of experience. This enables him to carefully analyze the constitutional design of country in order to change it from a dictatorship state to a democratic state. He also reviews different constitutions and enables sustainable development. He facilitates peace in violently torn areas. He is a popular leader in the industry. Sujit commands professional respect from various institutions. Click on crunchbase.com for an update of Sujit’s timeline activities.

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Sujit has worked in different schools of law to impact young lawyers with his expertise and skills. He uses these skills to mentor them and introduce them into constitutional law. It is a sensitive practice. He uses his network to enrich the young lawyers with various opportunities in constitutional law. Read blogs, visit Sujit on facebook.com.

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He has written numerous papers in line with constitutional law to add knowledge in constitutional law. He has been efficient in different international bodies that champion human right. He has worked with United Nations and World Vision to develop the constitutions of various countries and give constitutionally related solutions. He has reviewed different constitutions of various nations including Tunisia, Libya, and Texas.   With reference from blogs.law.nyu.edu.

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James Dondero Contributions towards Victims of Family Violence in Dallas

James Dondero and Highland Capital Management have devoted part of their money and time to philanthropy. On October 4th, 2016, Dondero who is the co-founder of the institution announced that they were awarding The Family Place a $ 1 million challenge grant. The money was meant to rally donors and well-wishers to contribute to the Legacy Campaign that sought a total of $ 2.8 million. The Family Place is an institution that supports people affected by violence in the household. The grant aimed at matching every dollar donated to the noble cause by a ratio of 50 percent up to $ 1 million.


By 7th October, The Family Place had received $ 200,000 in donations that got matched with half by Highland Capital Management charity wing. The family institution sought to collect $ 2.8 million that would enable it to reach the $ 16.5 million target. The pledge answered a call to help solve cases of family violence in Dallas. James Dondero said they were honored to partner with the community which rose to see the target attained in a year. The money contributed will construct a counselling center with 13 emergency shelter bedrooms. It will also incorporate a dental and medical clinic, a call center, and sections where the victims get training.


Statistics shows the center will provide a shelter space for over 2000 victims. Additionally, it will include animal shelter to take care of pets. The construction of this center contributes to saving lives, which otherwise would get lost due to family violence.


James Dondero brings over 30 years of experience in credit and equity market to Highland Management Capital. He is the co-founder and has instrumentally contributed to its growth. Currently, James Dondero lives in Dallas, Texas. Highland Capital specialized in the development of CLO and credit-oriented solutions for investors across the globe. Today, it prides itself with products like hedge funds, mutual funds, private equity funds among many others.


Besides Highland Capital, Dondero is the chairman at Cornerstone Healthcare and Nexbank. He is also a member of the board at American Banknote and MGM Studios. To top it off, James Dondero associates with several non-profit organizations. He contributes both his resources and time to the development of education, veteran affairs, and matters of public policy.

The Administrative Roles of Vincent Parascondola at AXA

AXA is a top multinational company that has been recognized over the years for the excellent insurance and finance solutions that it offers. Based in Paris, France, the corporation has been working to ensure that it manages to establish branches in different parts of the globe. It has been recognized as the leading insurance firm in the world, and its average growth rate has been about 14 percent for the past eight years. The company chose to be named AXA since the name could be easy to pronounce for people across the world. AXA is dedicated to ensuring that its clients have the sufficient knowledge to enable them to accomplish their investment and financial goals. The company also works to ensure that all its customers can plan for their future efficiently by guiding them on how they can attain financial stability.


The insurance firm was established in 1816, and it was called Mutuelle de L’assurance contre. It has been penetrating the market over the years and has been involved in a couple of mergers and acquisitions. The companies that AXA has absorbed include Sun Life & Provincial Holdings, Winterthur Group, Guardian Royal Exchange, and Equitable. The acquiring of these businesses greatly assisted the insurance firm to grow into different regions across the globe.


Vincent Parascandola is a reverend professional in finance and has been one of the senior employees at AXA for more than 17 years. The company has hired him to serve its New Jersey branch as the senior executive vice president. Mr. Parascandola is in charge of more than 225 professionals who work under him. The primary roles that he has been offered at the firm include productivity, expanding administration, sale, and retaining finance professionals.


Parascandola kicked off his profession in the finance world about two decades ago. His long service at AXA has enabled him to gain experience in the operations of the firm. Vincent’s career accomplishments have allowed him to be honored by the Master Agency Awards and Career Development Award. He is a knowledgeable person, and this has made him be one of the most sought after speakers.


Why Equities First- AU is a Great Choice For Any Business or High Net-Worth Individual When It Comes To Requesting a Loan

Equities First- AU is a capital lender that is offering opportunities of borrowing for both businesses and high net-worth individuals. It is highly recommended for both entities to ensure that they are conducting research on Equities First- AU, as they are providing lending solutions that may be optimal for exactly what they need.

