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George Soros Proves He Can Share The Wealth Because He Cares

The Hungarian-American investor, the philanthropist, an author, a business magnate earned his bachelors degree from the London School of Economics en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros while he held jobs as a waiter and a railway porter. He then earned his www.Forbes.com Masters in Philosophy. He was born in Budapest and survived the Nazi Germany occupation of Hungary emigrated to England in 1947.

He launched his first foundation in Hungary in 1984 and launched The Open Society Foundations in the United States in 1993. He shared $14 Billion of his wealth to fund a host of programs around the world, including Refugee Relief Public Health efforts.

In 2014, the Open Society Foundation donated $1.4 million to help pass California’s Proposition 47, to add minor theft charges and reduced drug possession to misdemeanors. He decided to rally behind the Black Lives Matter movement, Planned Parenthood, and Criminal Justice movements.

In 2017 his net worth was recorded as $25.2 Billion and he shared $18 Billion with The Open Society en.wikipedia.org/wiki/George_Soros.

George Soros is the founder of The Open Society Foundations and holds second place as one of the worlds’ largest foundations. Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation has the number one spot. Their 2017 budget of $941 million covered the Human Rights Movements, Early Childhood, and Education or Justice Reform.

He held the position of Hedge Fund Manager www.forbes.com in New York from 1969 until 2011. He is the Chairman of The Soros Fund Management LLC has at least $26 Billion in assets.

The Open Society Foundations supports and donated $18 Billion in funds to the Asia to provide medical supplies, food and shelter and will donate another $2 Billion in the near future and George Soros’s lacrosse camp.

His organizations’ donation helps to protect the democracy, human rights and justice in the Asian country.

Because of his steadfast efforts for Justice concerning the fate of a woman’s daughter, was discovered. The soldiers-turned-into-kidnappers were located and three of them were convicted after a ten-year battle brought the atrocity to the publics attention.

George wants Human Rights respected everywhere so the donations are spread around the globe through the Open Society Foundations.People have the right to have clean water for bathing, fishing, farming, and drinking and Follow him Twitter.com.

The World Resources Institute demands that governments should make the public aware when the water is a danger to the community’s health. Thailand has Petrochemical Plants, Gold Mining companies, and Paper Mills in Indonesia that pollute the water. The people have the right to question  the actions of the Private companies and their government and more information click here.

More Visit: https://www.cnbc.com/2017/10/17/philanthropist-george-soros-donates-most-of-his-net-worth-to-charity.html

Things You Need to Know about Matt Badiali

     Matt Badiali ranks among the most prolific and highly skilled natural resource experts in the investment industry. Matt is a trained geologist and perceived his bachelor’s degree in earth science at the Penn State University and later undertook his masters in geology from Florida Atlantic University. He has a lot of knowledge how in the field of natural resources and has contributed to many media platforms by publishing. Matt has shared his extensive knowledge with his readers concerning natural resources and give them advice on how to take care of them. His impeccable skills in both writing and the natural resources field has impressed many people.

Matt started his career at Stansberry research, where he worked with other writers for about eleven years. He has grown his skills in the field and learned a lot concerning natural resources. The Stansberry Company was also focused on offering people with financial advice on natural resources and equipped them with ways on how they can use them to improve their lives. Matt focuses on helping people to grow and gain profits through their wealth and has received a lot of accreditation for his exceptional contributions to the prestigious financial platforms. Matt has a high dedication towards helping his readers identify ways in which they can grow their wealth and protect it for the future.

Matt has seen the firm grow its subscribers to a high number and this has impressed many people. Due to his high spirit and dedication towards helping people, he has got an opportunity to travel to many places across the country. Hong Kong, Singapore, Guinea, Switzerland, and many other countries are among those that Matt has visited to conduct his mission of informing people and offering them with his insight concerning natural resources, their importance, as well as ways in which people can protect them. He has had an excellent opportunity to visit a vast number of mines as well as oil wells with the aim of interrogating and mingling with prestigious chief executive officers to know.He has critically analyzed all types’ geological data and elaborated many emerging issues in the field of natural resources. Through his expertise, Matt has also helped people make triple as well as quadruple figures in a single month of operating their natural resource businesses. He has also conducted some interviews with prestigious personnel with the aim of acquiring ideas from them and in turn, share them with his readers.

