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OSI Group / Industries is on the Cutting Edge of Food Processing

     OSI Group is one of the largest food processing companies in the world. The company began back in 1909 when German immigrant, Otto Kolschowsky open a family oriented meat market in Illinois shortly after arriving in the United States. His shop was initially located in Oak Park, a suburb of Chicago, but relocated to Maywood in 1917 when he expanded his service into the wholesale meat market. In 1928, another change occurred by renaming the business Otto & Sons. With hard work, attention to detail and customer service one of the top goals, the company established an impeccable reputation for offering high quality meats.

The company received a huge boost when McDonald’s Hamburgers, a fledgling company back in 1955 chose Otto &Sons to supply the company with fresh ground beef patties. Ray Kroc, the founder and CEO of McDonalds and the sons of Otto Kolschowsky struck a deal and sealed it with a handshake and it was not long before supplying beef to McDonald’s became Otto & Sons main business.

In the late 1960’s, cryogenic food processing came into the food processing business and revolutionized the fast food industry. The cryogenic process is a method that is used to preserve fresh food through liquid nitrogen freezing. This new method gave McDonald’s hamburgers a better advantage when it came to choosing food suppliers. They could get a high volume of products from a few suppliers rather than depend on more than a hundred lower volume suppliers. Otto & Sons was chosen as one of four ground beef suppliers for McDonald hamburgers.

In 1975, after experiencing a great deal of growth, Otto & Sons changed its name once again to OSI Industries. In 1999 OSI agreed to a licensing deal with Best Chicago Meat, CO., LLC to use the Glenmark food brand that Otto & Sons established in the early 1970’s.

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