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The Views Of Louis Chenevert On Investing

The former CEO of United Technologies Corporation was Louis Chenevert. He had certain views about investing which still stand strong.

Louis Chenevert believed that the effectiveness of a CEO is to leave the company better than how they had attained it. The only way to do so is by investing in innovation as well as in people.

He stated that the requirement for results in the short term will always be there. But the CEO must always keep the long term in mind. This is the reason why United Technologies Corporation has continuously invested in technology as well as in people. He knows that the decisions being made today will determine the success being achieved in the future.

The Pratt & Whitney Geared Turbofan engine required an investment of 20 years along with $10 billion for designing and developing it. This is a jet engine that can change the entire industry. It can reduce fuel burning by 16%, and emissions by 50%. The noise footprint will be reduced by 75%. This GTF is being commercially used since last year. Now it is being flown on 72 aircraft being flown by 14 airlines.

Louis Chenevert has willingness as well as the commitment to investing in such technologies that will drive future growth. These investments will support the economy as well as manufacturing jobs in the US.

The factories manufacturing Pratt & Whitney are all across the country. These include Connecticut, Florida, besides Georgia, Maine, as well as New York along with Michigan. The supply chain is touching nearly each state in the U.S. These factories are producing parts or assembling or testing the GTF engine. The company continues investing in the technology. Besides, it is also investing $1.3 billion in the manufacturing and service centers based in the US in order to meet the needs of their current and prospective customers.

This would also mean an enhanced need for investing in the next generation. It is estimated that over the next few years, United Technologies Corporation will be hiring around 25,000 people. This would have 5,000 new positions that would support the growth of the innovation platforms.

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The Evolution of Smooth Keeps People Excited About Lip Balm

The lip balm industry is giving people a lot to think about when it comes to lip balm flavors. More people are interested in the lip balm that is sold through this company. There is a social media presence for the Evolution of Smooth that has allowed people to see as many as 7 million followers.

The bountiful colors give people access to whole new world of lip balm that comes in sphere-shaped containers. There have been some limited edition products for Disney themed products from the Evolution of Smooth that have made many teens look at this company. The thing that has made people appreciate EOS is the beauty blogger fan base of people who are reviewing products. There are celebrities that are using the products. It is being discussed on Instagram and YouTube. There are all types of media outlets that have made the EOS Lip Balm a household name. This social media presence has allowed people to discover this brand.

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Many people may have never thought that they would see this, but the Evolution of Smooth has become the type of company that has overshadowed lip balm powerhouse Chapstick. This is an amazing development in the lip balm industry. EOS has reached a whole lot of women that are interested in this product. The fact that celebrities are using this makes it easier for more people to discover this product, head over to this site.

These products are being used for events like weddings as part of the decoration. The sphere-shaped containers are also being used by people that are decorating for baby showers. The colorful styles are a conversation piece. The EOS lip balm flavors are also something to talk about. All of this makes EOS the company that bypasses Blistex and Chapstick. This company is now leading the way in lip balm sales.

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Omar Yunes: Award Winning Franchisee

Franchising has been a growing business in Mexico, and Mexican franchisers have been recognized around the world. The latest recognition was given to Omar Yunes, who bagged the prestigious Best Franchisee of the World award. He received the award at a ceremony held in the historic city of Florence in Italy. Initially, a competition was held in the same city, and there were a set of judges who looked into his franchise and decided that he deserves the award for getting the highest mark in all fields that they are looking into. Omar Yunes is the franchisee of Sushi Itto, a Japanese themed restaurant offering Japanese cuisine. He was given the award because of his significant contribution on making it grow. He started to franchise Sushi Itto at a very young age of 21, and since then, Omar Yunes managed to save enough money to open another 13 branches all throughout Mexico. Combined, his franchises represent 10% of the total units of Sushi Itto, and Omar Yunes is very thankful of the award that he received, but later emphasized that it is his employees to deserve to get the recognition because the restaurants would not be successful if not for them. He has a network of 400 employees scattered on his stores around Mexico, and they have been working hard to provide delicious food and excellent customer service to their customers.