EOS Lip Balm reviews overwhelmingly positive

EOS Lip Balm is my favorite lip balm, and pretty much the only brand I use. I love both Vanilla Mint and Strawberry Sorbet, click here. My favorite thing about my EOS Lip Balm is the ease of use, and that these lip balms are not greasy like some others. While those are my two favorite flavors, I am really not too picky about my EOS Lip Balm and I just tried both of the new vegan Crystal lip balms. Both of them were great! EOS has introduced Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach as the two vegan lip balms. EOS Lip Balm has always been made from all natural and organic ingredients, and this is another way they are helping their loyal customers embrace their core values and beliefs. While the company will continue to make all of their non-vegan lip balms, they will also offer these wax free selections, see it here on makeupalley.com. Everyone will have an EOS lip balm they love!

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EOS Lip Balm is a giant in the lip balm and oral care industry. The lip balms come in bright, colorful orb shaped packages that are easy to grasp and hold. The fun flavors and attractive packaging have helped the brand to surpass two traditional industry leaders, Blistex and Chapstick. Today, EOS Lip Balm is the second highest selling lip balm in the country.

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Penn West Restructures And Changes Name To Obsidian Energy

On June 26th, 2017, Penn West Petroleum Limited turned on a new leaf by formally changing its name to Obsidian Energy. This move came after 92 percent of the shareholders voted in favor of the same. The change of name for the oil and natural gas production company based in Calgary, Alberta, didn’t just happen. The shift comes after the company survived a commodity price crash, four years of high debts and an accounting scandal which resulted in operational and financial difficulties. These necessitated a change to give the company a new face.


In July 2014, Chief Financial Officer David Dyck discovered irregularities at Penn West and reported that nearly $300 million in expenses had been miss-classified. The error forced the company to restate its financial reports for 2012, 2013 and the first months of 2014. As a result, there were class-action lawsuits in the United States and accounting irregularity related lawsuits in Canada.


Obsidian embarked on asset sales after the scandal, which helped to reduce the net debt from three billion dollars to $384 million. Starting late 2012 to June 2014, the company had reduced its workforce by almost 50 percent. In a bid to cut further on expenses, Penn West also decreased its employees from 1,415 to 407 at the end of 2016. Its production was reduced from 135, 000 barrels to 28, 000. There was a suspension of dividends payment and compensation for the board of directors cut. Refer to This Page.


Obsidian Energy has its oil and gas fields in Alberta in a region known as one of the largest petroleum reserves in the globe. Its three main areas of production are Alberta Viking, Peace River oil sands, and the Pembina Cardium. The intermediate-sized oil and gas production company now has a well- balanced portfolio with an estimated production of 30,000 barrel of oil equivalent per day (BOE/D).


As currently constituted, the organization is now leaner and has resolved to be accountable to its partners, the shareholders, and the communities in which it is based. It plans to pursue growth within the next three years through a modest budget that is commensurate with the price of gas and oil.


See: https://beta.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/industry-news/energy-and-resources/penn-west-shareholders-approve-name-change-to-obsidian-energy/article35463586/?ref=http://www.theglobeandmail.com&

An Overview Of Gregory James Aziz and His Achievements

Gregory J Aziz is the CEO, president, and chairman of National Steel Car. The company is based in Hamilton, Ontario and is renowned internationally as a leader in the manufacture of railroad freight cars. Aziz earned his first degree, in economics, at the University of Western Ontario. In 1971, he got a job at the family owned Affiliated Foods. Almost two decades later, the company had become a worldwide importer of major wholesale fresh food markets throughout Eastern Canada, Europe, and the United States.


