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Richard Dwayne Blair Shares His Unique Strategy For Financial Planning

Like most financial planners, Richard Dwayne Blair has a strategy and it’s one that he uses for himself, as well as for his clients. While most finance professionals are reluctant to reveal their personal strategy, Mr. Blair is happy to provide insight into how he makes decisions that maximize growth and returns for his clients. That strategy involves these three pillars.

  1. The First Pillar

This is essentially a consultation between Richard and his client, which allows them to get to know one another. As a long term financial planner, Mr. Blair wants to develop a lasting relationship with each client. This helps him determine the client’s current financial state, goals for the future, resources, and the financial risks the client is either willing or capable of taking. All of this is used to help Richard develop a sound plan for realizing the client’s goals.

  1. The Second Pillar

Here, Richard Dwayne Blair enacts a plan that is customized to the client’s needs, while taking his assets and goals into account. Richard monitors the client’s investments, so full advantage can be taken, when the market is experiencing a period of maximum performance. When there’s a downward turn in the market, Mr. Blair’s strategy is designed to minimize the client’s risk and mitigate loss.

  1. The Third Pillar

Now that an investment strategy has been implemented, Richard will also consult his client on his or her immediate needs. An unexpected financial emergency can tap out savings and sabotage any investment plan, so Mr. Blair prefers to see his clients obtain insurance for those situations. By re-examining a homeowners policy, life insurance, and auto insurance, Richard can help each client better prepare for unexpected events in life.

More About Richard Dwayne Blair

Richard is the owner of Wealth Solutions, Inc., an investment firm valued at over $52 million. As a registered investment advisor, Mr. Blair has held a securities license for more than 23 years and complies with all SEC regulations. Richard began his finance career in 1993, when he went to work for United Global Securities, Inc. He has also worked with Worldwide Ventures and Crownbridge Wealth.


Dr. Kamil Idris Reveals His Take On The Rapid Evolution Of Intellectual Property Law

As intellectual property law continues to develop and increase, governments, businesses and universities are taking a more active role in celebrating World Intellectual Property Day.

Intellectual property is an area of the law that handles protecting the rights of those who generate original works, such as ideas and inventions. Intellectual property involves patents, trademarks and copyrights.

Dr. Kamil Idris, a Sudanese statesman, scholar and past Director General of the World Intellectual Property Organization, (WIPO) wrote about how the introduction of the Internet; knowledge and innovation becoming apparent; increasing connections of nations from global commerce as well as advances in science and technology have had an intense result on all facets of intellectual property.

Dr. Idris called attention to how individuals, small to large businesses, colleges and other institutions can compete more proficiently in the global marketplace by making the most of intellectual property. He also mentioned intellectual property can be employed as a power tool to help build sustainable financially viable growth.

WIPO designed a yearly event, called World Intellectual Property Day, to be held on April 26. Tackling the issue of increasing awareness and knowledge of intellectual property, the day’s activities take in public performances and essay competitions for younger people that center on piracy, counterfeiting and other issues.

In addition, free lectures take place at universities while exhibits occur in museums, art galleries and more.

While past themes for the annual event included Designing the Future and Promoting Green Innovation, this year’s focus will be on Powering Change: Women in Innovation & Creativity.

Dr. Idris has operated as an attorney and advocate for Oaths and as a professor of International Law and Ambassador in the Sudanese Foreign Service. He also was a member of the United Nations International Law Commission.

His education includes Master Degrees in International Law and International Affairs from the University of Ohio and a Doctorate in International Law from the Graduate Institute of International Studies, University of Geneva, Switzerland. He received a Bachelor of Law degree from Khartoum University and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy, Political Science and Economic Theories from Cairo University.

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Randal Nardone & His Successes With Fortress Investment Group

It is a well-known fact that the business industry has been the home to many successful individuals in this world. As a matter of fact, many of the world multi-millionaires and billionaires have earned their worth because of business and the benefits of the industry. The fact that the business industry has provided the world with numerous successful and prosperous professionals definitely speaks to its significance as a field. In other words, the importance of the business and finance industry far outweighs that of most if not all other industries.

