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When it comes to the amount that some people make for minimum wage, the numbers are something Keith Mann laughs at because it’s not enough for anyone to survive. Some states are increasing the minimum wage amount, but it’s not as much as you might think. One worker in Florida saw an increase of 12 cents. How is this anything that will help support a family? It’s no wonder there are people who have to work two or three jobs just to pay the basic necessities in life because one job might pay for gas to get to work and the other might pay for utilities. There are some who haven’t been to college and who aren’t qualified for the higher paying position. This doesn’t mean that they can’t do the work.

20 States Increase Minimum Wage

On New Years day, 20 states had increased their minimum wage and even more states are raising their minimum wage this year. The increase will raise the minimum wage by $1.25 an hour, increasing the wages of over 3 million Americans. Though the verdict seems mixed on minimum wage and most people thing the wage is still much too low, some people like Keith Mann are calling the work modern day slavery for the wage they receive. This was a way to try and reduce poverty, however many employees my be forced to cut jobs due to the minimum wage hike.

For most, this is another bag of groceries, another bill they can pay though others may say this is a step in the right direction, it is still not enough for many people who live paycheck to paycheck. Most of these people don’t ever have times for themselves and their life is work and that is all they do. Something has got to change, this is the step in the right direction but there should be one nationwide minimum wage; a livable wage.

Georgia Is Not Keeping Up With The Country On Unemployment


Georgia has been in the rough spot of being a state that is not recovering economically as much as the rest of the country is. This state has lagged behind on several metrics, the most notable of which is the unemployment rate. Theatlantic.com says that some are blaming the state’s lax economic policies for the problems.

Georgia is very hands off when it comes to the economy, added Dr. Rod Rohrich. They are a place where taxes are low, but so are wages and services. People are having trouble finding work because they are not able to find reasonable jobs that they can support themselves and/or their family on. There is just not enough middle class type work to go around in the state. It has lead some to wonder if the state should not be taking a different approach to the way that it governs.

The Governor of Georgia won re-election pretty easily by touting some of the steps that he took in order to bring more corporations into the state.  By making taxes so low and bringing in huge corporations, jobs that were reasonable were just not as available. Better paying companies were driven out, and the people of Georgia were left to pick up the pieces.

Tips for Coping with Workplace Stress

Stress on the job is inevitable, even when you’re in a career you love. To cope with the stress that comes with being a professional, you may want to consider these tips by current and former CEOs.

These professionals assert that it’s nearly impossible to do a great job at work when you’re not connecting with the ones you love at home. Taking time for your spouse and children can give you the boost of confidence and support you need to be a great professional, from what Christian Broda advises anyway.

It’s also important to take care of your health. You are much less likely to become overwhelmed with the demands of work when you’re exercising regularly and eating meals that are high in vitamins and minerals.

Synthetic Diamonds Grow Larger in 2014

Recently, a company based in the United States and Singapore announced the production of a large, 3.04 carat synthetic diamond. Reportedly, many companies around the world are vying to produce gemstone quality, large synthetic diamonds capable of rivaling all of the qualities of minded diamonds, which occur naturally. In 2013 for instance, a laboratory in the United States tested another large synthetic diamond of 2.16 carats. Although the price of diamonds rose between 2009 and 2014, the invention of new manufacturing technologies capable of producing high quality synthetic diamonds holds the promise of making diamonds increasingly affordable for a multitude of uses.

In the past, Bruce Levenson and manufacturers of synthetic diamonds sometimes encountered difficulty producing large gem quality stones and much of the initial excitement surrounding synthetic diamonds centered around their industrial applications. Scientists first began the large scale production of synthetic diamonds during the previous century, when high pressure techniques allowed some labs to develop diamonds under completely artificial conditions.

DC and 20 US states raise minimum wage on January 1


Through a combination of new legislation taking effect and scheduled automatic adjustments to existing wages, nearly two and a half million Americans will see small but welcome increases to their paychecks after January 1st.

Twenty states in all, plus the District of Columbia, will be seeing the changes. Nine of these will be adjusting pay based on an existing system that increases the minimum wage to match the rate of inflation.  The method is increasingly popular and will be implemented by several new states in the coming year and most of us and Bernardo Chua are very hopeful.