Early career

From the late 80’s to early 90’s, Greg Aziz was looking at investment banking opportunities in New York. He managed to purchase National Steel Car in 1994. His goal was to create a global leader in freight car manufacturing using the formally great Canadian company. Gregory James Aziz emphasized strong team building and engineering capabilities at National Steel car. By 1999, he had increased annual production to 12,000 cars up from 3,500 cars, and hired 2,400 workers. The company’s manufacturing excellence, engineering, and innovation led to its getting the vote for highest quality railroad cars in North America for 18 years in a row.

Community development and philanthropy

James Aziz is committed to the Hamilton, Ontario community. As the company’s fortunes improved, he has generously given to the community. For example, National Steel Car is responsible for sponsoring a variety of charitable and social organizations. They include the United Way, Salvation Army, Theatre Aquarius, Hamilton Opera, and many other local charities. Every year there is a Christmas party for past and current employees of National Steel Car. The employees take part in major food drives for food banks which are organized by the company.


Gregory J. Aziz and his wife, Irene, are sponsors of Royal Agricultural Winter Fair. It is known as the most prominent Canadian agricultural fair. For more than two decades Greg Aziz has strived to transform National Steel Car into a company known for producing the most innovative, highest quality railroad freight car in North America. The company’s and Aziz’s success is a direct result of his attention to detail, understanding of business administration, and his vision. He is currently one of Ontario’s most successful business executives as a result of his commitment to the community, his company, and his staff. Check Out This Article.

New Obsidian Energy Company; A New Chapter for Canadian Petroleum Industry

Perhaps only one thing has been certain in the petroleum industry in recent years: That things will change. A decade of volatile markets, the rise of alternative energy sources, competition and a number of other global factors continue to transform the very fabric of the world’s energy sector.


Rising out of the ashes of a constantly shifting landscape is Obsidian Energy Ltd. of Calgary, Alberta. The company was formerly Penn West Exploration Ltd. Restructuring and resizing of the company resulted in the name change which went into effect June 2017.


Obsidian’s Energy owns assets in Alberta along the Western Canadian Sedimentary basin where some of the largest known petroleum reserves are located. Developing these resources is expected to put Obsidian Energy on track to produce about 31,000 bbl. per day.


Industry analyst say that Obsidian Energy is a company that has reacted to a changing energy sector not just by downsizing, but by transforming itself from the ground up. Today Obsidian stands as a strong, leaner company with a nimbler corporate culture and increased ability to react to shifting world demand for energy.


That’s part of the reason the new company chose to put “Obsidian” in its name. Obsidian Energy CEO David French explained that obsidian is a form of volcanic glass that can be “shaped, sharpened and honed” to meet specific needs. See This Page for More Info.


Mr. French joined Obsidian Energy in October of 2016. He is the former President and CEO of Bankers Petroleum Ltd., also a Calgary-based company. He is joined at Obsidian by David Hendry who will serves as chief financial officer and Tony Berthelet, Vice President of Development & Operations. The team is rounded out by Andrew Sweerts, Vice President, Production & Technical Services and Mark Hodgson, Vice President, Business Development & Commercial.


In addition to producing positive returns for shareholders, the new Obsidian Energy philosophy displays a strong push toward responsible environmental operation. The company will extract and process petroleum in the Western Canada region leaving behind the smallest footprint possible – including superior site abandonment and reclamation practices.


Obsidian Energy looks forward to a bright future in energy development.

The Canadian Pride, National Steel Car, Under Gregory Aziz

National Steel Car is a Canadian company that manufactures and engineers railroad freight cars. It is the leading freighter company in North America. The company has had over 100 years of providing quality services to the people of Hamilton, where its headquarters is situated. However, since its formation, it has expanded its areas of reach to the rest of the world. Currently, National Steel Car is one of the leading freight car engineering companies around the globe.


