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OSI Group’s CommittmentTo Competition

OSI Group, a top-tier food manufacturer that’s located in the US, has been on its game as of late. The Illinois-based food giant has signed a huge contract to work as a co-manufacturer for Impossible Foods. Impossible Foods is on fire right about now as the company offers one of today’s most talked about products in the food industry. If you haven’t heard, then you must be living under a rock. The Impossible Whopper is its name and going meatless is its game. OSI Group will work directly with Impossible Foods to produce a similar version of this spectacular burger for other food retailers. Thanks to the mass-production efforts of OSI, these burgers will be sold around the US in a total of nearly 17,000.

OSI has strong ties to the city of Chicago because this is where the company has a number of its facilities. Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, is where the company just so happened to get its start. Aurora, Illinois, is now the headquarters, but the entire world benefits from what this Midwestern food giant has to offer in terms of actual food. In addition to that, OSI Group has a forte in food sourcing, food development and food management. The company goes as far to produce custom foods for some of its huge clientele base. Thanks to having so much experience, expertise and interest in food services, the company was chosen by Impossible Foods to supply the country with its meatless burger.

The amount of revenue that will be generated from this deal can’t be put into words to say the least. Since meatless burger stock has increased dramatically over the past year, the food industry is gearing up for tremendous growth. OSI Group has put itself in a position to call the shots and to go down as one of the top food manufacturers of all-time.

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