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OSI Group Begins Co-producing the Impossible Burger in its Chicago Plant

The Impossible Burger

The Impossible Burger is a 100% plant-based product of Impossible Foods. It was designed at Impossible Foods Laboratories in Redwood City, California, between the years 2011-2016, when it made it worldwide debut in New York City before many invited food critics. The Impossible Burger has created a following of its own since its debut and has been dramatically demanded since its first launch. After the initial appearance, Impossible Foods received hundreds of orders but soon turned to thousands. It was in mid-2019 that the Impossible Foods production plant in Redwood City was unable to keep up with the demand for the Impossible Burger. Within a short amount of time after searching for a co-producer, Impossible Foods made a co-production agreement with OSI Group.

History of OSI Group

The OSI Group has long been in the meatpacking business. It began a business in 1909 in the suburbs of Chicago. Its first years saw it grow locally, but soon took on clients and customers far and wide across the country. By 1955 it had reached states from East to West in America. When Ray Kroc approached it in 1955 to be its main meat-packer and producer of the McDonalds hamburger, it hadn’t gone international, but that changed when producing McDonalds hamburgers. Today OSI Group is in 17 countries and 65 locations and has over 20,000 employees.

Co-Producer of Impossible Burger

OSI Group recently manufactured a second production plant inside its Chicago plant, which allows it to co-produce the Impossible Burger. OSI has helped Impossible Foods to catch up with its order for the Impossible Burger, but new rules after the FDA gave permission to Impossible Foods to sell its Impossible Burger in supermarkets, arrived. Also, Burger King just launched its Impossible Whopper in 7,500 of its restaurants across the country and Canada. Lastly, other countries across the world are starting to request the Impossible Burger, and the OSI distribution network will remain busy keeping up with the now continuing demand for the Impossible Burger. Lastly, Impossible Foods now produces Impossible Sausage for Little Ceasars for select stores.

Contact OSI Group: www.inc.com/profile/osi-group

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