Equities First- AU is a lender who understands that businesses need to obtain capital for many different purposes. Some businesses who apply for loans often need the capital just to simply sustain themselves as a business entity, whereas, other businesses strive to obtain loans so that they can invest in equipment/machinery, and other types of assets that can help them to achieve greater goals. Whichever your case of obtaining a loan may be, it may be of great value for you to know that Equities First- AU is a wonderful solution to your lending needs.

Equities First- AU does not limit their capital lending solutions solely to businesses. They’re also offering capital loan opportunities for high net-worth individuals. Surprisingly, high net-worth individuals are a group of people that often have difficulties with obtaining loans. This is often greatly due to them wanting to obtain loans for non-purposes, meaning, they may want to obtain loans to go on vacations, or spend the capital on leisurely types of items. Equities First- AU is still willing to work with such groups of people in the aspect of providing capital under loan terms, as they’re well aware that they are a group of people who are probably some of the most capable of paying off their loans with no problems. In other words, they are most likely able to pay back the loans within the term periods of the contracts that they sign during their loan requests. Please feel free to speak to a representative of Equities First today!

Dr. Andrew Manganaro’s Selfless Contribution in Cardiovascular and Life Line Screening

Dr. Andrew Manganaro attributes his successful yet eventful medical career to his persistence and hard work. He has a pool of medical knowledge obtained from; Phil Beta Kappa where he did Philosophy and Biology and an M.D from New York University. His residency and chief residency in general surgery was done at New York University and Bellevue Hospital Medical Center. It is at the UCLA School of Medicine, where he was attached in research gave him zeal for cardiovascular physiology.

He later on specialized in cardiothoracic and vascular surgery at the University of Rochester from which he received an accreditation in Thoracic surgery. His extensive years of practice in cardiac, thoracic and vascular surgery, made him realize that some fatal cases he had dealt with should there have been prior knowledge of these asymptomatic diseases. Life line screening came about to help make treatment easier and more safe.

Life Line Screening is all about offering preventative screening to patient who are asymptomatic and are likely to suffer cardiovascular diseases. In assessing suitability for screening medical experts do non-invasive ultrasound scans on the carotid arteries and abdominal aorta to rule out presence of peripheral vascular disease. In addition, Life Line Screening conducts a gamut of blood tests closely linked to cardiovascular and related abnormalities. It uses marketing campaigns, their database and publication to reach out to the community. Dr. Andrew Manganaro is actively involved in supervising the board of physicians who make decision on such ultra sounds and marketing and is has the role of quality assurance. Currently he is the Chief Medical Officer and National Medical Director at Life Line Screening and chair a panel of Scientific Advisory Network.

About Life Line Screening

Life Line Screening was established in 1993 in the United States of America to help make early detection of cardiovascular problems for easier management and to improve the life of the patients. They carry out community-based outreach screening to reach out to the general populace in the hood. Life Line Screening offers the following tests: osteoporosis screening, abdominal aortic aneurysm screens, atria fibrillation screening, heart and diabetes screening among others. Life Line Screening is committed to creating awareness, prevention of diseases and makes continuous innovation in medicine.

Omar Yunes business life

Omar Yunes is a household name in the corporate world. He has been able to excel in his career over the years. Due to that Omar has received a good number of awards. In the recent past Omar was awarded best Franchisee of the World (BFW). Keeping in mind he was competing with a big number of people who have been in this segment for a longer time, this is a major achievement.

There are a wide range of parameters which were being used to come up with the most suitable person. He performed well in all the sectors thus topping the all team. His contribution in change of management and enforcement of regulations was also recognized.

After receiving his award Omar was very grateful of his team which played a key role in facilitating the excellent performance. He also highlighted a number of things he is planning to execute in the near future so as to record good performance in other awards. The event was attend by many stakeholders of that sector from different parts of the globe. This created a good platform in which people could network with other persons with the same interest. Besides from that, the stakeholders shared crucial information which will help them make the segment more profitable and attractive to investors in the coming days.

Omar started his hospitality career at a tender age of 21. He first became a franchisee of Japanese food chain which was opening in Mexico. Over the years he has been growing and evolving along the industry. By doing that he has been able to meet the changing demands of customer by opening his own line which has 13 units in different parts of Mexico.

Unlike other people who were competing for the same award, Omar had an amazing performance in his career. Apart from starting his job in a very young age he has been able to work along many multinational firms which are performing well by simply meeting the many needs of customers. By working along such firms, Omar understood the hospitality industry even well in the global level.