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Stream Energy Hosts Inspiring Women’s Weekend

Stream Energy highlighted the importance of cultivating women in business with the inspiring Women of Power weekend conference, hosted in Dallas, Texas. The Women of Power conference focused on equipping female associates with tools and skills to boost their direct sales. Women of Power, founded in 2010, provides guidance and motivation to female associates. The theme of the conference for this year was Shine, based on the idea that the women have the confidence to let their true selves shine through, according to Women of Power co-founder and Stream Energy’s Chief Financial Officer Renee Hornbaker. During the conference, attendees learned about a variety of skills from successful female business leaders, such as building their personal brand. The training received at these conferences is invaluable for associates as it usually leads to a boost in their personal income and allows them to realize their business goals.

Stream Energy was founded in 2005, after the deregulation of the energy industry in Texas, with the mission to bring cost effective energy to consumers. Stream Energy is unique in the energy industry by utilizing independent direct sales associates to gain customers. In order to encourage their direct sales associates, the company trains them as they build their own direct sales business through Stream Energy’s multi-level marketing program. Since introducing this innovative business model, the company has grown to the largest direct sales energy companies in the world. Currently Stream Energy offers energy services in Texas, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Maryland, Georgia, Illinois, and Washington D.C. The company’s wireless, home, and protective services are available to customers nationwide. Stream Energy continues to be a revolutionary leader in the energy industry by offering innovative services to consumers, such as 100 percent clean energy services for customers who are environmentally conscious. Since the energy company’s inception 12 years ago, it has been very successful, generating over 8 billion dollars in revenue. Stream Energy continues to redefine what people think of energy companies, with an innovative line of services, giving it a bright future in an expanding industry (mystream.com).

Stream Energy’s Mastering of Educational Events

Stream Energy is a well known direct services company that provides connected life services, which includes their own wireless and home services. This company is based out of Dallas, Texas with multiple other locations across the country and has been expanding since its founding in 2005. Their lifetime $8 billion revenue is due to their unique use of direct selling. Go here and check this out, mystream.com.

Last November, Stream Energy’s Dallas location hosted their fourth annual Women of Power Retreat. This group was founded in 2010 to mentor and inspire Stream Energy’s female associates and meets every year with a different theme surrounding the retreat. This year’s theme was centered around letting one’s true self shine through to create new confidence. Stream Energy’s retreat included key speakers, one being Nicole Lapin, and several workshops that centered around building confidence and key skills to complete a person’s own goals for their business. The whole goal of the retreat is to help women grow their business by providing them with new and important skills presented by female leaders in the industry.

Outside of the two day women’s retreat, Stream Energy also provides numerous other events catered to their associates and their success. Their Ignition Convention is held every year and is open to associates from all over the country. This convention gives educational platforms for new networking and training strategies as well as world renowned speakers. For those who cannot afford to travel to Texas for the Ignition Convention, Stream Energy provides a Connect event, which is held in all communities. The purpose of Connect is to provide new training techniques and connect associates with other leaders and associates in the area. This allows for the sharing of ideas and the ability for the whole company to grow.

Stream Energy’s success is due in part to their various educational platforms for their associates. They give them new skills that can help to increase revenue and customer satisfaction. The countless training events Stream Energy holds across the country are proven effective based on the company’s lifetime revenue and the fact that it still continues to be a leader in direct services.


Interesting facts you did not know about expert investor Paul Mampilly

An online media outlet published an interview of Mr. Paul Mampilly a number of weeks ago in which they broke down the professional and personal life of the seasoned financial expert and as a result revealing interesting facts about some aspects of him. The idea of launching his own publications was informed by something deep within after having worked for the super-rich in Wall Street who make up a paltry 1% of the world’s population hence he felt like his efforts were not having as a huge impact as he had always dreamed of.

He, therefore, made a deliberate and conscious decision to leave the hustle and bustle of Wall Street behind and follow his longtime dream of using his vast experience and deep knowledge of the stock markets in helping ordinary people from all sorts of backgrounds on Main Street make better and sound investment decisions in an effort of maximizing the return on their hard-earned dollars. This is the reason Mr. Paul Mampilly started his flagship newsletter known as Profits Unlimited that is published and distributed by Banyan Hill Publishing since 2016. The newsletter carries useful investment information particular on matters technology, growth investing, special opportunities and small-cap stocks.

Mr. Paul Mampilly reveals that for the past 15 years his typical days have been practically similar whereby he wakes up early in the morning before 6.00 am and turns on the business channels from all major markets across the world including Canada and The United States in search of any news that can shift the stock prices of the companies that he tracks. But ever since joining Banyan Hill publishing, he has narrowed his focus to news touching on the companies that he normally writes about in all of his publications including Extreme Fortunes, Profits Unlimited and True Momentum.