Because of the advantages that this industry has within it, we have been blessed with brilliant and outstanding individuals such as Randal Nardone. As a proficient professional in the business industry, Randal Nardone has made a name for himself in the financing and investing side of the business field. In what is one of the most significant parts of the business industry, Randal Nardone has a vast knowledge on financing, investing, and what it takes to succeed in this area.

In fact, his career accolades and achievements speak for themselves and show just how great Randal Nardone is as a financial and investing expert. In addition to that, his years of experience only adds to his overall effectiveness as a professional. When we combine all of these amazing qualities and successes from Randal Nardone, it is easy to see how and why he is one of the most compelling professionals in all of the business industry. Today, Randal Nardone has been very successful working with the company Fortress Investment Group. Being another success in and of its own, there are many ways Randal Nardone has helped the company grow.

Randal Nardone & Fortress Investment Group

With many achievements to his credit, Randal Nardone has been fortunate to have the company Fortress Investment Group to his benefit. As one of the most important companies in the investment and financing game in business, Fortress Investment Group has been more than grateful for Randal Nardone as a leader of the company.

As CEO, Executive, and member of the Board of Directors at the investment company, Randal Nardone has been nothing short of incredible with his efforts in the company. Not to mention the fact that he is also a co-founder of the company and, we start to realize that there is not much that Randal Nardone has not accomplished in his amazing career. Furthermore, Randal Nardone has also been extremely successful in his career prior to Fortress Investment Group. As a student of the business game, Randal Nardone earned a J.D. in Biology and a B.S in English from Boston University School of Law and the University of Connecticut respectively.

Not that that achievement prepared him for a successful career in investing and business in general but, it shows that even at an early age, Randal Nardone was destined for a successful future. Above everything, Randal Nardone will surely continue to thrive in the business and investing industry. As a successful figurehead in the field, it is safe to say that Randal Nardone will have no trouble staying at the top of his profession.

Learn More: www.marketswiki.com/wiki/Randal_A._Nardone

Eric Lefkofsky: Tempus Labs and Cancer Research

Eric Lefkofsky is a highly influential entrepreneur in Chicago. He has co-founded and founded many startup businesses in and around the city. One of the companies that he co-founded and launched is known as Tempus Labs. The lab has only been open for three years now, and is already known as a top ten health technology startup. Tempus Labs is a highly successful cancer research and biotechnology business. Some of the technologies they have discovered include gene editing, gene therapy, skin cancer diagnosis, sequencing technology for pathogens, glucose monitors, cancer immunotherapy using CAR-T, eye disease artificial intelligence, KardiaBand, and blood pressure watches. Tempus Labs is also in collaboration with almost all Cancer Institutes in the country.

Gene editing and gene therapy were thought to be useless. But, voretigene neparvovec-rzyl was accepted in 2017 for the treatment of blindness from a rare kind of inherited vision loss. Soon, the outcome will be noted whether the therapy was successful or not. Stanford University scientists successfully developed an algorithm to identify benign and malignant lesions. This algorithm should be a sufficient tool for the immense understanding of skin cancer technology.

KardiaBand was designed by AliveCor. It alerts the patient if they have heart rate outliers through an algorithm method. The FreeStyle Libre Flash glucose monitor is used for directly dosing insulin. The Dexcom sensor will monitor an arm or abdomen and send the information to the patient’s smartphone or watch. Also on the list, is a blood pressure smartwatch. It will read the pressure through the radial artery and is now FDA approved.

Next, pathogen sequencing technology uses tools to understand the pathogens genomes for public heath responses as needed. Following this, CAR-T immunotherapy is changing hematologic malignancy treatments. The two drugs approved are Axicabtagene ciloleucel and tisagenlecleucel-T. Last on the list is artificial eye disease technology, it is more easily used for detecting eye diseases.