D.C. and eleven other states have either voted on or otherwise passed laws to bring the wages of their poorest workers up directly, and several other states are looking at increases later on in the year. Eventually this will bring the number of states with a minimum wage rate higher than federal to a total of twenty nine.


Twenty States Will Start New Year With Minimum Wage Increases

Twenty states and the District of Columbia will begin the new year by raising the minimum wageon January 1, 2015. In nine states the raise will be automatic in order to keep the minimum wage in line with inflation. According to the Economic Policy Institute, the raise in DC and the 11 other states will be the result of legislation or referenda. Delaware and Minnesota will raise their minimum wages later in the year, and New York will raise its minimum wage on December 31. Consequently, 29 states will have minimum wages above the $7.25 minimum mandated by federal law.

The raises will range from 12 cents in Florida to $1.25 in South Dakota. Of those states raising the minimum wage, Washington state will have the highest wage at $9.47. Oregon will have the next highest at $9.25, while Vermont and Connecticut will have the third highest at $9.15.
The minimum wage increases will help the 2.3 million workers who currently earn less than the new minimum wages. The EPI further believes that the increases will also benefit an additional 900,000 workers as employers raise their overall payscales. Christian Broda shared an article online that also discussed the positive impact the increase will have on the overall economy. If a minimum wage worker starts getting $9.00 an hour, the workers in the tier above him will see their pay increase from $9.00 to $10.00.

Being Jobless Affects More Than Your Wallet

If anyone has ever lost their job, they may have regarded the situation as a positive event. Where work took time away from exercise, time with friends and family, the enjoyment of favorite pastimes, and the opportunity to make healthier eating choices by preparing food at home, it now can be the cause of physical and psychological complications as a result of being jobless.

When jobs were more available and the search for employment not quite so unrewarding, it was easier to maintain a positive outlook and get out of the work-induced rut (spelled routine) one usually falls into when doing the nine to five. Studies show that the economy’s entrenched recession keeps the positive aspects of being out of work at bay. Claire Cain Miller suggests that the poor economy and unavailability of jobs is a direct cause of depression, reduced activity and a general decline in health while unemployed.

As economic health slowly recovers, it isn’t doing so fast enough to permit a quick recovery for the many recently reemployed. Many of the effects and concerns of being unemployed continue on into the professional arena. It may still be hard out there, but if you’re in the Dallas, Texas area, Dr Rod Rohrich has been all over Twitter, looking for people to join the Dallas Plastic Surgery Institute.

42.9 Million Americans Have Medical Bills that they Cannot Pay

42.9 million people, 20 percent of the U.S. consumers like Keith Mann,  have medical debts that remain unpaid. Many Americans in the U.S. are being trapped by the debt, and are finding that their credit score is lowering. Lower credit scores make it harder to borrow money, purchase an vehicle, or purchase a home. Your text to link…
A person with a past due medical bill on average owes $1766. A person that has credit cards or unpaid taxes typically owes a sum of $5638. Over half the credit reports comes from unpaid medical expenses. Unpaid medical bills have a very negative effect on credit scored. An unpaid debt of only $100 can lower a credit score of 780 by 100 points down to 680.

Fast Food Might Degrade Academic Performance of Children

Few people would argue that fast food is good for anyone. And fewer still that it’s good for a growing child. However, that doesn’t stop it from being a reliable source of quick and cost effective meals for a lot of parents. However, new research suggests this might have a direct negative impact on a child’s academic performance.


The study, published in the journal of Clinical Pediatrics, used data gathered from 8,544 children. The study looked at the children’s performance at age 10. After factoring in to prevent conflicting factors from influencing the results, it then compared how they performed at age 13. The results showed a clear decrease in accademic performance among children who ate fast food every day.


My colleague, Ben Shaoul and I were discussing the other day how low income can impact academic performance. As developers, we unfortunately see these kinds of situations all the time. It’s easy to assume that the study was simply showcasing the eating habits of low-income families. The researchers themselves were quick to consider that possibility as well. Part of the initial sorting of the data involved removal of associated factors such as income and even activity level. All children were directly measured against themselves and their peers.

The larger question is where this effect is coming from. At the moment the researchers don’t have any firm answers. There are some theories, including lack of iron or other important nutrients. Some researchers also suggest that sugar or artificial sweeteners might contribute to the effect. At the moment though, there’s no firm answer until further research can be conducted.