Another activity that consumes most of his time almost each and every day is keeping tabs on the stocks that he follows using his portfolio tracker for the rest of the day so that he can be able to tell whenever there is any movement I the stock prices. In order to bring his ideas to fruition, Mr. Paul Mampilly spends up to 40 hours every week doing research alone together with his hardworking team for a single stock that they believe will do well in the coming days and another 30 hours doing a recommendation write up on the same stock.

Contact Paul Mampilly: forexvestor.com/profits-unlimited-review

WebRTC Makes Talk Fusion Even Better

With time comes progress. That has always been the case at Talk Fusion. The latest advancement from the company is an improvement to its internet conferencing tool, Live Meetings. Recently Bob Reina, CEO of Talk Fusion, announced the merging of WebRTC technology into the Live Meetings software. The combination has resulted in a superior video conferencing software suite than what existed previously.


The new software will offer security enhancements to host and attendees to any video conferences broadcast using Live Meetings from now on. WebRTC operates out of the browser of all participants in the broadcast, so there will be no need to use Adobe Flash Player to join the video conference either. That will increase attendance participation rates due to easier access to the broadcast. Other feature enhancements gained from the upgrade are better picture quality, improved sound, and a smoother interface. All intended to make the Live Meetings experience more enjoyable for both presenters and their audiences.


Bob Reina’s comment regarding the quality of the upgrade is that nothing similar exists. Live Meetings with WebRTC can accommodate an audience of up to 500 viewers and 15 hosts. No other company can offer such easy access to such a large gathering in real time as Talk Fusion can with this new product. Reina also redoubled his commitment to keeping the company competitive for years to come. The company will be adding the WebRTC technology to many of Talk Fusion’s other video-marketing products in the very near future.


Talk Fusion was started by Mr. Reina after he walked away from a promising career in law enforcement to pursue his ambitions in network marketing. In 2004, when he wanted to attach a video to an email his internet service provider told him it was not doable. Bob Reina wondered about that, so he contacted his friend Johnathan Chen, a tech expert, and Mr. Chen helped him to make it happen. Three years later, in 2007 Talk Fusion was launched to market the new product, which Mr. Reina dubbed Video E-mail.


Talk Fusion today is a company which has grown to become the premier provider of video marketing services. Sales are accomplished person-to-person as per the company’s network marketing business plan. Mr. Reina drew upon his experience in direct sales when he created the marketing strategy for Talk Fusion. Reina had been successful with network marketing, which he did as a side business when he was a police officer. One thing he wanted to do for Talk Fusion’s independent marketers was to ensure that they got paid right away for their efforts. Thus the company created the Instant Pay Compensation Plan. Mr. Robert Reina’s dual commitment to innovation and his independent marketers are sure to deliver more significant dividends to Talk Fusion in the future. Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/TalkFusion/videos/2963037773434/ 


Lip Balm Review: New EOS Crystal is Vegan-Friendly

The popular lip balm brand endorsed by many celebrities came out with their first ever products that are a hundred percent vegan-friendly. EOS’s brand new vegan Crystal Lip Balm will join the brands lineup of pod-shaped lip products. The flavors for the new and totally see-through balms are Vanilla Orchid and Hibiscus Peach. The application glides on silky smooth and leaves the lips feeling non-greasy and wonderfully hydrated. See this for more.

The company’s original lip balms contain beeswax, their new vegan crystal line have substituted the animal by-product for nourishing oils such as Shea, avocado, coconut, and more organic oils. They are also free of petroleum and paraben. Every product manufactured by EOS are a hundred percent natural and certified organic. The company strives to create products that everyone will love and they’ve won the hearts of many.  Click on allure.com to read more.

EOS stands for Evolution of Smooth, it was founded by Johnathan Teller and Sanjiv Mehra in 2007. By 2009, their first unit of lip balms had hit the shelves in the United States and now, the brand has sold over 2 million units to over eighteen countries across the world. “Satisfied clients say these”, check imabeautygeek.com.

The products sold from EOS include lip balms, body lotions, hand lotions and the recently added shaving cream. They are all enriched with nourishing vitamins, packed with moisturizing oils, hypoallergenic, gluten-free and dermatologist-tested and approved. The company’s current headquarters are located in New York, NY.