Eric Lefkofsky graduated with a Juris Doctor from the University of Michigan Law School. He is the author of Accelerated Disruption, and an adjunct professor at the University of Chicago. To learn more go to www.lefkofsky.com.

Learn More: chicago.blueskyinnovation.com/vault/network/lefkofsky-eric/

Metrik Holdings CEO, Samuel Strauch Does An Interview With CEOCFO Magazine

     During the interview between CEOCFO Magazine and Samuel Strauch, interviewer Lynn Fosse stated that the younger generation is increasingly taking happiness, curiosity and fulfillment for granted at the workplace. Mr. Strauch was asked how he helps people develop and find happiness, curiosity and fulfillment at work with his company. Samuel Strauch responded by saying that when he interviews people he looks at more than just their skills and education. He says he tries to get to understand his potential employees. Samuel Strauch asks what their hopes, dreams and ambitions are.

By getting to know an employee and what they aim in life, Strauch can better incorporate them into his team. He believes that working at his company requires a team effort. Samuel Strauch says that if an employee is a biking enthusiast, then he will try and incorporate events like bike rides into his company. This is so that work and personal interests cross together. Mr. Strauch finds that such an approach spurs both professional and personal development.

Samuel Strauch also believes that an approach which incorporates the interests, passions and goals of his employees creates a more happy, fulfilled and motivated employee. With this point of view, Samuel Strauch has said that even employees who have moved on to work elsewhere or start businesses continue to maintain relations with himself and others at his company. Some of his past employees even conduct business with Metrik. That is the power of looking beyond just skills and education and getting to really know someone and what they want out of work and life.

After that question, Samuel Strauch was asked by Lynn Fosse if he is surprised that so few people realize the importance of being happy, feeling fulfilled and having the freedom to be curious and innovative at work. Strauch said that no he is not surprised that so few people realize this. He attributes this to the very rigid set of instructions and beliefs that his generation was taught. People used to think and were taught that you had to do things a certain way to succeed in business. This is changing and there is more and more freedom at the workplace now.

For more, please read http://www.ceocfointerviews.com/interviews/SamuelStrauch_MetrikHoldings17.htm.

End Citizens United Endorses Two More Names For 2018 Senate Elections

End Citizens United seems to be working overtime to prepare for the upcoming 2018 elections. End Citizens United is a political action committee(PAC) that works to remove big money from politics. They accomplish this, with the help of its grassroots members, by supporting democratic candidates that are not accepting million in campaign contributions from wealthy corporations.

End Citizens United has already support a variety of candidates and incumbents for the 2018 election. These names include Max Rose;New York, Paul Davis;Kansas, Brendan Kelly;Illinois, and Elissa Slotkin, Michigan.

Two of the newest politicians to gain support from End Citizens United are Gary Trauner and Jane Raybould.

Gary Trauner is running for United States Senator for the State of Wyoming. Gary Trauner, like all politicians supported by End Citizens United, is not accepting corporate money as contribution to his campaign. “Voters are fed up with the way Washington does business,” said Tiffany Muller, President of End Citizens United. “Gary is taking bold steps to address the problem before he even gets to the Senate.”

Jane Raybould, from Nebraska is also running for United States Senate. After Raybould’s announcement that she would be denouncing all corporate donations, End Citizens United endorsed her. “Nebraskans are fed up with Washington ignoring their needs,” said Tiffany Muller.

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Before becoming the President of End Citizens United, Tiffany Muller worked as chief of staff for a couple of United States Congressmen. She also worked at the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee where she served as Deputy Political Director. Despite her more recent accomplishments, one of her most defining moments was becoming the first openly gay politician to hold office in Kansas. When she was elected to the Topeka City Council, Tiffany Muller made history.