The success and prominence of National Steel Car are credited to its CEO and president, Gregory Aziz. James Aziz purchased National Steel Car from Dofasco in 1994 and has led and managed it expertly, knowing what the company needed and ensuring that its production rate rose each year.


1Greg Aziz influence on NSC was first seen in 1996 when the company won the TTX SECO award. The annual award became the company’s pride for more than ten years, as it won it consistently year after another. In 1999, NSC had made a record of its own by increasing the employment rate tremendously.


This consequently led to the increase in the production rate, by more than four times. These changes deserved an award, and NSC got the ISO Certification, 9001:2008. The company set another fantastic record for itself by being the first railcar company in North America to be certified ISO.


Gregory James Aziz was born in April 1949 in Ontario. He went to both Ridley College and the University of Western Ontario. Greg Aziz majored in economics while at the University of Western Ontario. He worked with Affiliated Foods in 1971 after his time at the university.


Between the late 1980s and early 1990s, Gregory J Aziz was in New York where he pursued investment banking. This, he was able to work with because of his educational background in Economics. Greg then became the CEO of National Steel Car in 1994.


His management has seen great changes to the company. It not only manufactures freight cars but also serves and supports the people of Hamilton and beyond. National Steel Car funds activities and charitable organizations in Canada. The company also employs a lot of workers each year. NSC holds a Christmas party every year, to celebrate its achievements and bring people together. The invites are normally both current and former employees. Greg Aziz is married to Irene, and they reside in Ontario. Greg James Aziz and his wife fund fairs and activities in Canada. Go Here To Learn More.


The Incredible Revolution in the Finance Sector

NexBank is a financial institution that offers loaning abilities that help the new businesses to develop and be successful. It allows clients to understand terms and requirements regarding the finance system. NexBank also provides financial support to the companies that need to capitalize on their opportunities to enhance stability, growth and positive results. Moreover, NexBank works with various financial institutions so that they can meet their ultimate goals. For instance, it offers services such as revolving lines of credit, holding the company term loans and much more.

NexBank also works with the real estate agencies in the industry. They offer management services, boost property values by improving tenant’s experience, minimizing operation costs and increase effectiveness. This has moreover contributed to the massive success of the real estate and other corporate businesses. Not only does NexBank offer services such loans and helps real properties, but also offers mortgage banking, commercial banking to both the institutional and large corporations in the industry.

NexBank following the vast services it offers, it is branded as the leading financial organization in Dallas Texas. The financial institution is however managed by a team of professionals who have been in the industry for a while. The group consists of six members of which Mr. John Holt is the leading as the chairman chief executive officer of the organization. Teamwork, creativity, and innovation have led the team to bring back success to the NexBank and also administer growth and extend the services it offers.

The company NexBank has more than six billion assets as a result of the functions and services it offers to its clients. The Best management services offered by this company has also led to the massive production of profits. NexBank provides depository services that help clients to manage their cash flow. Following the excellent administration of NexBank, the company has achieved to grow to an international level whereby top financial investors invest their money as a long-term goal. The company has also had a significant impact on the economy of the Dallas Texas state and also united states as a country. Based on the hard work of the team in Nexbank and the amazing management, it has managed to be a leader in impacting on the financial domain.

EOS Lip Balm Offers Smooth Lips Through Natural Ingredients

EOS lip balm jetted into the oral care industry when there was hardly a trusted brand in the first place. There was a buzz about this new brand that vastly took over the older, conventional Chapstick brand. EOS was purchased by celebrities and shortly, news headlines on fashion show were graced by this beautiful brand. The founders of this brand have also been a name for themselves thanks to the availability of many flavors.


Profile of marketing

The introduction of EOS has been satisfying to many clients who rely on lip balm. These clients have given positive reviews in regards to having used the brand. To most of the clients, it has been about the healthy ingredients. Here are a few flavors of EOS lip balm and how beneficial they have been to users:

Vegan Crystal Flavors- this brand of EOS lip balm has vastly been selling out because it has a vegan ingredient. This has been a major selling brand for EOS thanks to the positive reviews given by the pioneer users. It is appealing to most clients.