The Leadership of Telereal Trillium under Graham Edwards

Graham Edwards is the current Chief Executive Officer of Telereal Trillium, a position he has held since the inception of the company in 2011, check this. This is the company that currently houses the British Telecom and the UK Department of Work and Pensions. Even if the company he heads right now primarily deals with real estate, Graham Edwards has exhibited interests in other areas of business such as mining, information technology and software as well as water.

He started leading the company when it was just Telereal in 2001 when the company was created. During that time, he oversaw the transfer of 6,700 properties from British Telecom to Telereal, a transaction which led to property worth £2.4 billion being transferred to Telereal in an outsourcing arrangement, read here. From this time, the company has experienced phenomenal growth under his leadership.

In the year 2009, Graham Edwards started talks between Telereal and Land Securities Group plc, the result of which was the latter being acquired by Telereal. This milestone acquisition further entrenched Telereal Trillium as a leading giant in the field of property outsourcing and investment. The annual revenue of the company after this transaction rose to £1 billion and above.

Telereal Trillium has grown to become one of the largest property companies in the United Kingdom. The company currently manages a portfolio of £6 billion worth of property, which comprises a total floor area of 86 million square feet, see this. With its portfolio that consists of more than 8,000 properties, Telereal Trillium houses about 1% of the workforce in the UK. The company has gotten into many strategic agreements with many large corporations and government arms, where, for example, it houses the British Telecom and the Department of Work and Pensions.

A graduate of Economics at Cambridge University in England, Graham Edwards is currently a member of the Chartered Accountants in England. He is also a member of other professional bodies such as the Association of Corporate Treasurers and the UK Society of Investment Professionals. He is equally important a pursuing his Masters of Arts in International Relations at King’s College in London, under the Department of War Studies. His key area of focus in his studies is in the Middle East. Graham Edwards is also an active philanthropist.

For more information, click https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telereal_Trillium.


How Matt Badiali Sees Energy Sources Going In The Future

Before entering the world of investing Matt Badiali had been studying to become a scientist and college professor. He attended Penn State University and graduated with a degree in the earth sciences. He then attended Florida Atlantic University where he graduated with a master’s in geology. He was pursuing his Ph.D. and teaching at the University of North Carolina when a longtime friend called which changed the path of his professional life.

Matt Badiali’s friend needed his help on a special project. He was in the financial industry and was running an investment fund. However, he needed an expert on his staff for the natural resources, mining, and energy industries in order to realize large gains. Matt Badiali had the requisite education that he needed. Once he was hired Badiali started traveling around the world. He had conversations with the chief executive officers of companies he was interested in investing in. He also traveled to mines and oil rigs in order to get an accurate assessment of companies. He has spent time assessing core samples from gold mines in order to see how profitable they would become, for instance. Learn more on Seeking Alpha about  Matt Badiali.

Matt Badiali now lives in Fernandina Beach, Florida. He is a senior editor at a financial strategies publishing firm, Banyan Hill Publishing. His publication is called Real Wealth Strategist. It is his goal to help people invest in his areas of expertise. He has said that investors in natural resources can triple or even quadruple their money by investing in this industry if they know what they are doing.

The types of energy that businesses and people consume are about to experience a massive shift, Matt Badiali says. He says that everything is swiftly going electronic. He likens this shift to how centuries ago people went from using whale oil to kerosene in their homes. He has said that companies are working on batteries that will be able to power an entire small city. The technology isn’t quite there yet, he says, but battery researchers are on the cusp of discovering an energy advance that will change everything.

Matt Badiali recommends that people get internships in industries they are interested in working in, like natural resources. He says that working for free for a company is a great way of getting your foot in the door and establishing professional contacts that can help you later in your career.

For more info on Matt Badiali, visit:https://mattbadialiguru.com/


Stream Energy To Expand Services Offered In Delaware

Recently, Stream Energy has expanded its operations to Delaware. Customers in The First State will now be able to purchase affordable and reliable energy directly from Stream. Prior to this announcement Delaware residents could already receive wireless and protective services from Stream. The positive feed back from their initial entry to the state has solidified their decision to begin operating their energy business there as well. Delaware customers have the opportunity to lock into two separate forms of energy contracts. The first guarantees energy prices offered to them at 2% below market average for six months while the second option locks in market average prices for a full 12 months. Both of these options allow Delaware residents to hedge against a possible rise in energy prices and more accurately budget their salaries from month to month. Stream Energy is hoping to use Delaware as a case study to convince other states to join their already impressive list of energy customers.