34 countries attended the event, battling to be recognized as the Best Franchisee of the World, but Omar Yunes stood out among the rest. What happens during the competition is that judges would strictly evaluate how a certain franchise is affecting the brand as a whole. The criterias are influence, knowledge contribution, sales and savings, employee motivation, and business model. Omar Yunes managed to hit all of this criteria, and he had the highest mark out of all who competed. The organizers of the event also pointed out how Omar Yunes has been an important factor in his franchise – being someone who has strong relationship with the employees; being able to make the brand known in his locality; being able to bring the idea of Japanese cuisine to another culture; and being able to generate the most profit. The CEO of Sushi Itto, Benjamin Cancelmo, has expressed his gratitude and thanked Omar Yunes for his contribution on the restaurant’s growth. He has stated that they will keep working with Omar Yunes in order to provide the best Japanese food in Mexico, completed with hospitality and excellent service towards their customers.

Eric Lefkofsky: Creating a Cancer Genomic Database

Creation of a cancer genomic database is a revolutionary idea that Eric Lefkofsky has dedicated significant amount of resources towards its success. The serial investor is driven by the belief that such a database will facilitate deeper understanding cancer as doctors will be able to compare the DNA of their cancer patients. Ultimately, the database will be crucial in developing effective cancer management practices for cancer patients. However, the greatest potential that an extensive cancer genomic database comprising of DNA samples of cancer patients is the development of customized cancer therapies and cures for cancer patients. This will translate to longer lives and high quality of life despite suffering from cancer.

To achieve this goal, Eric Lefkofsky cofounded Tempus together with his longtime business partner Brad Keywell. The technology startup will take advantage of the current advanced technologies to screen cancer patients and store their genomic data after sequencing for further processing and consumption within the oncology community. Towards this end, Tempus has already partnered with various hospitals constructed a 20,000 –square-foot lab. Additionally, the company has hired some of the best research scientists including the renowned geneticist, Kevin White. Tempus has also developed as a gene sequence comparison software to facilitate success of the new initiative.

Education Background and Skillset

Eric Lefkofsky is a multitalented serial investor with strong academic background complemented by a plethora of skills. Between 1987 and 1991, he studied for his undergraduate degree at the University of Maryland. After graduating top of his class, he furthered his education with a Juris Doctor degree at the University of Michigan Law School between 1991 and 1994. The founder of numerous startups in various industries including financial services and investment industries is highly skilled in entrepreneurship.

The Groupon and MediaBank cofounder also has excellent new business development and startup skills, which have been integral in his successful cofounding several startups such as Uptake is a specialist in business development, online marketing and advertising, and venture capital. His successes in the technology industry including the successful launch of Tempus, Inc. are hinged on his strategic vision, technological innovation and computational biology skills.

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The Accomplishment of Tony Petrello

Tony Petrello works at Nabors Industries. He is among the top leaders of the organization. This company delivers the best services thus it is among the best organizations in the US. Nabors Industries supplies the top offshore drilling rigs globally. Other than that it also delivers the biggest land-based drilling amenities. The reason as to why Nabors Industries is among the best is due to the following services; presentation equipment, inventive technologies, and directional drilling equipment. The staff members are also hard working people who have kept the company successful.

Every year Tony Petrello has a financial compensation. His 2016 financial compensation statement read as follows; the total amount was $1,342,206. He got a full amount that added up to $27,512,939 million. The amount was then broken into the following; his salary was $1,580,077, his bonus amount added up to $7,727,000 million and his stock money was $16,863,656.

Tony joined Nabors Industries in 1991. First of all, he was the executive chairman as well as the board member of directors. After a few years, he was appointed chief operating officer which then led him to be the president of the company. He worked effortlessly and used his skills wisely and as a result, he emerged as the CEO of Nabors Industries.

Tony is in charge of strategic arrangements of the organization. He previously worked at Baker and McKenzie law firm before joining Nabors Industries. At the Law Firms, Tony Petrello had a chance of working in New York City where one of the branches of the firm was located.

Tony Petrello takes care of strategic procedures at the firm. Before working with Nabors Industries, Tony Petrello was part of other companies including Baker and McKenzie law firm. Tony achieved a J.D Degree from Harvard Law School and a B.S from Yale University in mathematics.

