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Oren Frank Using Technology To Combat Mental Illness

Imagine being able to reach out as quickly and simply as possible when you are in your darkest moments. That’s exactly the service that CEO and founder Oren Frank’s Talkspace provides. This online mental health counseling service allows you to talk face-to-face with a licensed mental health professional via an online chat. A more affordable version of this treatment allows you to message mental health counselors at your own leisure.

The service only costs $79 per week when using video chat. Messaging runs at $49 per week and it is the preferred method of treatment for millennials. It makes sense. Millennials have grown up with technology in a world where phone calls are rare and text messaging is the preferred method of communication.

CEO Oren Frank started to Talkspace five years ago and has reached out to over 1 million people. His company is often contracted by large employers who see the mental health and their youngest employees on the decline. Millennials are showing high amounts of depression and anxiety as they perceive the economy to offer dwindling opportunities as well as historic income inequality. Talkspace actually increases productivity by combating these potentially deadly mental maladies.

Oren Frank says that about 10% of each companies employee base tries out his Talkspace services. He also says that most prefer the messaging service over the face-to-face video chat services.

Talkspace is about to get an IPO. Oren Frank has made a bold move by hiring a chief medical officer from United Health. Neil Leibowitz comes from the health insurance side of mental health services and the hiring signals a move toward prescribing medications through the Talkspace service.

This comes at a time of wild expansion for Talkspace. Services had to ramp up sevenfold after the 2016 presidential election and now the company moves towards prescribing medications. But it is easy to believe in CEO and founder Oren Frank.

A quick scan of his twitter feed shows a man who cares deeply about young people and mental health. He posts engaging articles and ideas on how to combat climate change, depression, loneliness and suicide in a technological world.

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