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Orthopedic All-Stars – Greg Finch Brings Knowledgeable Service With A Smile

The human body is a complex system, one that relies on the synergy of muscle and bone to facilitate movement. Within this system are multiple opportunities for trauma, especially if you live an active lifestyle, though being a desk jockey comes with perils of its own. From knee repairs to rotator cuffs, carpal tunnel to ankle fractures, orthopedic doctors like Greg Finch are ready to help set things straight.


Knee arthroscopy is the most common procedure these specialists face, unsurprising given the strain put on even the average knee throughout one lifetime. In these procedures, a small camera known as an endoscope is used to observe the condition of the knee-joint and occasionally repair torn joint tissue or reveal issues not visible through other means.


Spend a lot of time at a computer? Ever felt the tinges of pain that indicate that a nasty case of carpal tunnel may be in your future? The science and medicine of orthopedics can bring you relief through a carpal tunnel release. This procedure is used in cases of advanced and complicated carpal tunnel where nothing else has brought release, and most who have the procedure done find themselves free from the symptoms of carpal tunnel from there on out.


In Queensland, there’s an expert in the field who has a reputation for both excellence in his field and a friendly bedside manner, Dr. Greg Finch. He believes that his patients have a right to know the important information about their procedure, and takes the time to explain thoroughly in approachable language. Greg Finch’s training at the Royal Australian college of surgeons specialist in spinal surgery, specifically in difficult adult deformities, cervical spine surgery, and disc replacement. If you’re experiencing any of these issues, contact Greg Finch’s office at the Sunshine Coast Private Hospital for an appointment by dialing +61754447579.

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