For Troy McQuagge: People Are His Business

People-person is a great description on your resume, but for US Healthcare CEO Troy McQuagge, it just might be his calling card. The awards continue to roll in for this “Man with a Plan.”


Health Care for All


Some are arguing that health care is a right for all citizens of Planet Earth. How can you argue with that? Medicine is a requirement and doctors are some of the most esteemed professionals in the world.


The United Health Group, headquartered in Minnetonka, Minnesota was ranked as #6 in the 2017 Fortune 500. This is the #1 health insurer in the United States. Started in 1974, the company had 2016 revenue of $184.8 billion dollars and profits of $7.0 billion dollars.


The United Health Group provides pharmacy services and prescription drugs to its members. It has about 230,000 employees.


CEO Troy McQuagge Impresses All


For more than three decades, Mr. Troy McQuagge has been discovering the best ways to promote, market and deliver health care to the masses. Finally, he is being rewarded for his diligence as the recipient of the Gold One Planet Award for “CEO of the Year.” Mr. Troy McQuagge has gradually developed his experience in the insurance industry. He joined US Health Advisors in July 2010.


McQuagge Proprietary Agency Platform


Effective February 1, 2014, Mr. Troy McQuagge was promoted to President of the US Health Group, partially due to his potent, proprietary Agency Platform. US Health Group Chairman Ben Cutler had said, “Troy brings a vast amount of insurance industry experience on both the sales and administrative side.” Under his direction, US Health Advisors, enjoyed growth rates of 500% from 2010 to 2014.


The awards keep on piling up for Mr. McQuagge and the US Health Group: “Most Innovative CEO of the Year,” “Field Sales Team of the Year” and “Company of the Year, Insurance.” What else is left for the company to earn? A Super Bowl Ring?


Well, the 2018 Super Bowl is in Minneapolis, so maybe the US Health Group can add that award to its trophy case too. “People are the Business” of US Health Group CEO Troy McQuagge. The Super Bowl will have plenty of people watching, so maybe Mr. McQuagge will rock that event too! Watch the half time show and don’t say, we didn’t warn you.

Jason Hope: A Tech Futurist with Deep Industry Knowledge

Jason Hope is a tech futurist with deep industry knowledge. He is strongly convicted that the Internet of Things (IoT) is the new frontier of technological experience. He notes that it forms a platform where an increasing number of devices will be interconnected in the near future. The Scottsdale, Arizona-based serial investor in the technology industry recently provided a list of new and interesting gadgets that men can connect via the Internet of Things in 2017. He believes that men can connect their SpeedForm Gemini 2 to the IoT. The athletic shoes developed by Under Armour are fitted with a fitness tracker technology that can monitor lap slit times, time and distance covered. Mr. Hope also believes Smart Ice Cubes can come in handy for those who like going out for a few drinks. The device will notify a designated driver or friend in case the wearer exceeds the preset alcohol limit.

Others include Appliance Controlling Apps, which are capable of controlling almost all devices and appliances in the house including the heating, alarm and lighting systems. Jason Hope also believes that men will find Smart Earbuds appealing as they read the mood of the wearer and play a corresponding tune. He also included a Smart Product Purchases and Smart Sprinkler Controller to his list of practical and amazing gadgets.

Jason Hope’s Profile

Jason Hope is a highly experienced entrepreneur with special interest in the mobile technology industry. He is an alumnus of Arizona State University where he studied for his two degrees. He first graduated from the university with a Bachelor of Science degree in Finance before rejoining the university’s W.P. Carey School of Business for his Master of Business Administration degree studies.

With over thirteen years experience as an investor in the industry, Jason Hope’s industry knowledge is unrivalled. This has made him a leading authority on some of the futurist technologies that are emerging on the fore over the last few years including the Internet of Things. He believes the Internet of Things is the future of modern life. He is also actively engaged in philanthropy. The millions of dollars he has donated have greatly helped SENS Foundation’s anti-aging research while many youths from his local community has benefitted from his mentorship program.