End Citizens United started in 2015, 5 years after the Supreme Court made a decision that made it possible for corporations to donate endless amounts of money to their political choices. End Citizens United was created in order to bring the voting power back to the common resident instead of big corporations.

End Citizens United is not only supporting candidates that denounce corporate money, they are also targeting individuals that do accept this big money. They created a list of politicians who must be booted out of office. This list is called Big Money 20 and it consists of politicians such as Paul Ryan, Ted Cruz, and Mike Coffman.

Mike Baur offers valuable tips to startup ventures

Do you have a passion that you would like to turn into a full-time profession? If the answer is yes, then the right path for you is entrepreneurship. However, getting into entrepreneurship isn’t a walk in the park. You will need to have a solid idea, a business plan, resources and a mentor for your business. Most of the startups fail because they lack one or several of these factors.


What if someone told you that you could have all these resources in one place? I bet this could be the best news for any upcoming entrepreneur. As you might have realized, it is challenging to get all these resources in one room, especially for an upcoming entrepreneur who has no clue of where to start.


Mike Baur, a successful Swiss entrepreneur, partnered with two of his friends to launch Swiss Startup factory in 2014. This is a platform where brilliant digital entrepreneurs from all over Switzerland gather to brainstorm and find mentorship in their fields.


All the participants undergo rigorous three-month training on how to establish successful businesses. On top of that, Swiss Startup Factory picks entrepreneurs with the best ideas and provides them with the necessary resources to establish their businesses. The company offers capital, office space and other necessities required to run a business.


Besides, the upcoming entrepreneurs are linked with established investors who provide not only capital but also mentorship. Before founding Swiss Startup Factory, Mike worked in the banking industry. He spent much of his career connecting with entrepreneurs and investors in Switzerland.


Throughout his career, Mike Baur has helped many entrepreneurs to turn their business ideas into income generating ventures. He mostly interacts with the young people through conferences and writing inspiring articles that provide valuable pieces of advice.


According to Mike, most of the startup ventures fail because they lack a concrete plan. He notes that no matter how an entrepreneur is enthusiastic about his idea, it won’t succeed unless they have a definite plan in place of how they are going to start and run the business.


Mike notes that a business plan is essential since it gives the entrepreneur an opportunity to experiment with a business strategy on paper. In addition to having a solid plan, Mike advices entrepreneurs to start small. Mike notes that you cannot start a business with multiple locations and dozens of employees. It is vital to learn to walk before you can run.

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Matt Badiali – Pragmatic Investor in Natural Resources

Matt Badiali’s view on investing is very pragmatic. His feeling is that the only way to ensure that an investment is safe is to see it up close for yourself. Mr. Badiali earned his Bachelor of Science in Earth Sciences from Penn State University and went on to earn his Masters in Geology from Florida Atlantic University. He currently serves as Senior Editor for Banyan Hill Publishing, whose tag line is: “America’s No. 1 Source for Smarter, Safer and More Profitable Investing.” Visit the website mattbadialiguru.com to learn more.

In his work on investment research, Matt Badiali combines his academic training in the mining and energy industries with hands on field work. He has visited numerous oil wells and mines around the world to inspect their operations first hand. His travels have taken him to places such as Iraq, Papua New Guinea, Peru and Singapore. To lend credence to his investment research, Mr. Badiali has analyzed a wide spectrum of geological data and has spoken directly with the Chief Executive Officers of numerous earth science companies in the process of formulating his analyses.

Ideamensch.com caught up with Matt Badiali recently for an interview to explore his background, experience and investment philosophy. In this interview we find that Mr. Badiali continued his academic studies in earth sciences, spending five years at the University of North Carolina pursuing a Ph.D. His life took a different course in 2004 when a friend with a Ph.D. in finance convinced Mr. Badiali to leverage his academic knowledge to assist investors in the earth sciences industries.

