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OSI Group and the Outstanding Food Management


OSI group supplies food stuff globally. Most of their products are custom made so that they can be value adding to their consumers. It is a leading private company in the market that supplies and retails food brands. The company started as OSI Industries, Inc. but later in 2004 altered its label to OSI Group LLC It was founded in 1909, and it has its Headquarters in Aurora, Illinois’s. Osi Group has over the years developed a global food supply chain that makes it possible to reach all their customers globally. The company is interlinked from sourcing to processing and distributing custom made food products that meet the client’s needs and specifications.

Some of the reasons that have seen the tremendous growth of the company are the long outstanding experience. The company has over 100 years’ experience in food processing and supplies. One of its major focuses is to dedicate themselves to Food Safety and Quality Assurance. In June 2016 OSI group bought the former Tyson Food Plant, and in the same year, they won the 2016 Globe of Honor by the British Safety Council.

OSI Group is extensively spread all over the world with more than twenty thousand employees in seventeen countries. Their main focus is to make sure that they offer unquestionably quality food products and services. They also ensure that their clients are fully supported to ensure growth in their institutions. They respond to customers’ needs and offer consistent service which is guaranteed to all their customers wherever they are global. OSI is a company that believes in letting the employees drives the success of the Company. Their main strategy is to create and provide an environment conducive to the employees, offering to challenge, stimulating and rewarding opportunities to all. The leadership provides equal opportunities to all employees and all qualified applicants with no consideration of race, religion, color, sex, national origin, physical challenges or any characteristic protected by law.

The company is led by Mr. Lavin as the Chairperson and the C.E.O. Mr. McDonald is the Chief operating officer and the President. Also, Weimer as the Principal Financial officer and Administrative V.P. Furthermore, Mr. Robler is the Management Director and Mr. Afman as the high-ranking, V.P and Overall Manager of Supplementary Processing.


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