Facebook: Facebook.com/public/Jason-Hope

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America Help Patients Recover and Move on with Their Lives

The Cancer Treatment Centers of America has partnered with Allscripts and NantHealth to implement a custom technical program that will help doctors and physicians process their workflow in an effective manner that allows hundreds of oncologists across the US to share a comprehensive data of work that helps treat patients in a better manner. Doctors and physicians can load patient treatments, symptoms, and issues unanimously into the program and the results that were reported by the treatments to help each other provide the best care to their patients. It is hoped that this collaboration makes the treatment of patients easier and more effective as a complete model is building the new model of patient-centered care.

At the Cancer Treatment Centers of America, there are professionals that help treat various cancer conditions 24/7. Virtually every type of cancer someone could get is treated at the Cancer Treatment Center of America and they have hospitals spanning the country from Atlanta to Chicago to Tulsa to Phoenix and back to name a few. The Cancer Treatment Center of America’s goal is to help treat the patient in the best way possible for their type of cancer and the condition that they are in when they begin treatment. If life-saving treatment is not yet available the goal is to give that person the best qualify of life for as long as possible.

The Cancer Treatment Center of America also strives to help provide better technology and future treatments to help more and more cancer patients survive their cancer and get back to living their lives. The kind and compassionate care help the patient feel more at home and relaxed during treatments that are otherwise often unpleasant and sometimes downright miserable. The staff support the patient and develop a caring relationship to help see the patient and their family/loved ones through even their darkest times to get out on the other side stronger than before.

The Brilliant Eva Moskowitz of Success Academy

Eva Moskowitz is the CEO and founder of the best performing largest public charter school in New York, Success Academy Charter schools. Success Academy was founded in 2006, but today, it has a total of forty-six schools and has created employment for over one hundred teachers who are employed in the school. Eva Moskowitz has been a leader in education reform by offering parents an alternative to nonperforming schools, helping several children achieve their full academic potential.


Eva Moskowitz has served as the chair of the Education Committee of New York city council from 1999 to 2005 as well as the Faculty Seminar in American Studies chair from 1996 to 1999 at the Columbia University in New York City.


Eva Moskowitz recently communicated that success Academy is launching an online educational institute that will share a curriculum on professional development. Eva says that the main goal is to improve the American education system and to establish schools of high performance. The online platform is meant to market the school beyond New York even though there are currently no plans for expanding the school beyond New York. The school has developed a free portal that offers access to the teacher development strategies and school curriculum strategies that are implemented in Success Academy charter of schools.


According to Eva, the platform will offer a solution to the many students who are in schools that do not give them an opportunity to learn how to read and write at a basic level and to learn science and mathematical equations. This strategy is just one of the first steps of the country’s effort towards introducing all teachers in the country to the Success Academy mantra. Eva Moskowitz says that they are focusing on improving literacy and that is the primary purpose of the new website. Success Academy is certainly on the right track under Eva Moskowitz’s leadership.



Reviews of Dr. Walden as successful plastic surgeon

Jennifer Walden is a successful plastic surgeon who has helped countless people get everything that they have ever needed to look their best. She has been practicing the industry of plastic surgery for about eight years now, and she has created all kinds of success stories over the years. She offers things like eyelid lifts, rhinoplasties, breast augmentation, and other forms of cosmetic surgery. She performs liposuction across the inner thighs, abdomen, and other spots in the body. Dr. Jennifer Walden is one of only a few women in this industry who does what she does. Out of the 8,100 board-certified plastic surgeons across the nation, only 851 are women. Out of the 851 women, only 180 or so are members of the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. This is the leading organization for those certified in cosmetic surgery.

She offers top of the line service. Her clientele have been known to be more than happy with what she offers. She has done so much over the years and she continues to change the world with her ideas. She continues to provide the best service to her clientele. She met up with one of her good ole’ friends from school who struggled at one point in her adulthood with her breasts that were dragging its way through life. The thing she did was make sure that her friend was taken cared for, and she provided her with the cosmetic surgery she genuinely needed to ensure her body improves and looks good.

Today, Dr. Walden is a sought after cosmetic surgeon for women and men, and she is always incorating new ideas into her work, but she always follows a base foundation for her work. Walden continues to showcase in her work that she truly knows and understands the different dynamics of the body.

To know know more visit @ www.facebook.com/PlasticSurgeryNYC/