About Stream Energy

Founded in 2004, Stream Energy is one of the largest direct energy selling companies in the world, click here. By cutting out the middle man they are able to offer energy prices to the consumer at absolute rock bottom prices. Customers in Texas, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Maryland, New Jersey, New York, Washington, D.C., Illinois and Delaware can currently purchase power directly from Stream Energy plus a variety of other services for an additional charge. Stream Energy currently employs roughly 500 people across all of its locations and this number is only expected to rise as they expand into more states and continue to offer even more services in states where they already have a presence. The company is popular among younger generations due not only to their low prices but also their commitment to social media outreach in a variety of forms, refer also to indeed.com. In only 12 years the company managed to to bring in over eight billion dollars in revenue. Companies like Stream Energy offer affordable energy to their consumers and offer the highest level of customer service. If this trend continues, it will not take long before Stream Energy expands across the entire United States and perhaps beyond.


Learn more here on https://www.youtube.com/StreamHome.


Troy McQuagge and USHealth Advisors are offering HOPE to others

Troy McQuagge of USHealth Advisors initiated a program to help make a positive difference in peoples lives. The program is called HOPE. It is an acronym for “Helping Other People Everyday.” It is an organized commitment to offer not only financial help, but time and labor to help families in the local communities. The team at USHealth Advisors has turned the program into a mission to offer assistance to others. Troy McQuagge son sees it not only as a personal mission, but a corporate responsibility, as well.

The first program offered by HOPE was a partnership with PNOLA (Phoenix of New Orleans) after Hurricane Katrina. The collaborative volunteered many hours in restoration efforts for the residents of New Orleans. This effort gave the residents of the lower section of New Orleans safe and secure housing.

The mission of HOPE continued with the support of the “Crisis Nursery.” The Nursery is a non-profit shelter for children that serve the Scottsdale – Phoenix metropolitan area. The USHealth team gave the entity baby formula, clothes and shoes to help support their mission.

Other USHealth Advisor agents have been inspired to follow McQuagge’s lead and take up the HOPE cause in their local communities. For example, in Brevard County Florida a local office worked with the veterans organization that renovates homes to be donated with no mortgage to a local military specialist and family. Another example of HOPE is the USHealth office in Scottsdale, Arizona. That office collects donations for the veterans organization called the Wounded Warrior Project on a weekly basis. The team in Scottsdale is honored to give back to the community and supporting their mission of HOPE. Visit:https://www.crunchbase.com/person/troy-mcquagge

In 2012, in Phoenix, Arizona USHealth Advisors donated more than $25,000 to a group called HOPEKids Arizona. The group is a support community for the families of children with life threatening illnesses, including cancer. The next year when a chapter was opened in North Texas, the group was back with its mission of HOPE and donated more than $45,000 to that group.

Under McQuagge’s leadership and inspiration, the team at USHealth believes it is important to give back to the community and help others in the process. Business is not only about commerce and selling products; it is also about people and taking care of those that may need some help.

Read more on prweb.com about Troy McQuagge Son


How Ted Bauman Helps People Take Control Of Their Financial Destiny

Ted Bauman was raised on the eastern shores of Maryland. He moved to South Africa after getting his bachelor’s degree and then attended the University of Cape Town. After earning postgraduate degrees in both history and economics he entered the nonprofit sector. for 25 years he worked as a fund manager at nonprofits that focused on building housing for those with low-incomes. One organization he was a founder of was Slum Dwellers International. During his time working for this charity it built housing for over 14 million low-income people in 35 separate nations.

A number of years ago Ted Bauman moved back to the United States and now lives in Atlanta, Georgia. It was in 2013 that he joined the company he now works for, Banyan Hill Publishing. He writes three financial publications aimed at people who want a low-risk way to invest their money and who also want to protect their assets. His Alpha Stock alert helps people find safe ways to invest while The Bauman Letter is all about taking control of your own financial destiny. He draws on his life living in South Africa with the publication Plan B Club which is aimed at expatriate’s of America who want to avoid wealth confiscation by the U.S. federal government. Read more at ezinearticles.com about Ted Bauman

It’s Ted Bauman’s assertion that the global economy is only set up for the largest businesses to succeed. People, he says, are finally waking up to the fact that the global economy is rigged. He says that Western governments have set up a financial strategy that doesn’t make any sense for the vast majority of people and businesses. He’s particularly concerned with how little regulation there is of financial products sold by people who are legally able to put their own interests first.

Over the course of his career, Ted Bauman has learned that time management is essential He says that years ago he didn’t recognize that he had portions of the day where he was by far at his most productive. He now makes sure he gets to work early each day because the mornings are where he can accomplish the most for his readers.

Learn more:https://plus.google.com/+TedBaumanGuru