Raspberry- this flavor is breath taking as it also has a beautiful package that every girl wants to own in her cosmetics bag. Being evolution smooth comes with healthy ingredients as well. This flavor contains no paraben. Perhaps, that is the selling point for EOS. Check out also this related site, imabeautygeek.com.

Lemon drop- just like the name suggests, lemon drop lip balm contains traces of lemon. As a natural ingredient in the composition, it can be used by people who want to achieve evened up lips. This flavor is also paraben free, a feature that makes it a winner so check this out.

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EOS lip balm can be trusted to deliver excellent textures on lips. The brand has been endorsed by celebrities and is dermatology tested. It is, therefore, trusted to deliver beyond client’s expectations.

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As Luiz Carlos Trabuco’s tenure extension runs out, replacement in doubt

Luiz Carlos Trabuco, the CEO of Bradesco who was responsible for one of the greatest coups in Brazilian business history, has announced that he will soon step down from his role as CEO as his tenure extension runs out. The inveterate banker, who, in 2015, completed the acquisition of HSBC Brazil for $5.2 billion in cash, the largest transaction in Brazilian corporate history, has stated that he will leave his role as CEO with the bank by no later than March 1 of 2018.

End of an era

Trabuco’s departure will mark the end of a tumultuous yet fascinating era for the bank. Stepping aside at the same time will be Lazaro Brandao, one of the oldest active executives in Latin America and among the most respected economists in Brazil. Brandao, 91, has stated that the reasons for his departure are to ensure continuity of operations of the bank and allow for the ascendance of some of the younger executives into the role of CEO. Brandao has said that his decision to retire was completely his own and he was not approached by any members of the board to do so.

Having worked at the bank for an incredible 75 years, Brandao got his first position with Bradesco at the age of 16, in 1943, the year the company was founded. He held the position of chairman of the board since 1990 and had served as CEO of the firm between 1981 and 1999. Aside from Trabuco himself, Brandao was one of the people most responsible for the rocket-like growth of the firm between the early 1980s and late 2000s.http://ultimosegundo.ig.com.br/os-60-mais-poderosos/luiz-carlos-trabuco/52382e759cd61ea113000004.html

Who will replace Trabuco?

Bradesco’s corporate bylaws state that Trabuco will be the one solely responsible for choosing his replacement. Although Trabuco has been coy about who is likely to follow in his footsteps, observers say that the most likely candidates are Mauricio Minas and Alexandre Gluher. Although the latter has quite a bit more seniority, the smart money seems to be on Minas as being appointed successor to Trabuco.

Minas, a 58 year old IT executive with the firm, has worked for Bradesco for decades. He has been the one who has overseen the technological integration of all of HSBC Brazil’s systems with those of Bradesco. He was also responsible for the Next platform, an internet banking product that eventually was spun off into its own company. The Next platform has widely been credited with saving Bradesco during its troubles throughout the 2010s, giving it a crucial competitive edge among tech-savvy banking clients, who previously had few options for quick, mobile banking applications.

Trabuco will still be a power player

Many experts say that, while Trabuco will no longer be acting in a strictly executive role, he will still exert a tremendous amount of influence. Moreover, the position that he was able to put Bradesco in with the acquisition of HSBC has positioned the bank so favorably that whoever replaces him will have a job that is considerably automatic.

However, despite what many critics were saying about Trabuco during the tough times of the early 2010s, he has been a huge influence over the bank and its strategic path. He will likely continue as a guiding force for the bank in the years to come, when the biggest question may be to what extent Bradesco can completely corner the Brazilian banking and finance market, creating a soft monopoly that could prove to be a huge boon for investors.

While the departure of both Trabuco and Brandao from their respective old jobs marks the end of an era for Bradesco, the new era may be its best yet.