The philosophy Matt Badiali employs is a unique one. Not only does he dig and do the homework before making investment recommendations, he strives to focus on helping the average investor as opposed to Wall Street millionaires. This approach has a very personal reason behind it, as Mr. Badiali relates that he witnessed his own father struggle, somewhat unsuccessfully, to make his own hard earned dollars work for him in the investment world.

Matt Badiali took his formal academic training, his broad experience in the “real world” of energy, metals and natural resources and his heartfelt desire to help the common man to found Real Wealth Strategist with Banyan Hill in May 2017. Since its founding, many of Mr. Badiali’s readers have realized high double-digit gains in their investments. Read more: https://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/matt-badiali-joins-banyan-hill-publishing-300419470.html


How Malcolm CasSelle Will Change Virtual Asset Exchange With WAX

Worldwide Asset Exchange, the brainchild of Malcolm CasSelle, has recently announced a new cryptocurrency which promises to help revolutionize the industry of digital asset exchange. For many years now virtual asset exchanges occurred on centralized marketplaces which allowed users from across the world to exchange virtual goods. At the beginning of the virtual exchange industry, centralized marketplaces were revolutionary however over time has become more and more than that there are several critical issues associated with the use of centralized technology. Malcolm CasSelle has recognized an opportunity to utilize the new and exciting technology that powers bitcoin, the blockchain, in an effort to help eliminate these issues from the virtual asset exchange industry.

Malcolm CasSelle has worked in the technology and digital industries for a number of years. He has served several key leadership positions in numerous technology companies. He was serving as the chief executive officer for Timeline Labs in 2015 whenever Seachange International acquired the company. During the corporate acquisition, he was allowed to join Seachange International and serve as the company’s senior vice president and general manager of the digital media division. He has also been known to be a successful venture capitalist and has invested during the early stages of several prominent Internet companies. Most famous of these investments have been in Facebook and Zynga during their early stages of development. All of this experience together has given Malcolm CasSelle unique opportunity to have the first-hand experience in the realm of digital asset exchange.

By using the culmination of all of his expertise and knowledge has fueled the development of a new cryptocurrency which is known as waxed. These tokens will be used as a store of value that is common amongst players of video games around the world. By utilizing this cryptocurrency, gamers around the world be able to trade items is in a common store of value. No longer will players need to go to facilitate transactions needlessly raising the price of doing business. Additionally, Worldwide Asset Exchange is based on decentralized technology making the entire process much more secure as there is no centralized server that holds user data which can act as a target for hackers.


TheRealReal Becomes Huge Deal with Luxury Consignment Shoppers

The RealReal has a huge fan base. Many women that are interested in what this luxury consignment website offers will be glad to know that this is a physical store where they can find their watches, clothes and art for less.

It is easy for people to save when they can get 25% or more off the luxury items that they are interested in. The RealReal makes the possible, and the CEO Julie Wainwright is capitalizing on what consumers are looking for. In 2017 The RealReal was a website that sold more than $100 million fine jewelry which included watches. These are staggering numbers when it comes to used products, but this is easy when there is a quality guarantee in place.

Wainwright has admitted that apparel was the original concept that started The RealReal, but it would be jewelry that people were trying to get sold and that became a staple as well. She also raised as much as $40 million with venture capitalists that wanted to get in on this idea. It was a good move for the luxury market because there are people that buy things that they no longer want or have a need for.

With The RealReal the best selling item, according to Julie is the Rolex for men. Women tend to spend their money on Hermes and Chanel. Louis Vuitton bags are also big sellers. She has stated that there are more consignment items for women than men, but that the items for men sell faster. There are certainly some people that are going to be able to benefit from what Julie brings to the table because she doesn’t have a lot of competition when it comes to luxury consignment.

She has states that The RealReal has watch experts and art curators. This gives her a chance to bring into more stuff into The RealReal that can be sold to consumers. It is a market that is expanding in a huge way, and this new store in NYC may allow Julie to make even more in revenue this year. It is very profitable.