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OSI Group: Is McDonalds Planning a Meatless Burger?

Yes! You read the title of this article correctly. McDonalds, the mega-giant super fast-food restaurant chain, is considering entering into the vegan industry. And to be honest, we are really excited to see where this will go.

Mcdonald’s has long been a favorite fast-food restaurant for many.

However, with the rise of heat conscious being thrust in society, which we may add is NOT a bad thing, we couldn’t be happier to see one fo America’s beloved fast-food restaurants enter into this niche.

Sit tight and allow us to explain what is going on with this OSI Group “Vegan meat.”

OSI Group: Is McDonalds Planning a Meatless Burger?

The Chicago based OSI Group has been in negotiation with McDonald’s, well more so talks with the mega-giant, for some time now.

We know that McDonald’s has tried their vegan burger in Canada so far, called the P.T.L burger.

The P.T.L stands for Plant-based, Tomato, and lettuce sandwiches. This PTL is going for about 12 weeks for a trial, and its to see how the demand for this burger will go.

Honestly, as a vegan lover myself, I am hoping that this will do good, as McDonald’s is really popular, and the shift to a more healthy meal plan is an excellent step in the direction for a more healthy nation.

The Chicago company OSI Group is a vegan company that is working with many other franchises.

So the deal or talks with McDonald’s comes to no real surprise.

What Are Your Thoughts About?

How do you feel about this new meatless burger? McDonald’s is looking to enter into a new industry, and we are excited to hear this because a new healthy lifestyle is always a good thing.

McDonald’s could capitalize on billions if they can pull this off.

Here is hoping they can.


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